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Vaccination Index

This section contains links and information about the dangers of vaccinations and vaccine related damage that the Akha have suffered.

Of most concern in Thailand is the use of the Tetanus Toxoid vaccine which is used on pregnant Akha women and which we have documented to have caused immediate spontaneous abortion within 24 hours of injection.

A number of other concerns came up with this vaccine.

First the Akha are not supposed to be charged for it, but in many cases are.

Second, Tetanus Toxoid vaccine should NOT be done during pregnancy. Yet the Thais use it in this fashion. Women complain of fevers, and a sense of shock.

Third, from what we identified, Thai medical clinics were requiring that the women have the vaccine sequence for EACH pregnancy.

Fourth, the Thai medical staff repeatedly have told the Akha women that if they do not accept the vaccine during pregnancy they will not be given an ID card for the baby. This is enough to scare many women into taking the vaccine, despite the fact that they all know the many stories of women immediately loosing their babies.

We have contacted the WHO in Bangkok about this situation and the Akha being told they had to take the vaccine, and we were told that medical practicalities being considered by the local health officials may override "human rights issues". Quite shocking.

Please look at the video in Akha Daily Videos on vaccine testimony.

Vaccination Interview Part 1 31mg .mov
Discussions of the dynamics by which the Thai medical people force the Akha to take the "tetanus toxoid" vaccine during pregnancy, often resulting in spontaneous abortion.
Vaccination Interview Part 1

Vaccination Interview Part 2 2mg .mov
The Akha are told they won't get an ID card for their child if they don't take the vaccination repeatedly during pregnancy against their wishes and medical rights.
Vaccination Interview Part 2

Vaccination Interview Part 3 21mg .mov
A continuation of the discussion on forced vaccination of the Akha during pregnancy.
Vaccination Interview Part 3

An Interview with an Akha Woman who lost two pregnancies 64mg .mov
An extensive Interview with an Akha woman who experienced two spontaneous abortions immediately after receiving the tetanus toxoid vaccine during two different pregnancies over two years. Both babies died at eight months of pregnancy.
An Interview - Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination and Spontaneous Abortion

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