Vaccination: Fact of the Matter

by Jagannath Chatterjee

Orissa Post, 17th August 2012

In the not so distant past, when families in India were blessed with a baby it was greeted with the blowing of conch shells, chants of the women folk, and the unalloyed love of its mother. Today the unfortunate newborn is greeted with two injections of the BCG and the Hepatitis B Vaccine and fed two drops of the Oral Polio Vaccine at the moment of birth. More such toxic injections follow it through childhood and youth. The parents submit in good faith and without questioning the pros and cons of such a move. Vaccines are perceived to be based upon good science. They are perceived to be safe and to protect from diseases. It would come as a shock that the entire vaccination process has never passed the litmus test of science. The medical establishment has always known that vaccines are not safe; rather their toxic ingredients ensure that they can cause deaths, chronic diseases, and serious disabilities. Disease statistics show that the diseases vaccines are supposed to have reduced were down by 90% due to public health measures before vaccines against them were introduced.

We have been led to believe that Small Pox was eradicated by vaccination. However as Dr R P Garrow pointed out in the British Medical Journal on January 14, 1928, that it was the vaccination which was causing a great surge in cases of Small Pox in areas where it was widely given and that as the vaccination rate decreased, the incidence of the disease dropped correspondingly. He also noted that a vaccinated person was five times more likely to die of the disease than the unvaccinated. This novel phenomenon was noticed in the then Indian cities of Bombay and Calcutta too and Mahatma Gandhi publicly flayed the vaccine. In the city of Philippines the doctors noted an alarming spike in cases of both disease and deaths thereof after the vaccine was administered en masse. Gradually it emerged that this was the case in all areas of the world that the vaccine was extended to, encouraged by the WHO which inflated 1.31 lakh reported cases of the disease to 15 million to justify its spread.

In 1987, as reported in the London Times and in The Telegraph in India, a WHO adviser leaked his finding to the press that the vaccine, prepared in monkey kidney cells, had triggered the AIDS epidemic in Africa. The emergence of Monkey Pox in Africa has led scientists to comment that the Small Pox is back. The Orthopox family to which Small Pox belongs has many other viruses which can cause similar symptoms. Moreover, stockpiles of the Small Pox virus continue to remain with the USA and Russia and laboratory experiments have led to deaths. Small Pox is slated to return as a bioterrorism weapon. So what has been eradicated?

This year India celebrated its freedom from polio, despite serious questions being raised. Doctors of the IMA have since 2006 warned the public that the Oral Polio Vaccine itself was causing polio and Dr S K Mittal of the IMA had put the figure as 500 to 600 per year. Soon it was reported that one of the vaccine viruses in circulation had become virulent and was causing paralysis. A version of the OPV was illegally tested in India leading to a further increase in number of cases. It was also reported that cases of Acute Flaccid Paralysis were shooting after the vaccine was introduced. Dr Omesh Bharati of the JSA reported 1,28, 375 cases up to 2006. Since then more than 40,000 cases have occurred yearly, the tally in 2011 being 47,500 leading to an additional two lakh cases! Dr Jacob Puliyel and Dr C Sathyamala have obtained data through RTI which revealed that a substantial portion of these children have become permanently paralysed.

The Government of India refuses to budge on the issue and says these are not cases of polio as the enterovirus has not been found in them but it does not have any rational explanation as to why such cases are rising after the introduction of the vaccine. This phenomenon again is not restricted to India but has been reported from Pakistan and Uganda as well. Incidentally this vaccine has been banned in developed countries for its propensity to cause polio, a fact acknowledged by Sabine, its maker. It has also been linked to leukaemia, cancers, and tumours in children. Doctors have put the full blame on the WHO once again as it inflated 32,419 globally reported cases of polio to 3.5 lakh to unleash this monster on innocent children. Public health experts have opined that provision for clean water, sanitation, and nutrition to children instead, as polio is caused due to lack of these factors, could have effectively curbed its spread instead of criminally wasting billions of dollars of tax payer’s money on a vaccine that has spread paralysis in children.

Let us now turn to the DPT vaccine that is a part of the Government of India’s vaccination programme. This vaccination has been widely condemned for its propensity to cause deaths and disability in children. As early as 1933 this vaccine was linked by Dr Madsen to deaths in children. In 1947 Dr Brody linked it to brain damage. A 1948 study by Dr Byers et al linked it to deaths, blindness, deafness, spasticity, convulsions, and other severe neurological disorders. It was shortly after this vaccine was introduced that Psychiatrist Leo Kanner detected Autism in children in 1943. Study after study that also linked the vaccine to asthma, polio, hyperactivity and learning disorders in children and the open admission of guilt by eminent immunologists in a US TV show broadcast in 1982 where they commented that children were turning into vegetables after receiving the vaccine ultimately led to its discontinuance in developed nations. But the DPT continues in India and the number of unexplainable deaths and the ever increasing number of all the conditions mentioned above in Indian children indicates the worst.

The BCG vaccination, questioned by C Rajagopalachari, was tested extensively in India from 1969 to 1984. This and the later studies proved beyond doubt that this vaccine was zero percent effective and that TB in the vaccinated population was slightly more than in the unvaccinated. Even medical scientists wonder why this vaccine continues! The MMR vaccine has been fiercely controversial throughout because of its lack of efficacy and serious adverse effects. The Hepatitis B vaccine is actually meant for promiscuous persons and drug addicts and its administration to children defies logic.  The Hib vaccine is for a disease which has been actually caused by vaccine associated waning immunity in children that has made an innocuous bacterium virulent. The Rotavirus vaccine has been associated with intestinal blockage. The Pentavalent vaccine has caused deaths wherever it has been introduced and has been associated with six deaths already in India in the states of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Then why do vaccines continue? The vaccine industry, “philanthrophic” institutions, medical bodies, and individual doctors profit from them. Government officials and politicians who arbitrarily and forcibly push them derive benefits. Vaccines contribute to chronic diseases and disabilities and these help the medical industry to perpetuate their grip on an unsuspecting society. The presence of chemicals in vaccines like Mercury, Antifreeze, Polysorbate 80, Borax, Squalene, that have adverse reproductive effects, have made researchers wonder if it has become a covert population control measure. Doctors and public health experts have warned that the growing investment in vaccines is driving precious funds away from health measures like clean water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition. The general mood today is definitely against vaccines and is pro health, a move that has alarmed those who promote this highly controversial procedure for personal profit and other agendas. It is time to protect innocent children from those who have abandoned professionalism and medical ethics.