As predicted - media spinning itself dizzy

by Lisa Blakemore-Brown

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I have given it a couple of days to see how the media have reported on the crucially important vaccine trials in New York, as an experiment really.

As predicted, the US media in general are ill informed but consistently serve up the mantra 'there is no connection' etc. At least David Kirby is being given a chance to speak in a number of news programmes. Maybe he can make them see sense.

For the UK media, shamefully sunk deep in New Labour spin, the story has not even made it as a serious issue. Clare Dyer, long standing supporter of medical theories gone wrong, made a cynical passing reference to it whilst putting the boot in for the UK families who are consistently thwarted in their efforts to find justice for their damaged children. It is sad yet amusing that Tony Blair heavily criticised the UK media yesterday calling them 'feral' when in fact the Press have been very protective and supportive of the Blair spin machine for a decade. What would he say if they did their jobs properly and exposed this and many other atrocities against children?

There is evidence of startling ignorance in the Press reporting of the vaccine trials. For instance stories have referred to MMR and Mercury (as part of the Thimerosal) But MMR does not and cannot contain this preservative - because it contains live viruses which the Thimerosal would kill. This means that there is either: an additional problem with the MMR (and secret meetings indicate this to be the case with some named vaccines such as the Urabe vaccine standing out as dangerous, leading to its removal ) and/or the damage done to the immune system of some vulnerable children by the earlier Thimerosal containing DTP will make it easier for the MMR to cause more damage later. Boyd Haley, a chemist, also speaks convincingly of the synergistic effect of the mercury and other heavy metals - maybe also the pertussis antigen - and the live viruses.

Another consistent blind and ignorant Press line is that Thimerosal was removed from vaccines in 1999. Not true. The longstanding serious concerns about Thimerosal over decades led to a decision to gradually remove it from childhood vaccines in 1999 - but there is NO EVIDENCE that it has been removed, or how much of it has been removed.

As an example of what happens, in the UK, the Press reported that Thimerosal had been removed in 2004. However, in a 2005 FOIA request to the Department of Health I was informed personally that THERE HAD BEEN NO PRODUCT RECALL.

That means that the product could still be in use. There is NO EVIDENCE to say this is not happening in the US.

It is in flu vaccines and my own mother had a series of heart attacks after she was given it.

Furthermore, the media reference to Thimerosal being removed is designed to dismiss concerns. This is not appropriate when : WHO, the CDC and the UK authorities spin the conflicting ideas that:

1. It has been removed in the West (given concerns about evidence of harm)
2. It can remain in vaccines for the Third World as there is no evidence of harm.

The fact that MMR does not contain Thimerosal does not give Pharma schills a chance to sneer that this leaves the argument about Thimerosal flat on its face.

Far from it. It makes the whole situation infinitely worse for the Pharmaceutical Industry.