Ceravix reaction

Nov 2009

My daughter of 14 had the first jab some 8 weeks ago now. 30 hours after the jab she woke up with a total loss of voice and an extremely sore throat. Doctors said it was not linked but she a severe case of Laryingitis ? After 4 weeks her voice is now at a whisper but she has no energy, very lethargic. Our doctors has done two lots of blood tests on my daughter to find no underlying illness, however what they did discover was that her white blood cell count was low , she was now suseptible to infection as her body could not fight viruses normally.We are waiting to see a consultant, but I am very sceptical over the outcome.Just a little back ground on my daughter. 14 years old, competetive swimmer 30,000m per week extremely fit young lady, top class,top set in all subjects at school.Hugh social life. Now, cant swim, frightened,vunerable and feels isolated.

C Davies

Six weeks ago Lucy had a turn for the worse in her condition. Upon the face of it it looks as though she has had a mild seizure or even a stroke, but the doctors are still discrediting this. She has not been able to attend school and can now only walk at a snails pace , she has a trembling right hand and right leg when walking. Her voice is still at a whisper. See my previous posting to see if anyone has had any experience with heavy metal toxin's and their effect on the central nervous system.

    Consultant at George Eliot Hospital has now discharged Lucy and has stated that he is happy there are no underlying complications with her 'illness'. He is happy to go along with Lucy's GP that she is suffering from ME and we will probably never know the cause.
No explaination as to why she had her funny turn 2 months ago,and as a result she cannot now walk properly, no offer of support, either via physio or hydro therepy, did not want to investigate it any further,did not want to engage in any conversation about any possible link to a hyper-sensitivity reaction to the vaccine and any possible neurological damage that this may have and is still causing.
    When asked about the Hypothoses from Dr Chris Exley.He did not even look up at me but carried on writing and said "oh yes i've read that". So dismissive, so rude, so demeaning, how dare someone from the prolitariate question me.
    Surely when we investigate problems in the Business or Engineering world we look for solutions to problems and their root causes so we can identify them if they should ever arise again, and put in procedures to ensure they do not arise again and if we do not have the skills to do this then we out source either to another department or another associated business with the relevent skills.What make the medical proffession so aloof of this protocol. If they do not know, then move it on to someone who might, or at least seek their advice. I am paying these guy's 100k + a year to find solutions.It is the very least my daughter deserves.
Chris ( a very angry parent )

C Davies