Fear of change
Propaganda  Medical control ploys

"Man is what he believes."---Chekov

"Fear of change. People fear change, particularly sudden, imposed change over which they have no control. They fear it will take from them status, wealth, family, friends, comfort, safety, life, or limb. That's why the man in the foxhole hesitates to leave it. He knows and is accustomed to the safety it affords. He is afraid that moving out of his foxhole will expose him to new and greater danger. That is why the psychological campaign must give him a safe, honorable way out of his predicament or situation."--Appendix I: PSYOP Techniques" from Psychological Operations Field Manual No. 33-1 published by Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington DC, 31 August 1979. http://serendipity.magnet.ch/more/propagan.html

"It amazes me, though, that so many people will only listen to such information if it is delivered by a medical doctor or group. If a non-medical health practitioner — or an informed layperson — tells them something, they disregard it, no matter how much evidence is presented as proof. If, on the other hand, a medical doctor proclaims something, they accept it without question."--Terry A. Rondberg, D.C.,