Recently our 1 year old female 10 lb. spayed cat went in for her annual
vacinations. She was given an injection in the left and right hind quarters
and one between the shoulders. She was also given pink drops in the nose. On
the way home she started to vomit and deficate in the car. At home she began
to pant very heavily and her eyes became glassy. We ran her back to the vet
and they put her on oxygen and anti-histamines (sp?). Her breathing improved
but she started vomiting with blood and diarrhea with blood. We were aloud
to take her home and were told to watch her. She seemed to stabilize
somewhat but was very weak and disoriented. We gave her water by syringe in
the mouth to help avoid dehydration. A day later she died. The vet feels she
had a reaction to the Feline Leukemia injection. Is this common? Is there
anything else we could have tried? We felt so bad because she was so young
and healthy before the injections. She did not have any problems with her
first vacinations a year ago after we adopted her. Thank you for any
Usenet April 2001