(From the Boston Courier, May 3.)

The abuses which are possible in compulsory vaccination are forcibly illustrated in a pathetic instance which has come under our notice during the past week. An Irish servant girl in the city has been for a long time saving up her, earnings that she might be able to pay the passage of her brother to this country, and by economy and persistence she at length accomplished her object.

Last week the. lad arrived, but he had, with others, been compelled to submit to vaccination on shipboard, and he now lies at death’s door from the effect of the use of impure virus. The surgeon of the ship in a case like this ought to be brought to strict account. Steerage passengers are at least human, and their lives should not be left at the mercy of every careless practitioner who prefers to risk their health rather than to take the trouble. of ascertaining the safety of his materials.

The case of which, we speak seems especially cruel, as the poor girl is nearly heart-broken that her labour has resulted only in bringing her brother to die in a strange land; but as a matter of fact, it is only one instance among many. The matter is one that needs looking to closely; since even the most determined opponents of immigration can hardly be prepared to go to the length of legal murder as a means of preventing it. (Vaccination Inquirer 1883 Vol5 p114)