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Possible World Class Discoveries During Yesterday's Chat Session - Today, 00:04
I say 'possible' only because it's too new (publicly) to have much corroboration, yet. I can't stress, enough, that all of our sessions should be considered subjective, even though the three or four psychics most often see the same pictures, technology and culprits. Sometimes, like when they saw Alan Greenspan overseeing the transfer of US Gold. the Federal Reserve Corporation (along the last shred of US national sovereignty) to the Chinese Government on Guam, a couple of years ago, I think it's at least worth a mention.

 We started the session by going after some very nasty Jesuit ritualists who were trying to get back at one of the busy gifters in Italy (John Leach) who, with Igor Cinti, has been targetting Jesuit properties and ritual sites in and around Rome for the past couple of years.

I think it hasn't been a long time since people like John were simply murdered for effectively going against the world odor this way. He got sprayed with poison, twice, on his motorcycle, recently, but used his zapper to quickly neutralize the apparent biotoxins but a new implant produced some worrisome swelling that the zapper wouldn 't take care of.   A half hour of  group effort, with the psychics' guidance, caused that, too,  to go away. 

In the process of helping John--after taking care of the two groups of Jesuit ritualists who were trying to sap his energy via that alien implant, the psychics became aware of a big, alien insect colony at the north pole.  Someone had mentioned that the Russians had just planted a titanium Russian flag far under the bottom of the sea at the north pole and that was enough of a hunch, combined with  the psychics having seen a big, parasitic insect connected with  the Jesuits who were trying to harm John. 

 We'd only ever encountered two or three of these insects but they were in key underground spots:  the Rosicrucian American Headquarters in San JOse, California and the Ramtha HQ in Yelm, Washington.  We found the Rosicrucian  bug after Denis Couture in Quebec City was psychically assaulted by a group of TM devotees, apparently connected to the bug. If memory serves, Denis cued us into the existence of the bug, then.

It might be that the public discussion  of reptilians and even draconians might be a dodge to keep anyone from looking at a more insidious offworld parasite species.  That's not to say that the vast number of predatory reptilians and draconians aren't a problem that needs to be solved, of course, but we've assumed that when teh world odor falls, these unpleasant, dangerous individuals won't have the necessary support to do what they do and that will mean that they're exposed, finally.

 The bugs are always found pretty deep underground. The world odor has been in a frenzy of underground construction since World War Two, of course. It's possible that they started doing that because they knew it was possible or even likely that humanity would be waking up, now, and that the sewer rats would need a good bolt hole in order to survive.

 HOw funny is it that  a few simple earthpipes, intelligently inserted, take that  last hope away from them? Cool   By the way, Marco and Paolo are gifting some of the more nefarious underground bases in Italy, now, including the enormous NATO one at Vicenza, and some sudden, overt surveillance kind of worried them, so we 'plowed a path' for them through the MI6(66) and CIA freaks who were getting  too close and beaming them with  a little scalar weaponry in order to get them off balance. In America, these criminal pavement artists try their best to blend in and appear nondescript but in Europe they behave more like the thugs that they are.

The psychics found a big bug hive under the north pole and we spent a half hour or so destroying them all, including the queen.  They wondered if a corresponding hive were under the South POle (the ultimate hiding place on earth?) and, sure enough, they found a much bigger one,  there. I wonder how that one interfaces with teh VRyal/Nazi base that was set up in Antarctica during World War Two and from where Admiral Bird's huge expeditionary force had to flee in defeat in 1947. You can  find a record of the expeditionary force, which included air force and infantry divisions, but the What To Think Network, at the time, called it a 'mapping expedition,' and I expect that the mention was somewhere in the middle of the newspaper, which is where all the good (well, better) news can be found.  For instance, a friend of mine in New Hampshire used to comb the middle and back pages for real news and he kept a scrapbook, which I looked at.   In the scrapbook, in 1981, was a detailed article about a Navy officer who was convicted for selling a couple tons of weapons grade plutonium to the Palestinians.  He was arrested long after the Palestinians had the bomb material, which he sold them a little bit at a time over years. A high school kid, around that time, did a science project in which he showed how to make a nuclear bomb. The distressing part (to the sewer rats) was that they knew it would work.  Apparently, most third world countries have at least the intellectual and material resources (except the radioactive stuff in most cases) to build a nuke bomb these days. 

So much for 'What if the Palestinians were to get a bomb!?' eh? Wink  Anyone who's not entirely hypnotized by the What To Think Network knows that the Russians have been selling state of the art nukes, all sizes,  for at least seventeen years to anyone who has the cash.  Who has the cash for nuke bombs, other than individuals and organizations directly sponsored by MI666, Mossad and the CIA?  Maybe if KGB was more in the loop they wouldn't have to go begging.  I don't have a clue what, if anything, China's doing in that market, do you? They're probably the richest country on earth by now.  We do  believe that the black heart and busy brain of the world odor are under the Gobi Desert in China/MOngolia, though, and that London is just middle management: the dark masters' faux-secret facade?

The nice thing about how we do our work in the international  group sessions is that we don't need to wait for 'public acceptance' of the paradigm we're apparently uncovering.   It struck me, yesterday, that nobody's ridiculing us, by the way.  By now, the disinformation mongers should be attacking our characters and methods but there hasn't been a peep since Rense tried to blast this unorganized network away on his radio shows in Dec, 02 and Jan, 03.  Not too surprising, since his broadcasts in two short months obviously increased, perhaps even doubled the number of orgonite cloudbusters in the world Cool before he abruptly stopped mentioning us.

I'm runnign out of time but will later post about Dooney's discovery of the earth's chakra system along the line that runs thru the earth from pole to pole. We did the South Pole bug hive, by the way, but it took longer, since it was much bigger.