(Taken from the letters page of the Herald Express 8.11.93)

Bearing on the matter of distemper and the vaccine used for the disease (Herald Express, Oct. 13, 14 and 15), here is a cautionary tale:

A dog, having been "immunised" against distemper, promptly sickened with the disease. The owner, not realising that her dog (a bitch) had contracted distemper, allowed the animal to mate with a stud dog fur breeding purposes. The breeder and owner of the kennels explained what happened after the mating and the consequent spread of distemper through her kennels.

"I have had experience of distemper before, but never saw dogs suffer like these. Some screamed without ceasing, so that I had to have them put to sleep. Others had constant fits, suppurating mouths, pneumonia,

heart trouble and dysentery It is heartbreaking to see my lovely dogs die one after the other."

The final death toll in the kennels was: 22 adult dogs and five litters of puppies. I have the source reference for that canine disaster.

Also, a friend of mine subjected her well dog to a distemper vaccine. Alas, the creature immediately became very ill and only recovered after careful treatment with natural, well-tried old remedies.

Distemper is a discharge of poison from the dog’s body. Vaccines and other drugs will push the poison deeper into the animal’s system thereby leaving it prone to chronic disease much later on.

That principle, of course, applies to feverish conditions in human beings- such as influenza, for example.

Joe Greenhill

Priory Road, London NW6.