Omissions Prove What's Really Going On In the System
29 June 2009
Lisa Blakemore Brown, Psychologist

Last week I sent in a Rapid Response to the BMJ re: Rebecca Coombes' piece of propaganda in vaccines. These transparent efforts to damn parents who dare to say vaccines harmed their children are not confined to the BMJ and I had replied to another shocking parent bashing article just recently. See A winning campaign would be for professionals to tell the truth, Lisa Blakemore Brown, Journal of the Academy of Pediatrics.

I am grateful to the BMJ for publishing the letter, but disturbed at what they left out. See my Rapid Response published by the BMJ. Here is the original version and what the BMJ left out:

Adverse reactions to vaccines are well known"

"Everyone working in public health knows that there are adverse
reactions to every drug and vaccine that's ever been manufactured.
These reactions are multiple and have been studied by medics for
decades. What is shocking is that instead of admitting this,
extraordinary efforts have been put in place to damn those who
dare to mention them, including the innocent parents who took their
child for vaccine and watched them react. Ms Coombes, sad to say,
joins the ranks of the establishment who will do anything rather than
admit that sometimes vaccines cause adverse reactions to some people.
That includes blaming the parents and hounding them to their own graves.

"It is helpful and timely that Ms Coombes has picked up the Trinidad and Tobago case
from The One Click website. The baby in question had a nose bleed following
vaccine before he died. This is not an isolated incident following vaccine as
anyone with integrity and a conscience knows.

"A glance at VAERS reveals that there have been over 350 reports relating
to people of all ages (so not just children before Ms Coombes blames
Barbara Loe Fisher for directing parents there} who have suffered from
Epistaxis following vaccine (amongst other things). What is tragic is that,
of the infants who reacted in this way, many died, compared to just one
reported death amongst older people. Clearly those infants could not cope
with the assault on their vulnerable systems. Surely, instead of turning
their backs on these children, "science" should be establishing why they
reacted, not turning blind commercial eyes to them, thus increasing their

"In a recent Panorama programme, David Southall raised the incident of a
nose bleed suffered by Stephen and the late Sally Clark's first child
Christopher. The nose bleed came a few days after vaccination, like so
many in the VAERS list. A week later he died like others also on that list.

"David Southall famously reported Stephen Clark to the Crown Prosecution
Service after he saw him discuss the nose bleed in a TV documentary,
saying he had a duty, as it was child abuse, specifically intentional
suffocation. More hell landed on this tragic family.

"Eventually David Southall was found guilty by the GMC of professional
misconduct over the matter and the BBC gave Mr Southall the opportunity
to repeat his assertions about the nose bleed, even going to the extent
of showing the original Dispatches programme on which Mr Clark talked
about the nose bleed. So effectively Mr Southall is continuing to assert
that Mr Clark murdered his child. Shamefully, Mr Southall claimed that he
did this out of concern for Sally Clark and the child who remained with Mr Clark.

"I say shamefully, because what David Southall failed to mention was that
there is another variable continually left out of the differential diagnosis after
such events - the possibility of vaccine damage. He failed to mention that
nose bleeds can occur after vaccine and that indeed so can "cot death".

"A year later, the Clark's next baby died just five hours after vaccination
and no-one, lawyer or Expert, would raise the matter in Court, instead
damning an innocent mother, now deceased through grief.

"It is impossible for both Sir Roy Meadow and Mr Southall to NOT
know about these vaccine adverse reactions in the Clark case when
they gave evidence.

"It is also impossible for Professor Salisbury to not know that there are
various sorts of adverse reactions including brain and immune system
damage leading to autism, and that survivors can suffer for the rest of
their lives, along with their families. Both Professor Salisbury and Sir Roy
Meadow have been on the JCVI committees where they actively discuss
how to spin out adverse reactions.

"They should all be ashamed of themselves."

Competing interests:
None declared

There was so much to challenge in what Ms Coombes said, but I chose to focus on one element within her article - a reference to a case in Trinidad and Tobago picked up by One Click. The reason I focused on this element was because the baby in question, who had died, his mother blamed, had suffered a nose bleed following vaccination before he died.

The reason why this is an important case, is because the first son of Sally and Stephen Clark, Christopher, suffered a nosebleed following vaccination and subsequently died. In this tragic and notorious case, Sally was found guilty of killing both this son and the second son, Harry, who also died following vaccination - 5 hours later in his case. See What Killed Sally Clark's Child? Neville Hodgkinson, The Spectator

The main accuser was Sir Roy Meadow, well known for his theory of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy and knighted by New Labour for his work on child abuse. His evidence in the trial was so wrong that he was struck off the medical register. Prior to an Appeal by Sally Clark, her husband, Stephen Clark, appeared in a Dispatches documentary on TV. In this programme he referred to his first son's nose bleed a week before his death. At this, Professor Meadow's colleague, David Southall, contacted the Crown Prosecution Service saying that he considered that Stephen Clark had killed his children and the third child was at risk. Dr Southall himself was reported to the GMC and found guilty of serious professional misconduct. It took another case in which he falsely accused someone of killing a child for him to also be struck off the Medical Register.

After he was struck off Panorama was engaged to make a programme about Dr Southall, to be shown in the days following the Decision about his Appeal.

I had some contact and two meetings with the Assistant Producer and gave him a lot of information about what I felt lay behind all of this - cover up of vaccination adverse reactions. I gave him a copy of the Minutes of the Adverse Reactions Sub Committee of the JVCI showing Professor Roy Meadow in attendance when the MMR was brought in, alongside Professor David Salisbury as Chair and the then Dr Elizabeth Miller. I had also included this in a Rapid Response to the BMJ which they did not publish.

I also informed Panorama about Kawasaki Syndrome and my own case referred to as Lorelei in my book, Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry. The case of Lorelei was included in a published Rapid Response to the BMJ who checked the truth of the details of the case with the fmaily before publishing. I also made reference to nose bleeds following vaccines and to the work of the haematologist Dr Michael Innis.

It was shocking to watch as Panorama aired part of the Dispatches documentary again, in which Stephen Clark talked about the nose bleed with David southall sticking to his position - effectively that Stephen Clark had killed his son(s?), not Mrs Clark. I had suggested that Panorama asked Dr Southall direct questions about vaccine reaction as part of the differential diagnosis.

Below is an extract from an email sent to Alistair Jackson at the BBC:

"I gave you one example which showed Professor Roy Meadow in
such a Committee discussing MMR and DTP with Elizabeth Miller and
David Salisbury. Professor Hull can also be found in these vaccine
Committees and he produced a glowing report on Southall. He would
wouldn't he, as the saying goes. As I said on Wednesday, it was a
massive breakthrough when FOI material from the Dept of Health
revealed that Roy Meadow was in such Committees.

"You may recall that I mentioned Kawasaki Syndrome - I refer to it in
the case of Lorelei in my book. That child developed this immune
attacking disorder after the pertussis vaccine and went on to develop
not only serious medical problems given the damage to her immune
system, but also Asperger Syndrome, which is why she was referred to
me from a London Hospital where the vaccine reaction and the
consequent Kawasaki was documented in her notes. I wrote this up
for a Rapid Response on the eBMJ and the Editor contacted the family
for verification of facts before publishing it. They were able to show
the BMJ the notes connecting the pertussis vaccine with the Kawsaki.
Perhaps you should ask Dr Southall about Kawasaki, about vitamin
depletion and nose bleeds, bruises and burns?

"When the immune system is attacked there is rapid vitamin depletion
which can lead to Kawasaki and indeed to death. Below is a British
Medical Journal Response just sent to me by Dr Michael Innis. He is an
Australian Haemotologist who spoke at the same conference as myself
in 2004 (First one to question MSBP). He also picked up the carcinogenic
nature of a vaccine back in the fifties leading to its removal from the
market. These days nothing gets removed except the professionals who
dare speak out about adverse reactions to vaccines.

"Anyway, you will see that here Dr Innis is writing about the effect of
Vitamin K depletion, which can follow vaccines as they prime the immune

"Dr Innis' Response to the British Medical Journal (they routinely do not
publish what he says these days, so this is unlikely to be published. His
Kennedy quote is particularly poignant given the distortions of MSBP,
which will once again be seen as legitimate if your programme does not
touch on any of these major professional concerns, yet simply sees this
as about a compromised GMC, a loud mouthed campaigner, a lot of fanatics
and a great Doctor)

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"Re: The investigation of death is set to improve at last."




"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie --
deliberate, contrived and dishonest; but the myth -- persistent,
persuasive and unrealistic"~John F. Kennedy


Hopefully the President of the Royal College of Pathologists, in
arguing for reform of the current coronial system, has addressed the Myth


"unexplained bruises, fractures, subdural haemorrhages and
retinal haemorrhages is diagnostic of Shaken Baby Syndrome or
Non-accidental Injury," a myth which Dr Colin Paterson did his best
to dispel but fell foul of the GMC. He deserves an apology as do
the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of falsely accused caregivers
who have lost their children or their liberty to a medical delusion.


In a recent exchange of opinions in a BMJ Blog a Consultant
Paediatrician involved in "Child Protection" said the diagnosis of (child)
abuse is never made in isolation -"I always work with social workers
and police to share information" She should be working with a
Haematologist who could advise her on the disastrous consequences
of deficiencies of Vitamins C and K.


Perhaps the President of the Royal College of Child Health and
Paediatrics can enlighten members that Vitamin K deficiency can result
in nose bleeds, and brittle bone disease which is still with us after 27
years of being misdiagnosed as child abuse.


Here is a news report from yesterdays MAIL ONLINE 16TH April 2009


"Doctors should have diagnosed brittle bone disease when Alison
took Scott to A&E with a broken leg. Instead, they decided he was being
abused by his parents and put him in care immediately." Alison's son was
snatched away after she was wrongly branded a child she
fights for justice for other mothers"


It is time the Medical Profession ceased branding a nutritional
disorder as "child abuse" and stopped the "snatching away" of children.


Michael Innis MBBS;DTM&H,FRCPA;FRCPath.


Competing interests:
I have given evidence for the accused in cases of alleged child abuse.

In fairness to the Assistant Producer, he could not change the focus of the programme and it was clear the vaccine issue would never be brought into the programme, though it may form the subject of a later one.

However, it beggars belief that vaccine reactions as part of the differential diagnosis are NEVER mentioned and a BBC programme can go ahead even though a person has lost his Appeal, continuing to allow him to reiterate opinion whilst not even challenging his omissions.

So to the BMJ which has been reduced to publishing obvious propaganda and ad hominem attacks. Furthermore, in the BMJ recently published Rapid Response I sent in, they left out all the references to the above matters. The bits they left out clearly tell us that the BMJ is not brave enough to publish the truth. The omissions and denials are now becoming deafening, the propaganda palpable and the editing out of sensitive detail online gives the commercial and political game away. This is not about science or medicine at all.

There are also some very simple questions which are never answered.

Such as: Have there ever been any adverse reactions to vaccination?

Those who spend thousands on spin simply cannot answer this with a yes or a no.

There needs to be urgent public debate into the gagging and manipulation of professionals and publishers when it comes to vaccine reactions and how this extends to the Court room and destroys innocent families, already damaged by vaccine reactions.

Lisa Blakemore Brown, Psychologist

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