Connor was injured by the vaccines at 12 months, I began noticing changes between 12 and 18 months. He reacted more than my other two kids to the vaccines, being fussier and also developing a large swollen red lump on his leg that stayed there for days! I also remember thinking it was weird that the cancer doctor (I had cancer ) told me that my son should not get the live polio virus as it would be too dangerous for ME. Somehow that seemed awfully strange that something that was too dangerous for me, they were going to give to a baby. This poor child had a "Live" polio vaccine and also a "dead" one.

Did I ever question the vaccines? Did I ever question the doctors? No, I trusted them, and believed everything they told me. After all, the dominant media also told us that only "uneducated" people were denying their children the "protection" of vaccines!

By 18 months, he did not want to be held, had no interest in me, and stimmed on vacuums, fans, light switches, and other inanimate objects for hours. This was a child who used to love to be held. He was not born autistic or tactile defensive. Now, he jerks when you touch him, as it is so painful. He cries when his sleeve gets wet, as the sensation is painful. You can force him to let you hug him, but he does not like it. It is a pretty empty feeling to try and teach him to hug me, when I know it is painful and assaults his senses.

Any touch or sensation that we perceive as just normal, is overwhelming to him. He can't chew vitamins, they assault his senses. Any change is difficult for him, he likes everything exactly the same. I did not know it was autism at that time. I knew something was wrong, but was in denial. I could not understand why he was fascinated by vacuum cleaners. I thought he was going to be a great engineer, as he found vacuums endlessly fascinating. Now, I am finding many other parents with autistic kids have children who LOVE vacuum cleaners.

He needs to be watched every minute, he has no sense of danger. He wanders away constantly in public places, yet does not want his hand held. People in public must think I am a bad mother. I can't control him, as he hates to be touched.

His diet must be monitored 24 hours a day, as he has severe allergies. He also has extreme yeast overgrowth, and his entire metabolic system is in havoc.

The vaccines assaulted his immune system and weakened his immunity. He became very sensitive to foods and developed allergies and also nonstop ear infections.

A child who used to be in touch with the world drifted into his own world. He had almost no speech between 18 months and 3 years. Again, we tried to rationalize it, thinking maybe he was slow to talk.

At three years old, he could still not say his name. At 4 years old, with intensive drilling, we were able to teach him to respond to the question, "What's your name?"

Now, almost 5, he has persistent echolalia, and answers questions by repeating exactly what you said. That is, he does not answer the question, he simply repeats it. He talks to himself all day long, to no one in

particular, repeating snatches of songs he has heard. He will repeat pieces of conversation from weeks ago.

He has no friends and is not interested in friends.

Anyway, that is my story. If I had it to do over again, I would educate myself. Sad, isn't how we are brainwashed into accepting these vaccines, not questioning what they are doing to our kids.

Thanks, Marie, for saving future generations of kids from this damage.