Activists Expose Michael Goff's Role in 9-11

by Christopher Bollyn 

January 18, 2010

A group of active citizens led by Anthony Hmura of Worcester, Massachusetts, are working to bring Michael Goff's key role in the creation of PTECH (a "Trojan Horse" software company - created by Israeli military intelligence and suspected of being involved in the hijacking of critical U.S. computer systems on 9-11*) to the attention of the public and local law enforcement.  Michael Goff is also from Worcester.

Michael Goff, a Zionist Jew and son of highest level B'nai B'rith Freemasons, worked for Guardium, an Israeli software company tied to the Mossad -- after helping set-up PTECH in 1994.  PTECH was supposedly run by a Lebanese Muslim with ties to Saudi financiers of terrorism.  How did Goff, a Jewish lawyer from Worcester, wind up running the company?

* Read more about Michael Goff and Ptech's role in hijacking FAA and other U.S. computer systems on 9-11 here: 

Bollyn, Christopher, “How Mossad Deceived the U.S. Military on 9/11,” April 1, 2005


Bollyn, Christopher, “How Did Spy Software Get Onto FAA Computers?”  
Chapter V,
Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World

Goff, Michael, "About Us" - Goff Communications, April 2005
Michael Goff's key role in the setting up and marketing of PTECH software - in his own words http://web.archive.org/web/20050403162911/http://www.goffpr.com/about.asp

Goff, Michael, "Clients" - Goff Communications, April 2005
This page shows that the Mossad-linked software company Guardium was one of Goff's featured clients

The following is a letter I received on 15 January 2010 from Anthony Hmura's Anti-Zionist League of Worcester:

Dear Christopher,

Thanks for adding your voice to call for an investigation of Michael Goff, from Worcester, MA, where (as it happens) the Anti-Zionist League is also based.  The AZL's efforts (based on evidence provided by top 9/11 journalist Christopher Bollyn and others) in Worcester, Massachusetts, may well be the only opportunity the 9/11 Truth movement has left to reach honest law enforcement and government.

Now, a new dimension has been added to this opportunity! Within days of the AZL's online efforts to inform Worcesterites of evidence suggesting that Worcester-born Michael S. Goff is a likely 9/11 Terrorist, a "sudden rash of anti-Semitic graffiti" cropped up in Worcester.

Very suspect. In this context, the AZL has made Worcester Police Chief Gemme aware of the "impeccable and very suspect timing of this graffiti", in addition to the small detail that State Representative Harriette Chandler, who is pushing for legislation in response to this grafitti (which may well be a "hate hoax"), is married to Michael Goff's former employer - Burton Chandler of Seder & Chandler law firm).

We would greatly appreciate if you would post a link to this "Open Letter to Worcester's Police Chief Gary Gemme", concerning Michael Goff, who worked at the 911-connected software company PTECH.  

This post, which contains a link for the AZL's "Open Letter to Worcester Mayor O'Brien, " provides information on Michael Goff's local connections and the context, which is essential to any investigation of Michael Goff and PTECH:  


Direct link to 'Michael Goff's local context' is here:  


AZL Roundtable discussion (with Jim Condit) on possible graffiti hate hoax:


Any activists, webmasters and forum members who see the value in honing in on this opportunity to expose Goff (and his potential Worcester connections, who may well have just pulled a hate hoax to protect Goff from AZL’s exposure) contact Anthony Hmura at:    <polishflyer7@yahoo.com> 

or by U.S.P.S. mail to 37 Canterbury St., Worcester, MA  01610

Thanks for your great research all of these years, Christopher, and if this is not an opportunity for the world-wide opposition to 9/11's Zionist crime network, then nothing is. Opportunities like this are not likely to come to us ever again. Given the fact that your work has so helped make this opportunity possible, Christopher Bollyn: hats off to you!
The Anti-Zionist League (TheAZL.com)
Worcester, Massachusetts