It was years gone by, but the case of Guillian Barre, which a very healthy,
strong athletic, recently married patient was given a flu vaccine shot by
his company.What developed was a near fatal Guillian Barre whereby he
started out with what appeared to be a common cold, but the next day he was
progressively weakening and I hospitalized him with the aforementioned
diagnosis. Hereceived intravenous vitamin C and other vitamins as B complex
and a diet avoiding junk foods. He seemingly stabilized. His lab reports
were not conclusive of Guillian Barre. I transferred him to another hospital
as my gut feeling was he had the condition and would or could go into a
respiratory failure, if his respiratory muscles became involved. Why, the
other hospital? That hospital had a Drinkers apparatus, which was a relic
from the polio treatment to promote external effects,which sustained
breathing. The hospital stopped the vitamins, but after ten days he came up
with what was classic for Guillian Barre Bence Jones protein.He eventually,
underwent physical therapy to restore his physical or musculoskeletal
functions. It took over a year before he recovered from what was believed
caused by the initial flu vaccination. Doc Rosey