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Edda West from VRAN (Canada) on 5 in 1 vaccine (Pentacel)

IS FEAR OF FEVER HURTING OUR CHILDREN? By Edda West  - VRAN Newsletter January-March, 2003

Polio Perspectives-----Edda West -- 10/20/2001

"Canada is a perfect test market for pharmaceutical companies testing new vaccines because there is no mandatory reporting of vaccine reactions in this country, and it is left up to the individual doctor's opinion whether a child's adverse reaction is vaccine related, and furthermore, there is no way to access government or pharmaceutical data bases for independent inquiries as to reactions that are being reported - so it's very easy to manipulate information and make sweeping statements that the 5 in 1 vaccine has been proven safe after 7 years of if injection into Canadian children."

"Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge the original trials did not monitor reactions in children beyond 72 hours (see attached pdf blurb), nor did they test the vaccine in children who have existing or evolving neurological disorders or other undiagnosed health problems."

"There is no government (vaccine damage) compensation system in Canada, and impossible to win damages in the courts in this country.  Only the province of Quebec (which often does its own thing) has a compensation plan that has turned away more than it has awarded. Only a handful of people have ever successfully gotten compensation in that province.  
    Canada seems determined to deny vaccine injuries as a fact of life.  Canada is also a convenient test ground for vaccines, and our children serve as the test population.  The five in one DTaP,Polio & Hib vaccine (known here as Pentacel) was developed and tested here for years prior to it filtering out into the larger vaccine marketplace.  
    Big Pharma loves Canada as the legal system has set an impossibly high bar, thus insuring that vaccine injury victims will not be awarded damages in the courts, which conveniently enables the government to maintain the myth that vaccine safety & injuries is a non-issue.  As well, Health Canada (our drug oversight department) is cozy/cozy with the pharmaceutical industry.  A recent book, written by a Health Canada whistle blower scientist titled "Corrupt to the Core" document this. 
    In Canada, hope of any court awards or government compensation seems an impossible dream at this point in time. Without court awards, government won't budge, and without a reform of the rules governing personal injury cases, no court will ever rule in favour of a vaccine injury victim."---Edda West VRAN (Dec 2008) [See: Lucia Morgan]