(Taken from the Reading Standard 12.01.95)

A teenager has been off work for nearly two months and is still in agony after being given a routine flu jab.

Sally-Anne Brown, 17, is having physiotherapy and has been prescribed painkillers.

But doctors say they do not know when she will fully recover.

She said: "I wish I had never had the jab. There’s a pain from my shoulder right down to my hand and I have to wear a sling."

She said a doctor at the surgery told her that the area around a nerve had probably been damaged by the injection.

Doctor Bindra, a partner at the surgery, said: have been working here for 15 years and I have never had anything like this before."

But he said he could not comment on Miss Brown’s case until the incident had been officially investigated.

Two days after the jab, Sally-Anne told her mum that her arm hurt.

Mrs Brown said: "At first I thought nothing of it and I told her to ignore it. Over the next couple of weeks it started to swell up and it had started to go numb."

Sally-Anne was sent to the Royal Berkshire Hospital for treatment where the physiotherapist said she thought the nurse had hit a nerve when she injected Sally-Anne.

Mrs Brown said: "She told me the chances of that happening axe about one in 100.She had only heard of one other case of someone losing feeling after an injection."