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[Ben Goldacre receiving award from Pallab Ghosh & Dr Alastair Benbow, Glaxo SmithKlines European medical director.]

[2005] ABSW Science Writers' Award

The best feature on science subject in a national or regional newspaper Ben Goldacre for Don't Dumb Me Down ' published in The Guardian on 8th September 2005

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Ben Goldacre
Ben Goldacre is a junior doctor in London and a shameless geek. He
writes the Bad Science column in the Guardian, debunking
pseudoscientific nonsense in cosmetics adverts, alternative therapies,
and flaky media science stories, and paid his way through medical
school repairing vintage 1970s analogue modular music synthesisers.

Aged 30, he has impeccable academic credentials, with a First in
Medicine from Oxford, a British Academy funded Masters in Philosophy
from KCL, has published academic papers in neuroscience and won prizes
in medicine and writing, including Best Science Feature from the ABSW,
netting 2,000 which he instantly spent on retro 1960s white space age
furniture for his squalid central London bachelor pad. He appears
regularly at obscure geek science and arts events, and on television
and radio (including ITV, Radio 4, and Resonance FM) ranting about the
public misunderstanding of science. He cycles everywhere and eats his