He was born a healthy 7lbs 8 ozs in October 1987. His twin sister was stillborn. He was well until Sept. 1988 when within a few hours of his third DPT vaccination he took two long epileptic seizures and was unconscious for over two hours. He spent the following month in hospital in Glasgow when medication brought his epilepsy under control for a time, he also lost the ability to speak, although he previously used several single words. At eighteen months his epilepsy worsened, he spent long periods in hospital and over the next two and half years his balance deteriorated until he was unable to walk. His muscles have all weakened, his grip is poor for fine motor control and he cannot do anything for himself except throw a ball and press buttons on a "noisy book". He has a minimum of ten Grand Mal seizures every day (the worst has been over two hundred) and several others where he manages to have a bit of control and doesn't lose consciousness. He has to be fed finely chopped soft food, he is fed by nasal gastric tube when he is unwell. All drinks have to be given to him slowly from a baby's beaker, as he has reflux problems. He is doubly incontinent and has to be given regular enemas. He contracted viral pneumonia two years ago, was gravely ill, and in a coma for nearly three weeks. As soon as he came round he was giggling when his physiotherapists were working on him. It's been a long haul to get some weight back on him but he's remained happy and cheerful throughout. He's "forced" down lots of good tasty foods and various ice-creams as if there was no tomorrow. He's always a good natured and happy boy. He enjoys watching Thomas the Tank Engine on video, also various cartoons. He enjoys music and any outings. He loves being in a swimming pool as, with a rubber ring, he has improved balance in the water and a small degree of independence. Andrew was awarded 30,000 ( in pounds) by the UK Government ( who admit that he suffered a adverse reaction), as a one-off payment for Vaccine Injury . This is the maximum payment made and is supposed to compensate him, and us for his ruined life.