[Allopaths like to think anyone is biased if they don't worship Allopathic thought, and are anti-vaccine, for example.  But bias is only something that leads you away from truth.]

"You repeatedly accuse me of biased thinking, even when I exlain that I don't trust pharmaceutical data at face value either.  But your bias is extreme!  Every call for evidence met with the same links to the same highly biased and unreliable sources!"--'Harradine'  

You are obviously biased as you are an Allopath (end of story), whereas I aint, as I don't belong to any medical outfit, I am only interested in the truth, and the truth shuns groups.

As to bias, any medical thought not allopathic would be  biased in your view, naturopathy, natural hygiene, homeopathy, nutritional med, herbalism, chinese energy medicine, oxygen therapy, diet therapy, macrobiotic, ayurvedic etc.  That is quite a large area of medical knowledge outside your blinnkers, isn't it?  You represent at a rough guess 10% of medical thinking, even though it is 90% in numbers.  Whereas I have investigated most medical thinking, so bias doesn't come into it in its generally accepted definition---as something that sways you away from truth.