Vitamin A & cancer

1. Vitamin A decreased risk of cancer---Steineck, Int Journal of Cancer 1990 1006-1011

2. Levels of vit A found to be significantly lower in 84 men with prostate cancer over men with who did not develop this cancer---Reichman----Cancer Research 1990 50; 2311

3.The less vitamin A in blood, greater odds of devloping prostate cancer---Hsing, J NCI 1990 82;941

    4. French study showed, in 106 cases, lower consumption of vitamin A the greater chances of developing lung cancer.

  1. french scientists showed it seemed to inhibit the tumour promotion phase, while beta-carotene complemented this action by inhibiting tumour initiation-----Dartigues, European Journal of Epidemiology 1990 6;261
  2. Dutch study which concluded that it was possible low vit A levels play a role in causing a second tumour of the head or neck. They recommended these patients be given vitamins to prevent a second tumour forming---Dr Vries. European Archives of Otorhinolaryngol 1990 247;368
  3. Italian study reported combination of Vitamins ACE could correct abnormalities in the cells of the rectum in people who had had polyps removed. Such abnormalities are believed to eventually progress to cancer in many cases---Paganelli. NCI Journal 1992 84;47
  4. In 1985 Dr Hong at Anderson Cancer Centre proposed the use of Accutane (a variant of Vitamin A) in treating head and neck cancer---Hong. Otolaryngol Clin North Am 1985 18;543
  5. These scientists concluded that daily treatment is effective in preventing second primary tumours---Hong. NEJM 1990 323;795