August 31, 2009


I don't know if we can be middle ground any more....I think we have to question all the vaccines our kids get, not just the MMR, and we don't know what reacts with one another (think Michael Jackson here), and, we don't even know, that spacing them out makes any difference. In the environment of non trust I have in the whole manufacturing process let alone the business model of vaccines, the ingredients in them alone, the INTENDED immunocompromise that follows, I question whether or not we should be so pro vaccine, or appear to be workable and middle ground, and go to, let's question ALL of them. I do think that less is more with vaccines, but I think what's better, for all of us with bent and broken methylation and healing capitals, and the amounts of toxins in our bodies at present (philip langren cedar siani NY), not to mention a newborn with no viable immune quality to fight of the DOSE they give, there is not a safe vaccine (s_). There is that one child who may handle them, but, I frankly see more than autism damage in our generation of children...I see the spectrum, from the dark circles under eyes, the behavior intolerances, and allergies galore, to full blown neurological collapse in it's many forms, and oft systemically ruining the liver function, thyroid and the gut.

I don't want one more R and D/stock holder vaccine persons laughing at us, scorning our children like this. I want a proud army of mothers, to forget that the mainstream media has any interest in exposing this GIANT SECRET, and go to the mothers, the very ones who will MAKE THE DECISION, and tell our stories...this is our only last and true hope left. As for me, that's my mission anytime someone asks why, or, if I am in a situation to do the vaccine story missionary work.

If autism is so genetic, my three grandboys would have it...coming from having two from's just nuts...I see them...they are doing SO well, no ear infections, no gut problems, TALKING, PLAYING, conversing with their mothers...this is a testament to me, that TOO MUCH, TOO SOON, is ruining our children. The mothers had to be vigulent...they had to make sure THEY were not mercury toxic (and they have the MTHFR..they even had lyme, and had to treat that...they had to eat organic, nothing MSG or GMO and did home births and minimally evasive births with no immediate cord clamp or drugs. This is what WE have to do, to cirumvent our world and the way it damages our children.

I very sure, that if we don't stop this misinformation, and spread our own truths amongst mother to mother, we will continue seeing kids being damaged.

We got our kids scoped with a GI who was on the phone with Thoughful house...the GI guy at first wouldn't believe my story...but agreed thankfully to the procedure. My kids had Hyperplasia, and the measles virus genome in their guts. They also had Lyme spirochetes (oft not thought of) as another ocntributor to SIBO. Treating that, and getting certain enzymes and protein rich meals made my kids sleep through the night, have less seizures in one child, and treating the infections with monolaurin, antivirals, and antibacterials for the lyme, also helped them tremendously. Since they were OLDER in their teens at that time, I was unable to get them ALL THE WAY BACK, but if I didn't, I would have children going psychotic, loosing bowel control, and thoughts of me not dealing with it, and having to put them in an institution. Thoughtful house saved my kids, and that is what should have been told last night.

Ditto to what Katie said.
My son received his MMR booster at age 5 (why I allowed that to happen I don't know, it's a decision I GREATLY regret), he regressed immediately after the vaccination and within 6 months he went from being completely potty trained to completely bowel incontinent. We saw doctor after doctor and all we heard was it's behavioral due to autism spectrum disorder. One GI specialist after 18 months of seeing my son determined that 'until he had a developmental epiphany and chose to oblige to normal toileting protocol he would continue to be incontinent'. That's right, blame having diarrhea 5-6 daily on my's all behavioral, he's acting out for attention. He then went on to look my son (8 yrs. old at the time)in the eyes and told him "If you don't stop pooping your pants I'm hooking you to a bag for the rest of your life to poop in, maybe then you'll decide to act better." This is the type of treatment that we are receiving from these 'specialists'. Nobody to listen, nobody that gives a shit that our kids are suffering on a daily basic.
Until we found Thoughtful House...Dr. Krigsman, Dr. Jepson, and Dr. Wakefield. My son has been under their care for 2.5 years and has made amazing strides. My son's pillcam showed some of the worst GI damage Dr. Krigsman had seen. He was diagnosed with Autistic Enterocolitis (and screw those that don't believe this disease exists. I offered many a time to those that question it the opportunity to come do my laundry for me and THEN tell me it doesn't exist). With care under these doctors the disease is becoming more manageable. He went from up to 3 accidents a DAY for 5 YEARS to now only 3-4 accidents a month. So while he is not completely in remission he is getting closer. These doctors know what they are doing. They stand tall in the face of adversity and speak LOUD and CLEAR that our children are sick. Believe it.
I get so damned enraged at this coverup. It is just infuriating what they've done to our children and continue to hold their pompous rich heads up slanting and twisting this ... Andrew Wakefield and all the other doctors who are helping us are the most caring and thoughtful people who have risked so much to step up and help our sick children. There will be a day that the truth will come out and they will be recognized by ALL not just us.

Just holding my breath to find out what damage the addition of the swine flu will do to more children ... certainly not mine.

I think the worst aspect of last night's show was that there was no message of hope.

Thoughtful House and the other DAN! Drs in this country are doing amazing work with our children. If we were all being duped there would be parents lined up to tell the story of how they were conned out of thousands of dollars but this is not the case.

How the producers could go to Thoughtful House and only report on one patient,t in whom doctor Krigsman found not much, represents an ubalanced view of the work Thoughtful House is doing. To tell the story of recovery would have completely shifted the tone of their show. It would have shifted much more credibility toward Dr. Wakefield and put greater doubt on Deer and Offits perspective.

Katie, last night's report must be so frustrating to you. You had to sit there and watch the company you grew up with, NBC, give little credit to what your family has been through. I wonder what your Dad says about last night's report. Telling your story shows EVERYONE that there is WAY more to this story and for that I thank you!!!
Thank you Katie, as usual!

And Angela, I completely agree with you. I was so disappointed in Matt Lauer. The show was incredibly biased and slanted. He made parents look like horrible people out to put their children through ANYTHING to satisfy their belief of what is wrong. He should have hit harder on the fact that parents are trying to relieve their children's pain. Something ANY parent would do!!!I was especially disgusted with the lack of following comment to the statement put forth about parents not knowing the science. There are NO parents who know and understand the science more than parents of vaccine injured children. I wish that we could see all the footage that was edited. Is it possible to get the unedited transcripts of the show? And how nice it would have been for David Kirby to have been invited to counter the fact the Brian Deer was allowed to have a say! And certainly his conflicts of interest were NEVER brought to light.
Biased bast&%$#!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for continuing to write. It is maddening to listen to all the spin from those who don't live our lives. Whether it is the neurodiversity crowd or pundits on TV: you were NOT there with our children.

My son, who was developing in a mostly typical manner, lost his ability to walk and talk in the TWO days following a routine vaccine appointment (and various jabs) at 15 months.

The second anyone start denying the damage that vaccines can cause - I stop listening. Your message has lost me, when you deny my son's experience.

Katie, as always, your powerful way of telling your personal story touches us all.


Katie, as always, thank you for being braved enough to share your and Christian's story. I'd like to see this post on the Autism Speak's news page on their site. More people need real help for their sick kids.

You're a powerful addition to Age of Autism.

Thank you, friend.


Why didn't Dateline interview more parents from Thoughtful House - i.e., the ones who have made significant progress? And did you notice that they gave short shrift to the "after-story" of the family they did interview? I wanted to see more video of that child in the pool!

The "interview" was so obviously slanted it was disgusting and insulting to one's intelligence.

And why didn't they include a middle-ground - i.e., parents who want to space out vaccines and not "rush" out to get 9 shots in one day?

And why didn't they interview parents like me, whose child is not autistic but has weird auto-immune and visual problems? Or my sister's child who came down with Type 1 diabetes AT SIX YEARS OLD? Or my other sister's child with severe asthma?

Why didn't they interview some pediatricians and ask them "back in the 90's and early 2000's, did you advise parents not to vaccinate when their children were sick?" My ped NEVER did - my son had vaccines a week after he'd been extremely ill in the hospital! I recently got a calendar from my insurance company trumpeting the benefit of vaccines with a little * - "don't give when sick." Hmmmm.

And didn't you love when Offit bragged about voting against the smallpox vax? The first thought in my mind was "no wonder, since you don't own the patent to that one."

I will never watch Matt Lauer again. What a boob and a patsy.