How common are vaccine injuries in Sweden?
by  Maria Carlshamre

The truth is - no one knows.
The vaccine manufacturers - who stand to lose quite a lot of money - don't want anyone to even discuss it. And sofar they have succeed - with the help of the Swedish government.
When my youngest son got encephalitis after his vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella there wasn't much time to sit down and mourn. I decided to start immediately and do everything in my power to get him well again. To be able to do this I had to find out what happened when he got sick. But it turned out getting the information wasn't easy.
Working as an investigative journalist I am used to searching for information, browsing incomprehensible documents in search of important truths. Nevertheless this specific task soon turned beyond compare. In Sweden we are normally very good at keeping papers in order. We measure and get figures on literally everything in our efforts to build a good society. Accurate statistics has become something typically Swedish. So I was more than surprised when I understood it wasn't just hard to get proper figures in Sweden concerning vaccine damage - it was impossible. 
But according to the official figures there are no side effects of any serious kind at all. But today, the day after the revealing TV-show on Channel 4 we know that at least 20 parents already have received payments because of vaccine damage to their kids. But it is all happening behind closed doors. To get the money the parents have to sign a paper they will not reveal the truth and go to court. This is the mafias way of doing business, and a disgrace for our country. One of the consequences is of course that there are no serious side effects offcially registered, and the parents trying to report their suspicions are simply denied a proper investigation. Officially it has never happened, so then it has to be very unlikely that it would happen at all, and then new innocent parents bring their kids to the vaccination - since there are no risks.
And very few of the parents whose children are actually injured suspect a connection between their childs problem and the vaccination..
The connection seems so utterly unlikely - and we trust the authorities.
Through this the vaccine industry - with the help of the Swedish government - has been able to silence a health scandal that may turn out to have gigantic proportions.
When grownups get encephalitis the tinme to recover is long and difficult. When children get brain inflammatuion it is far more serious. Many cases of autism are quite probably simply the chronic continuation of the acute inflammation and damage of the brain - the damage to the brain beciomes permanent. And since they happen at a crucial time in development this damage can in itself lead to a worsening of several symptoms.
Today we know quite a lot about how different vaccines can result in brain inflammation or encephalitis with a further development to autism. This makes it even more interesting to investigate possible connections between different vaccines and possible increases. In the US such studies have been made and what was found was frightening. The autism incidence increased 900% during the 90's. And the increase doesn't slow down, and it doesn't just go on - the increase accelerate.
The NIH has now admitted that the increase cannot be explained through better diagnostic tools or better statistics - the increase is an epidemic and sofar impossible to explain. There is scientific research confirming that for every case of brain inflammation leading to serious neurologic damage there is about 100 cases of milder cases of brain damage due to this kind of encephalitis. This does not lead to permanent damage or autism, but problems like allergies, infection susceptibility, hyperactivity and difficulties learning.
We are no longer talking about a small number of children with severe disorders, but a large group with milder brain damage, that will be discovered in schools, if at all.
In the US there are statistics concerning the number of children getting different diagnoses concerning the brain. This explains why the dramatic rise in autism incidence was discovered. But when I give the swedish equivalent of the NIH a call they tell me there are no national or regional figures at all. Maybe the hospitals know more, the nice lady tells me. I call them, but they don't know either. Nowhere has anyone actually counted the number of formal diagnoses of ASD in general or autism in particular. I am told there are so called epidemiological studies, where you investigate a small area and extrapolate to the whole nation.
But an opinion poll is still not a proper election - and I am still requesting the real figures.
Indeed, we do know that the incidence in the town of Karlstad was astonishingly high in 1992 - but for the country as a whole there are just estimates.
The first step in answering the question of how many children are injured by vaccines in Sweden is of course to start counting.
Maria Carlshamre