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fibromyalgia and vaccines on the vaers database (reports received from mid 1990 to the end of
2000), here is what I have found so far(numbers are approximate because I
left out some that I thought were repeats, but may not have been):


60 females reported fybromyalgia, meaning between 600 and 6,000 probably
actually experienced it.*
Females constituted approximately 80% of those reporting fibromyalgia.
16/60 females, or 27%, reported the onset of the adverse vaccine associated
reaction as being 0-1 days post vaccination.
7/60 females, or 12%,  reported the onset of the adverse vaccine associated
reaction as being 2-3 days post vaccination.
Another 4/60, reported onset as occuring between 4 and 7 days post
A total of 27/60 females (45%) had their symptoms start within a week of
16/60 (27%) had no information on when onset occurred.


12 males reported fibromyalgia, meaning between 120 and 1,200 probably
actually experienced it.
3/12 (25%)occurred by the 3rd day post vaccination.
5/12 had no onset date.


A total of around 72 (720 to 7,200) people probably experienced fibromyalgia
as at least one of their symptoms post vaccination.


23 (230 to 2,300) said they were "disabled".  Another 21 (210 to 2,100) said
they had not "recovered".  (Many others were not followed up on, so it was
unknown whether or not they had recovered.)  This brings the total of people
with vaccine-associated fibromyalgia known not to have recovered to 44 (440
to 4,400).


Hepatitis B vaccine, received alone, was by far the most frequent vaccine
associated with fibromyalgia at 33.  FLU vaccine, MMR, TD and Rubella, also
usually received alone, accounted for most of the others.