Chicken-pox Vaccine & Death – New US Government Study - November 6, 2009

A newly published study from the US Centers for Disease Control is further formal confirmation chickenpox vaccine damages natural immunity and causes the more serious highly painful potentially fatal condition of shingles: The incidence and clinical characteristics of herpes zoster among children and adolescents after implementation of varicella vaccination.

It is  long and well known in numerous studies that shingles cases and deaths in adults and the elderly will increase as natural immunity wanes as a result of the chickenpox vaccine. It is however perplexing that the US CDC study authors declare themselves mystified by the increase in teenage shingles cases shown by their study.

Shingles is a serious painful condition in adults which causes death in some cases. Chickenpox is normally a mild disease in children which most children used to contract and gain natural immunity from.  Natural childhood diseases are known to prime childrens’ immune systems for future disease immunity.

The expansion of vaccination programmes worldwide across all ages is not health but marketing driven as the drug industry targets universal worldwide multiple vaccines for all for life as a new lucrative business model:- Pharma 2020: The vision PriceWaterhouse Coopers, New Report Forecasts More Than Doubling of Vaccine Sales by 2013 Reuters 11 June 2009, Kids’ vaccine market set to quadruple – By Anna Lewcock, Drug Researcher 20-Nov-2007.


Chicken-pox Vaccine & Death – New US Government Study -