YURKO UPDATE: Dec/Jan 2002

Happy New Year!  Bonne Annee!  Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
As we get closer to the filing of the appellate briefs in March and the seminar/fundraiser in NY in February we will have much to report.  If this is your first Yurko Update, you can view previous ones on our website www.freeyurko.bizland.com  under 'Letters from Alan'.

2001 was an excellent year with Francine all over the radio and numerous speaking engagements.  We sent out over 20,000 emails and received approximately 5000.  I sent out 7,573 letters and received 1,824.  We generated approximately 26,948 photocopies.  We survived a computer crash, several viruses and navigated through several storms and bumps in the road.  We also raised enough money to pay our lawyer's retainer.  We thank all of you.

This year is shaping up rather swell, folks!  I'll cut to the chase:

Our seminar fundraiser in NY, sponsored by Long Island Vaccination Information Networking Group will be held on Saturday and Sunday the 16th and 17th of February at 7pm and 3pm respectively.  The first day will feature speakers such as Harold Buttram, MD, FAAEM and F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP, Raymond Gallup of the Autism Autoimmunity Project, Susan Kreider, RN, CPC and Francine Yurko of the Yurko Project.
Topics will include Shaken Baby Syndrome, Vaccine induced Encephalitis, the Autism Epidemic and the MMR Vaccine, Thimerosal and Vaccine Damage and the Story of Baby Alan.   A separate detailed flier will follow.  For details contact Anne Attivissimo of L.I.V.IN.G, at LIVING2693@aol.com     Please please please spread the word.
The second day will be a family day with live music by Janice Buckner and an amazing presentation by Johnathan Geffner of Geffner Productions, along with raffles, discovery toys, face painting and big time fun.  Dozens of your favourite authors around the world have donated signed copies of their books for the raffle!  Those of you in travelling distance of the New York/Long Island area have a chance to meet some of the best people in the vaccine awareness movement.  Be there or be square!  (No folks, I won't be there.  For some reason I wasn't invited? - Alan).

Two majorly favourable court opinions have been handed down in SBS cases: Basuta v. State http:  www.courtinfo.ca/gov/opinions/documents/D034429.PDF   and
Martinez v. State   2001 WL  1630083  (Colo. App)  (Westlaw Citation).

On 16 January 2002, Joanna Karpasea-Jones, Director of the United Kingdom's Vaccine Awareness Network - National Vaccination Information Centre, arrived in Orlando, Florida (Yurko Project Headquarters) where she'll be a guest of our family for the next 3 months.   She'll be helping out Francine and the Yurko Project as well as embarking on the beginnings of VAN International.  We intend to promote unity amongst world vaccine awareness groups.  More will be coming down the pipeline on this.  We ask all Canadian and American activists to extend her a welcome to North America.  Her email is enquiries@van.org.uk  Welcome Joanna.

Archivides Kalokerinos, MB.BS, Greek-Australian physician of The Century and Australian National Hero, has completed his report on our case.  It is 78 pages long and he's been working on it for 2 years.  It will be posted on the website soon and explains the technical aspects and science in great detail.  It is an epic report, valuable to all seeking the science in many vaccine damage cases.

Catherine Diodati, MA, has completed her report on our case as well and she is by far the world's expert (in my and many other's opinions) on the ethics of mandatory/mass/routine vaccinations.  This will be posted on the website soon.

Professor C. Alan B. Clemetson, MD (emeritus), Tulane University School of Medicine, has published his opinion on our case in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients - Jan 2002 pp.112-113.  Dr. Clemetson is one of the most tenured men of medicine in the world.

Cary T.T Ooi, MB, BS, GCAE, JP, DipHealthLaw, has agreed to testify on our behalf concerning the role of medically mismanaged jaundice in babies (which is on the rise).   Dr. Ooi is well published in his field and winner of a national award for his work in Child Abuse Presentation.  He also heads an expert witness organisation.

Yurko Project Headquarters (our home) has moved location, and our home phone number is now different. For those who'd like to have it, please send an email and Francine will gladly to share it with you.  The old number is our parent's number and our new number is our old fax number, if you can follow that. Our Post Office Box is still the same for those needing to contact Francine by mail.

The National Physician Magazine, Crusador Magazine, VacLibLetter, Health Freedom News, ICHF Magazine, Healthy Options (NZ) and others to be announced, will be featuring our story in upcoming or recent issues.

We fully intend to make 2002 a year for the books, folks.  We're going to stir the pot, rattle the cage and do our part to raise awareness in all issues we've embraced.   We do need people to help out with emails, data entry and possibly other tasks.   Please let us know if your interested in helping!

May 2002 bring all of us together and more focused on our goals,

No Matter What,

Alan and Francine Yurko
The Yurko Project.