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Concerned parent re: Cervical Vaccine

am a new member but would like to add my name to the list of concerned parents re: Cervical Vaccine.
My daughter (18) received the first vaccine in June. She was not asked to remain behind for 10/15 mins afterwards, nor was she asked if she was alone and driving (she was), neither was she advised of the "possible" risks. approx 10 mins into a 15 min journey she passed out at the wheel of her car - it hit a central bollard and overturned twice, fortunately she received only minor bruises and soreness. She was lucky another vehicle or pedestrian was not affected.

The insurance company says she's to blame as no-one else was involved and so will pay a heavy premium next year - I am pursuing this with the surgery - to no avail to date.

I believe the ordinary person does have a reasonable cause for concern and that financial and political interests are taking priority.

How can we ensure the press are aware of all of these cases?

Chris Loveday