Vaccine Damage

Thirteen hundred and twenty two families have won vaccine damage cases since 1988

by Christina England

June 16, 2009

This weekend a news story broke about another win for a family with a three year old little girl, who became brain damaged after the MMR. Julia a USA citizen from Colorado won a substantial financial award in a US Federal Court after her family proved her brain damage was caused after she had the MMR vaccine.

Julie suffered from ENCEPHALITIS after the MMR vaccine and as she had not been formerly diagnosed with any 'Autism' this word could not used in her case. Another case Bailey Banks also did not have the word Autism mentioned in his case and also won compensation.

Julia's mother has confirmed that whilst her neurologist suspected that Julia may have Autism, Julia has never been formerly diagnosed.

"I do not want this to be misunderstood. She was never formally diagnosed. Do I think that there is a link between vaccines and Autism, absolutely. Is Julia Autistic? I“m not sure."

Is this going to be the way forward? Are cases only going to be won, if a family do not have the word Autism or agree not to have the word Autism being mentioned in their case? Since 1988 it has been revealed by CBS News that 1322 families have received compensation for children who have brain damage through vaccines. In the UK in 1974 a Rosemary Fox fought the Governments for many years to have a vaccine compensation scheme in place. She set up an organization called the 'Association for Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children'. She fought for many years and still does today, for the rights of all vaccine damaged children to compensation for their disabilities. She set the organization up after her own daughter Helen became vaccine damaged after she received the DPT. She took her complaints all the way to the ECHR

"We had worked hard up to then. Not only to try to protect children who were going through the vaccination process at the time unaware of possible risk but also to raise the issue of our own damaged children, to establish their rights and improve their provision. We had some success in 1979, five years after we started, when, prompted by the report of the Royal Commission, parliament passed the Vaccine Damage Payment Act to pay £10,000 to children found 'on the balance of probabilities“ to be vaccine damaged. We regarded it as a start but considering the extent of the injuries inflicted we did not consider it to be equitable and we were determined to continue the campaign with the help of all the members of parliament who had supported us since 1974 when Jack Ashley MP, now Lord Ashley of Stoke, first debated the issue."

Sadly the financial payments have not risen very much even with inflation and many families still receive a inadequate £10,000 compensation reward. That is of course if they win their case at all. In June 2000 it was revealed that out of 4000 claims since 1979, only 890 received any money.

Alistair Darling the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer had this to say:-

"Nothing can make up for what has happened to these children, but we have a clear duty to support them and their families."

Oh really? So how comes he is saying this only 9 years later in an article entitled Britain pledges $485 Million to global vaccine project :-

"The UK is pleased to support this initiative ... which should ensure a sustainable and affordable supply of vaccines well into the future,"

The problem I have with this is that Britain is in huge financial crisis at the moment. Many of our shops and businesses are closing, there are literally thousands of people losing their homes many more children and elderly live in poverty with little food or heat. Our hospitals are filthy and in desperate need of repair and yet Mr Darling is quite happy to spend a small fortune on a global vaccine project in the full knowledge of just how dangerous many vaccines can be and the brain damage that they can cause.

The article states very clearly:-

"LECCE, Italy (Reuters) - Britain will invest almost $500 million in an international scheme to encourage pharmaceutical firms to develop vaccines against some of the common diseases which plague poorer nations."

and carries on to state:-

"Britain, Italy, Canada, Russia, Norway and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are investing a total of $1.5 billion in the project, which is being run by the World Bank, UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the international vaccine agency GAVI alliance."

This is where it becomes even more interesting. The World Health Organisation and UNICEF are closely aligned with the CAI or the Child Advocacy International a charity run by Professor David Southall. Professor David Southall is the disgraced British Paediatrician recently struck off at the GMC for Professional Misconduct. Together they have formed a child health improvement programme.

Details of the links between the organisations can be found in a manual for health workers called Child Friendly Healthcare

"The Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative (CFHI), a child health quality improvement program, was developed by Childhealth Advocacy International (CAI), Charity No: 1071486, in collaboration with The United Nations Children“s Fund (UNICEF), The Child and Adolescent Department of Health and Development of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), UK and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), UK. The Community Fund, UK funded its pilot project".

This is what the manual says about David Southall.

"Dr. David Southall OBE MBBS MD FRCPCH

David Southall is honorary medical director of Childhealth Advocacy International. He is the chair of the working party for CFHI. His main interests are the safe and effective management of emergencies in pregnancy, infancy and childhood. He has published many papers concerning the protection of children from abuse and is active in developing child protection systems for poorly resourced countries. He is particularly worried about the concept of suffering and how little attention is drawn to this in current international programs for mothers and children. He is also active in developing palliative care systems for disadvantaged countries. He has directed the development of many teaching materials for managing emergencies as well as a textbook of International Child Health Care.

He is a consultant paediatrician active in acute general paediatrics in the UK National Health Service and was Foundation Professor of Paediatrics at Keele University before his retirement."

Last month I read an article about Dr David Southall by Lisa Blakemore-Brown called David Southall -A very Dangerous Doctor She said that she believed Dr Southall has been involved in vaccine trials research and is strongly linked to the FSID (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) with many mothers wrongly accused of MSBP and/or murder after experiencing cot deaths in their children after vaccines.

It very much seems that this is all linked, maybe the palliative care systems for disadvantaged countries is giving these children vaccines. These children do not need vaccines to add to their problems. The money would be more wisely spent on better sanitation, better education, food and clean water to help them fight disease. I do not know if Dr Southall is linked to the international scheme, to encourage pharmaceutical firms to develop vaccines against some of the common diseases, which plague poorer nations but given his vast amounts of work in the third world through CAI, I would be surprised if he was not, especially after reading this from their website, don't you agree?


CAI (Child Advocacy International) is a charity set up to help improve healthcare for children around the world. Our special role is helping poor countries build medical capacity for the future which we do by supporting and educating local doctors and nurses as well as the provision of essential and appropriate equipment.


Bamenda is the main town in the north-west province of Cameroon. Children come from all over the province for treatment, some travelling a great distance in difficult conditions. This is a Government run hospital and CAI has been working for over two years,improving facilities, providing medical supplies and equipment and training local medical staff."

With Governments, doctors and drug companies all working together to ensure vaccines continue well into the future, what hope do future generations have of being fit and healthy?