From AVN list...
It is obvious that Patja and,Peltola delebirately failed to interpret their
own research evidence properly in order to discredit any link between the MMR
vaccine and the autism connection.
Their  research actually supports Dr.Wakefields MMR and Inflammatory bowel
disease connection which was found in autistic children.

"Patja reports 277 cases with fever,162 cases with rashes,85 cases with
lymphadenopathy and 24 cases with joint pain."

Rashes, and joint pain are a symptom of gluten intolerance which supports
Dr.Wakefields research and proves that there has been damage done to the
intestines as the symptoms show.
The fever is a result of the body fighting off infection and perhaps an
overworked liver.
Lymphadenopathy is an indicater that there has been a serious immune system
infection.Under normal conditions lymph nodes are small and hidden however
become enlarged when inflamed by bacterial invasion.
Lymph node enlargement is a frequently noted symptom in the research.

The only death in the study was a previously healthy 13 month boy who died
during sleep 8 days after MMR vaccination.Cause of death aspiration of vomit
caused by acute gastritis."
Acute gastritis may be caused by diet,excessive alcohol,irritating drugs,food
poisoning and infectious diseases.Gastritis is  the inflammation of the
mucosal layers of the stomach.
Chief symptoms of acute gastritis are Severe abdominal pain,nausea,vomiting,loss of
appetite,thirst and diarrhea.

The study is careful not to say that 22 patients with adverse events had
nausea and vomiting and that in 5 cases vomiting was the main event.

IdiopathicThrombocytopenic Purpura [ITP] was also excluded  as an adverse
event which is obviously to hide any connection with the measles virus.Thrombocytopenia
may also accompany certain infections such as measles and autoimmune disorders as
systemic lupus and ITP.

 Research indicates the ill effect of vaccines ,I feel that it will become
more difficult to discredit that there has been a dramatic increase in illness
and diseases which I believe in many cases have been triggered by vaccination.

As far as the research into what is happening in Finland I do agree that
there has to be further research into the high incidence of diabetes, autism etc
Perhaps Finnish people carry more genetic defects than other cultures and
therefore the vaccines can trigger more genetic mutations.
Spontaneous mutations can occur as a result of radiation,toxic chemicals
and certain VIRUSES.

As my son developed a spontaneous mutation for juvenile Batten Disease as a
result of vaccine injury, I also observed that there is an Infantile form of Batten
Disease which occurs in such high numbers in Finland that they have named it
"Finnish Late
Infantile "  as opposed to the Classic Late Infantile  which is found in
the United States and Canada.Both are located on different genes.
This disease is fatal and research needs to be done to find out how this
disease is triggered by vaccines if both parents don't carry the defectIve gene as in
Fabian's case.