by Dr. Grady A. Deal, Ph.D., D.C.

May 10, 1995

      At the behest of the internationalists, the orthodox medical
Establishment is a worldwide government supported conspiratorial program of
medical genocide which maims multiple millions and murders over 1 million
victims each year with Establishment approved drugs, vaccines, surgery and
radiation therapies in the United States alone. In addition, the
internationalists funded the first abortion mills, and today their
atheistic medical doctor prostitutes slaughter by abortion 1.5 million
unborn babies annually in America.  The internationalists bribed all of the
medical schools and state licensing boards, which will lift the license of
any medical doctor who does not prescribe worthless drugs manufactured in
the internationalists' drug industry.
      Most unnecessary deaths at the hands of controlled medical doctors
result from mismanagement of cardiovascular disease and cancer, which
causes 1.5 million deaths each year, as outlined in Part 1 of this message.
      Holistic medical doctor, Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. in Health and
Wellness Today (October, 1993) stated, "...the New England Journal of
Medicine reported that in 1984, standard hospital procedures damaged 98,609
and killed 13,451 in New York alone. Projected on a national scale, this
means medical mistakes and malpractice might have harmed 1.4 million
Americans, killing about 186,000 in one year.  Name another industry which
kills and maims so many people annually."
      Dr. Robert Schenieder in his book, When to Say No to Surgery, says
that up to 25% of all surgeries are unnecessary, that up to 60% for some
operations are unnecessary, and that up to 80% of tonsillectomy and
hysterectomy are unnecessary.  Out of a total of 25 million surgeries a
year, this means that at least 25% of them, that is, 6 million surgeries a
year are unnecessary.  Out of that 6 million unnecessary surgeries, up to
83,000 Americans die each year from surgeries they did not even need
according to medical experts.
      In  Townsend Letter for Doctor, 1992, Marti Kheel reported that
according to the FDA, 1.5 million people in the United States had to be
hospitalized in 1978 as a consequence of taking prescription drugs.  And
some 30% of all hospitalized patients get further damage by the therapy
imposed upon them.  Kheel says, "The number of people killed in the U.S. by
the intake of drugs has been estimated at 140,000 each year."
      Dr. Michael A. Schmidt, D.C. in Beyond Antibiotics reported that
antibiotics and surgery did not help children with middle ear infections
because the orthodox doctors did not ask them to eliminate the dairy foods
and other foods which were causing the problems; studies showed that
eliminating dairy was very effective in clearing up middle ear
infections.  Dr. Schmidt's excellent expose of antibiotics shows that up to
60% of all antibiotics are prescribed unnecessary, that they cause the very
conditions they purport to treat and that improved sanitation improved the
death rate not antibiotics. Yet orthodoxy continues to take credit.  It is
commonplace for medical doctors to say and do anything to scare you into
taking antibiotics unnecessarily.
     As reported in Medical Heretic, 25 years as a practicing physician
convinced Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. that: "Annual physical examinations
are a health risk" because you may be given a clean bill of health when you
are, in fact, very ill.  This is because orthodox medical doctors are
blinded by symptoms and do not even look for underlying causes, such as
systemic toxicity, free radical pathology, hypothyroidism, allergy and
      "Hospitals are dangerous places for the sick,"   says Dr. Mendelsohn,
because, for example, you may leave with an infection or disease that you
did not have when you entered.  "Most operations do little good and many do
harm," especially when 50 to 80 of all surgeries are unnecessary as well as
ineffective in curing the cause of your health problems.  "Medical testing
laboratories are scandalously inaccurate," about half the time.  Dr.
Mendelsohn concludes by saying, "I believe that more than 90% of modern
medicine could disappear from the face of the earth -- doctors, hospitals,
drugs and equipment -- and the effect would be immediate and beneficial."
      Controlled orthodox medical doctors reject all alternative treatments
and only prescribe ortrhodox drugs.  Otherwise, they would lose their
jobs.  All their talk that holistic medical doctors, chiropractors and
naturopaths are quacks is simply a smoke screen to cover up the fact that
they harm many millions and murder over 1 million of us each year with
Establishment medicine and if they do not destroy you, they will no longer
have the questionable privilege of practicing so-called modern medicine.
      All of this is true, and perhaps one day, you will come to know that
the initials "M.D." following the name of your own Establishment  medical
doctor means "Moral Degenerate," because your health and your life mean
nothing to him as proven by his works not his words.  How do you know if
your doctor is an Establishment degenerate?  Ask him, "Do you use and
support chelation, ozone, ultraviolet, Armour thyroid, homeopathy,
chiropractic, naturopathy, herbs, vitamins and freedom of choice?"  If the
answer is no, don't know, maybe, or "I didn't study nutrition and
alternative therapies in medical school,"  politely excuse yourself and
find a holistic medical doctor, a real doctor,  who primarily uses the
natural therapies.
      Medical genocide in the past 80 years since the
internationalists  took control of the medical Establishment has murdered
an estimated 65 million people using fraudulent orthodox approved drugs,
surgery and radiation proven to sicken and kill.  In addition, the
internationalists initiated and funded abortion clinics have murdered over
30 million innocent unborn babies by abortion since the satanic Roe vs.
Wade ruling.
      Now can you begin to understand that  medical genocide of 95 million
lives in the past 80 years is part of the genocidal New World Order, a
totalitarian, communistic plan which promises freedom, abundance, health,
well-being, and peace but will deliver slavery, scarcity, doctor caused
disease and death, and continual war.
      International bankers control the medical Establishment.   They want
to destroy all competition to their genocidal drug approach.  They want to
limit and eliminate chiropractic as part of their genocidal program to keep
us sick and dependent, too sick and dependent to resist their global plans
to enslave us.
      Write and call your state and U.S. legislators to support
chiropractic because the internationalists currently have mounted a
nationwide hate campaign to limit and eliminate chiropractic from all
personal health insurance and workers' comp and auto accident
insurance.  Please contact your legislators as soon as possible.
      The same one world government international gangsters who are
destroying our national sovereignty also control the medical
Establishment.  The New World Order is Communistic and the controlled
United States government has supported Communism for over 80 years,
Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower all supported Stalin's Communism and the
murder of 30 million to 50 million mostly white Christians in Russia.
Stalin was an agent of  international bankers.  It is estimated that these
international Communists have murdered over 300 million people in the past
100 years and in addition, their medical genocide has murdered 95 million
people in the past 80 years.
      Medical genocide includes treating superficial symptoms with drugs to
intentionally make your health problems worse; ignoring, minimizing,
discrediting and mismanaging the underlying causes of disease on purpose to
make you sick; mandatory immunizations to create not cure disease;
recommending unhealthy foods to destroy your health; suppressing and
eliminating all ozone, ultraviolet, oxygen therapies, chelation and other
holistic therapies proven to save lives and medical costs; suppressing and
rejecting any research to test holistic therapies; abortion; the abortion
pill; homosexuality and feminism are promoted by the internationalists  to
contribute towards depopulating our Christian nation, in that homosexuals,
lesbians and man-haters do not bear children; the AIDS virus, created by
the internationalists, is being spread intentionally by AIDS virus
contaminated vaccines, including the hepatitis and polio vaccines and our
sold-out government medical Gestapo tells you the lie that AIDS is not that
contagious, when it is, and tells you that condoms will stop the spread of
AIDS, which it will not -- the tiny AIDS virus goes right though the large
pores in condoms.  This is medical genocide.
      Could anyone be so evil?  Dr. John Coleman, a political
analyst,  states that the internationalists Global 2000 Report, an actual
secret document, calls for zero growth in the population and the
elimination of 2 billion people from the Earth by the year 2000 by medical
genocide, abortion, the abortion pill, birth control pills, euthanasia,
suicide, homosexuality, bacteriological warfare against civilian
populations (you), and war.
      Dr. Coleman states, "the ruling class is cult-ridden.   They a network of cults and secret societies which in many cases
teach that killing certain classes of people is their bound
duty...Adherents and members of these cults do not blink an eye at killing
millions of unwanted people.  Once we have grasped this truth, it is easy
to see how and why the Club of Rome intends carrying out it mass murder
plans."  H. G. Wells, a well known internationalist wrote:  "It is easy to
kill when one kills for the purpose of maintaining the ideals of the ruling
      The death merchants of the Global 2000 Report have plans to kill
you.  Commenting on how the banker created wars are not killing us quick
enough, Bertrand Russell, a well known homosexual and stooge of the
internationalists, wrote in his book, "The Impact of Science and
Society,"  "War has hitherto been disappointing in this respect but perhaps
bacteriological war may prove effective.  If a black death could spread
throughout the world once every generation, survivors could procreate
freely without making the world too full.  This state of affairs might be
unpleasant but what of it."
      Will our government stop this genocide?  No. The controlled
government will do anything and everything possible to prevent you from
stopping this genocide.  This is accomplished as follows.  If you try to
stop medical and political genocide, the Establishment will destroy you and
your business, and they will use their controlled media, their banks, their
IRS, their courts and their Freemason attorneys to do the dirty work.  This
is why most of you are too frightened to stand up for your rights at any
      Gun control is a trick word which means the internationalists must
take all of our guns away to prevent us from shooting them when they push
us too far.  When confused citizens support gun control, they are
supporting their own eventual genocide.
      FEMA, NAFTA, GATT, World Trade Organization, World Bank, and United
Nations are all deceptive organizations meaning the New World Order will
eliminate your national sovereignty, create so-called natural disasters,
destroy our economy even more, and eventually cause a total economic
collapse as intended,  eliminate the United States armed forces and instead
you will be controlled, arrested and put in concentration camps by United
Nations armed forces.  This is the Communist plan for their one world
      Perhaps, the most deceptive method used by the internationalists to
prevent you from stopping their genocidal plans to enslave you is the
liberal myth.  The liberal myth promoted by the liberal media, including
Hollywood movies, government schools and your local libraries,  simply
encourages you to destroy yourself to make way for the New World
Order.  You are encouraged to hate unborn babies, health nuts, males, white
people, heterosexuals, Christians, Jesus Christ, God, nationalists,
patriots and survivalists.  In other words, you are supposed to hate all
the good people and love the liberals, who preach love but mean hate.
      These days, being a liberal means loving the nature god, Gaia, and
hating our Creator, God.  Why not love God and enjoy all of nature which He
      Being a liberal means that you have adopted the victim role -- you
and mankind victimized by a white, male dominated, Christian society.  You
have been victimized all right -- by your own confusion.  If the term
liberal could have any good meaning at all, it could mean that liberals
have an open mind but they don't.  Liberals mistakenly think they are the
illuminated and enlightened ones and that everyone else is wrong.  They are
so sure of this that will refuse to seriously search for the truth of how
they are destroying themselves a the behest of their secret masters, the
New World Order internationalists.  Liberalism, in fact, means
enthusiastic, close-minded, dogmatic support of hate, intolerance,
atheistic humanism, Communism, internationalism, and cultural, medical and
political genocide.
      Will our liberal politicians save us?  Eustace Mullins says that both
the Republican Party and the Democrat Party are communistic proven by their
affiliation with known Communist organizations and by their support of the
Communist platform.
      The Communist platform includes Federal Reserve Banks owned by the
international Communists bankers, who control our money and credit system
to steal from us.  The U.S. Congress should control our money and credit
system, not international Communist bankers.  Elimination of private
property is Communism.  Fee simple is a trick word for feudal State owned
property; dictatorial planning departments are State control of private
property; inheritance tax and probate courts cheat your heirs out of their
private property.  Atheistic government schools and eliminating school
prayer are straight out of the Communist Manifesto.  Accepting Social
Security benefits and welfare make you a ward of the State.  Constitutional
courts have been replaced with kangaroo maritime administrative
courts.  Clinton's national health care plan is socialistic, Communistic
and genocidal.
      Make no mistake, medical genocide is part of New World Order
genocide.  The One World Government has only one objective:  total genocide
of anyone who is not willing to be controlled by the international
Communists.  It is a purge, a killing frenzy, cold blooded murder.  Medical
genocide is part of the Communist New World Order genocide.
      Your orthodox medical doctor in every small and large city and rural
area in America, whether he will admit it or not, is a drug pusher.  He is
not a scientist, except in his own warped mind.  He is a coward, who hides
behind his arrogance, lies and a false mantle of respectability.  He claims
to be the best doctor, but other than doing a pretty good job patching up
accident victims, he mismanages every metabolic disorder, illness and
disease known to man.  He is criminally negligent and a murderer when he
uses orthodox treatments proven not to work and when he refuses to use
chelation, ozone and other natural holistic therapies.  He is a prostitute
of the processed food industry, health insurance industry, drug industry
and medical Establishment, in which proper nutritional advice, health
insurance coverage, medical research, diagnosis, treatment and access to
alternative natural therapies are determined by political pressure, fraud,
bribery and threats to losing his license to practice  medicine, if he does
not prescribe worthless drugs and equally unproven surgeries and radiation
treatments -- all designed to make you sick, dependent and easily
controlled like sheep led around by the nose.
      It is very important to pass legislation to control and eliminate
medical genocide and to pass legislation to allow holistic medical doctors,
chiropractors and naturopaths to use natural therapies without being
harassed by the government. However, none of this is possible because 99%
of all politicians are lackeys in the service of New World Order
genocide.  We need to kick these Establishment politicians out of office at
the national, state, county and city levels.
      Examine the individual politicians' position.  Does he support the
Communist platform?  Yes.  Does he support unproven, ineffective
drugs?  Yes.  Does he support holistic medical doctors, chiropractors,
naturopaths, ozone, oxygen therapies, chelation and other natural
therapies?  No.
      Write and call your national and local legislators to support
insurance equality for holistic medical doctors, chiropractors and
naturopaths.  We need new legislation to allow all holistic doctors to
practice alternative therapies without harassment from government health
officials and orthodox medical boards and organizations.  Five states have
passed this very important legislation and their citizens are now receiving
alternative, effective treatment for cancer, cardiovascular disease,
arthritis and other health problems, which saves lives and saves medical
costs.  I can send the wording for the legislation to you to help save
lives in your state.
    We need legislation to replace biased medical and chiropractic
so-called Independent Medical Examiners in the pay of the
internationalists' insurance industry with a neutral panel of doctors, who
are assigned on a rotational basis without pay, except for traveling
expenses, meals and lodging.
      The  medical monopoly is not getting better.  It is getting worse and
is currently using sold-out orthodox medical doctors, government health
officials, health insurance agents, business and civic organizations, labor
unions and the controlled media to limit and eventually eliminate all
holistic medical doctors, holistic chiropractors and naturopaths. Call and
write to your legislators to support chiropractors, who are now threatened
as never before in being eliminated from all health insurance and workers'
compensation and auto accident cases.  The New World Order medical
Establishment has no place for holistic medical doctors and chiropractors,
who refuse to push genocidal drugs.  You may write to me for more
information and a referral to holistic medical doctors in your area.
      My articles and video on medical genocide are an attempt to help you
understand what is going on in the medical Establishment, which is killing
you.  Your understanding and knowledge are just the beginning
stages.  Medical genocide will continue until you do something about it and
we need to do something very soon.  Begin by consulting a holistic doctor
and help to pass legislation to allow holistic doctors to practice in your
state.  May God bless you and open your mind, heart and spirit to His truth.