Anthrax vaccine injuries - anyone?

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I hope this email finds you well. As you can tell by the subject line what this is about. I know considerable time has passed and you may just want to move on. I fully respect that.

Recently, I met a former colleague from work. She was a healthy 25 y/o medical technician who was given the anthrax vaccine and subsequently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This young women could be you daughter, sister or wife. She is now medically retired from the USAF. Not to mention that no referral to any of the vaccine health centers was given. The second case involved a young healthy ,man, also a medical technician who developed severe arthritis and was medically boarded from the USAF with a diagnosis arthritis secondary to anthrax vaccination.

As you can see it is still happening. Now is the time to step up and be heard. I have been asked to contribute to a book to help bring awareness to this issue. IT IS NOT FOR PROFIT. I don't make a dime. All we can get is a forum to raise awareness in the court of public opinion. The group I'm working with is well organized. We are called the Center for Personal Rights

I believe that as a country we are well fed up with corruption and lies. To me the anthrax vaccine issue is the most egregious.

If you are willing I need the following:

1. a before anthrax vaccination reaction picture and after anthrax vaccination reaction picture

2. Diagnosis(s)

3. Brief paragraph on your feelings of betrayal, frustrations etc...on the anthrax vaccine

Please sign and date statement authorizing the use of your picture and paragraph that may be used to help raise awareness of your issues.

May God bless each and every one of you!

Rich Rovet