Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment Class #8 by Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA

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Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment Class #8

Do you have fear of the diseases that are out there. Afraid to vaccinated?
Afraid not to vaccinate?
Do you think vaccines give immunity?
What can you do for your child for treatment if they get one of 'these

Interested in learning information that will support your decision to not

We will discuss EACH disease that vaccines are designed to protect. You
will also learn about the real risks and about supportive, natural
treatments to care for
your child.

Class is sent twice a week by email or can work from the googlegroups webpage
At your own pace - no set time of meeting
No email discussion from others to bog you down. Just emails from me to you
You can ask questions of me.

Don't miss out!

This class, led by Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath,will discuss
EACH disease that vaccines are designed to protect. You will also learn
about the real risks and about supportive, natural treatments to care for
your child.

The class starts ON LINE/email on Wednesday 05 September and will continue
approximately 9 months. (with a break over the winter holidays for 2 weeks)

You can go at your own pace and can save the information for future reference.

Your Price: only $25.00 US Dollars

I strongly encourage all new parents--and grandparents--and healthcare
professionals--to take this class. You will be glad that you did!
All the information in one place and no need to search and research on your

Class will be here
go there to register and sign on

Not necessarily in this order........
I. Flu
II. Measles
III. Mumps
IV. Rubella
V. Diphtheria
VI. Tetanus
VII. Pertussis
VIII. Polio
X. Prevnar (pneumococcal disease)
XI. Hepatitis B
XII. Hepatitis A
XIII. Chickenpox
XV. Meningitis
XVI. Smallpox
XVII. Anthrax
XIX HPV vaccine
XX Rotavirus Vaccine
XXI. Other diseases that will have vaccines associated by the time we get

(this class does not cover each vaccine - if you want the same info PLUS
the info on each vaccine and its danger, sign up for my Vaccine Dangers
Part 2 class instead )

Wednesday 05 September

$25.00 US Dollars - discounted price for payment via paypal or credit card

$30.00 US Dollars for payment by cashiers check/money order in US$ (no
personal checks)

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send to Sheri Nakken
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write airmail on envelope and use 84 cent stamp if mailing from US
Payment must arrive within 10 days of start of class

We have 1 BOOK for this class

Vaccines: Are They Really Safe & Effective? by Neil Z. Miller,
2003 NEW edition
ISBN 1-881217-30-2
(order right away - will start using the book the first week of the course)

Both of these books are of limited availability in UK so order immediately

ORDER from my webpage please in US or UK or Canada
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AUSTRALIA/NZ - for the book, contact

The Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.
02 6687 1699 Phone
other sources have not been reliable

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Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Classical Homeopath
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Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath