DPT/DT/DTPH/aP  MMR deaths

8 year old Dutch boy died 3 days after receiving a MMR/DTP vaccine

01 dec 2009

THE HAGUE - The National Ombudsman, Alex Brenninkmeijer, will
investigate complaints of parents whose 8-year old son is deceased
after being vaccinated with the MMR-called DTP. That made the
ombudsman said Tuesday.

The National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM), the parents
have not properly informed about the complications that can occur
after a vaccination. "They also complain about the RIVM the link
between the vaccination and the death of their son has been studied
insufficiently independent," says Brenninkmeijer.

The family Hagoort out on March 9, 2009 Barendrecht had watched their
eight year old son Freek three days after an MMR-DTP vaccination and death.

Meanwhile there is already much attention to the sudden death of
Fletch, so devoted to TV A Day on May 22 this year a report on this
matter. Also there is now a website of the foundation know more about