Sad cat's warning for us all (Daily Mail Aug 15, 1996)
"The debate on the efficacy and possible dangers of vaccination (Mail) has interested me greatly.
        Born in 1979, my son was vaccinated against the more serious diseases; but I resisted the measles and whooping cough injections because I had read about potentially awful side-effects.  I was fortunate, in that my paedriatrician explained the pros and cons but left me to decide.
        I have also learned that multiple vaccines given to animals are beginning to cause problems with their natural immunity.  Until one of our kittens, Henry, was about 6 months old, he was bright and bouncy.
        Following his enteritis, and flu injections, he suddenly failed to thrive.  The vet put him on a special fat-free diet, ran a series of broad-sectrum blood tests and even did an exploratory abdominal operation.  The nearest diagnosis was that he had developed feline Aids and at ten months old, shortly after Christmas, henry had to be put to sleep.
        It may have just coincidence---and he was not very strong---but it was strange that he was perfectly all right before his vaccinations. My experience and reading have not turned me against vaccinations per se but I am very concerned about the consequences, especially in the light of new data regarding antibiotics, which we were once so sure would cure all our ills."--Mrs SA Kelham, London NW2.