Germany: Vaccinial (smallpox vaccine) eruptions of the skin (1946-57) (Ref Graham Wilson)

(a) Severe inflammatory reactions, including 7 cases of                     
erysipelas and 6 cases of septicaemia or pyaemia                                  33
(b) Post vaccininal exanthem, non specific                                       11
(c)  Eruptions composed of vaccinial vesicles
      Autogenous vaccinia (vaccina secundaria)                                       31
      Eczema vaccinatum                                                                          6
      Heterogenous vaccinia (vaccinia inoculata)                                      27
      Beningn generalised vaccinia (vaccinia generalisata)                         22
      Keloid of scar                                                                                  6

      Vaccinia of the lids or cornea                                                         16
      Other affections                                                                                3  
                                                                                        Total          155