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 An Interview with Curtis Cost By Susan Davis

[1992 first ed] Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Black Community by Curtis Cost

Curtis Cost at: The Harlem AIDS FORUM Part 1 of 2

Curtis Cost at: The Harlem AIDS FORUM Part 2 of 2

Curtis Cost & Lynn Gannet at: The Harlem AIDS Forum

Iíve talked to individuals who work in the pharmaceutical industry and theyíve told me that the most experimental and dangerous vaccines are always administered to the African American communities. Thereís a story Iíve heard numerous times, of this Black doctor who was working in a department that handled vaccines, and he noticed that vaccines that were to be sent to the Black community had code numbers on them which were different from the numbers that were on the package being sent to the White community. He couldnít understand why there was this difference. On one occasion, he accidentally mixed the two packages up. They found out what happened and immediately recalled the batches of vaccines. Now, why? What was in those vaccines that were supposed to go to the Black community that was different from the one going to the White community? Iíve heard that story many times, from several credible sources. An Interview with Curtis Cost By Susan Davis

So, if there any proof for the continuation of vaccination? from the research Iíve done: No! If I had to face the decision of subjecting my child to a vaccine, would I give it any consideration? The answer is: No. Under no conditions whatsoever would I allow my child, myself, or any member of my family to be vaccinated. Thatís how strongly I feel about this. An Interview with Curtis Cost By Susan Davis

No HIV virus has ever been proven to exist.... AIDS is not a new disease, but a collection of old diseases renamed, and that the real threat to the public's health are the worthless HIV tests and toxic HIV/AIDS drugs. [1992 first ed] Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Black Community by Curtis Cost

Several well meaning researchers have fostered this point of view (AIDS man made virus)  in their books, tapes, lectures and news media interviews. These individuals include: Dr. Robert Strecker in his video entitled, The Strecker Memorandum, Dr. lack Felder author of the book: AIDS U.S. Germ Warfare, Dr. William Campbell Douglas in his book: AIDS The End of Civilization, Leonard G, Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses and Dr. Alan Cantwell in his book AIDS and the Doctors of Death. Each of these individuals, and others, presented their documentation and they made compelling arguments. I spent a great deal of timecredentials, and the soundness of their arguments, it is easy to see why millions came to share their belief that HIV was a man-made virus, and that it was designed to reduce the world's population, especially among Africans and other people with color.
    Each of these men had one critical flaw in their arguments and that is, none of them addressed the controversy over whether any HIV virus has ever been isolated! This one issue is the foundation which determines whether the biological warfare theory holds up or crumbles to the ground! For years 1 accepted the biological warfare theory, but after researching the debate, I now know that the biological warfare theory does not have a leg to stand on. This does not mean that there are not very evil people out there who aren't capable of creating all types of atrocities in secret laboratories. Evil men and women do exist and such laboratories also exist and they have already created nightmarish chemical and biological entities. On the other hand, there is no evidence that HIV was created by anyone, nor that HIV even exists! [1992 first ed] Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Black Community by Curtis Cost


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