Gardasil/Silgard Victims from the United States Healthy American Girls Prior to Gardasil

Brianna, Missouri: Brianna, a 15 year old girl whose life has been turned upside down since receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil on Feb. 2, 2010.

Up until Feb 2, 2010 Brainna was a very heathly and happy girl. She made A's and B's in school and very athletic. She played basketball, volleyball and softball. Brianna also enjoyed many outside activites. She loves swimming, running, skiing, tubing and excercising.
But the night of the 2nd changed all of that. She got Gardasil vaccine at 3:30 pm at out local health department. 5 hours later at 8:30 pm she was at home and her right arm ( the arm she got the vaccine in) was trembling uncontrollably. Bree laid down on the couch and fell "asleep" ( or passed out, we weren't in the room). When her dad and I walked in the room we tried to wake her and she wouldn't respond for about 10 minutes. We were shaking her and yelling at her to wake up and still she didn't respond. She finally woke up. At 9:30 pm this happened again, but this time with twitches in her shoulders and was again unresponsive for a few minutes. I called her docotr at his exchange number and when her doctor called me back he told me to keep on eye on her that it was probably an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Bree then went to bed.
The next morning I (her mother) got up with Brianna before school, Bree looked very tired but said she wanted to try to go to school. I fianlly gave in and let her go on the condition that she was to call me if she started feeling sick. That morning at 8:10 am her school called me and told me that I needed to come get Bree from school because she had just had a seizure. They said that she was complaing of a headache and laid her head on her arms in class and the young man sitting next to her noticed that she was having a seizure.
Since then, Bree has had 3 ER visits, 2 hospitalizations, numerous doctors appointments, and over 600 seizures to date (7-27-10). She is still having seizures. She gets unresponsive, sometimes her eyes are open and sometimes they are closed. She just sits there, she can't move or talk. She has complained of a headache since this all started with little to no relief from it. Bree says the headaches get so severe right before she has a seizure. Bree had to be home-schooled for 2 months when all of this happened because she was having multiple seizures in one day.
On Feb. 22nd, 2010 Brianna started complaining about numbness in her legs. Her dad and I checked her over and she couldn't feel from the waist down. Bree couldn't walk without help and it got so bad that she had to use a walker at home and a wheelchair when we left the house. Only part of the feeling has come back, but Bree taught herself how to walk without being able to feel her legs and feet.
For the first 2 1/2 months after recieving the shot Bree did not have a period, now she has them 2-3 times a month and are very heavy. They last between 2-3 days each time.
After seeing an Allergy specialist and doing blood work, we were told that Brianna now has:
Lots of food allergies
Early Hashimoto's (auto immune dissorder)
High levels of Aluminum (an ingredient in the vaccine)
High Barium level
High levels of lead
After being on a large quantity of vitamins a day, Bree's seizures are down to about one a week. But when she gets active she starts feeling very bad again and will have a seizure that day. So depending on how active Bree is that week determines how often she has a seizure.
Update: As of 8-10-10 BRee has now had 642 seizures. She also tried out for volleyball and couldn't do it. She called me 40 minutes into the first day because she was so sick. She was taking a 5 minute break every 10 minutes and drinking lots of water and it didn't help. She got very dissorented, her eyes glazed over and she was ready to pass out. They called me to come get her and after she got home a few minutes later she had another seizure. So sports are now out of the question for Bree at this time.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to Brianna's story.

Savanna, Ohio:   Savanna was only 12 years old when her mother took her in for her regular check-up in November 2008. The doctor suggested Gardasil, and they both refused. Her mother had heard nothing negative about Gardasil, but cancer did not run in their family and Savanna was not sexually active; she saw no need for an extra jab for Savanna.

The doctor was not happy about their decision and spent the next fifteen minutes telling Savanna's mom how terrible she would feel if Savanna contracted an HPV infection and/or cervical cancer when she could have been saved by a simple series of vaccinations.

Although still not comfortable with the limited knowledge they had at the time, Savanna and her mom decided to follow their doctor's advice.  Today, they would give anything in the world to take back that decision.

Savanna received three booster shots, a Gardasil injection and a dose of FluMist that day.

For the next few days, Savanna was feeling a little under the weather and had a high fever. Her mother thought that was to be expected considering how many shots she had taken.

A week later, they were back in the doctor's office because Savanna had a huge knot on her arm along with site pain. She was just generally not feeling 'right.'

Mom asked the intern if the knot was in the same arm as the Gardasil shot. The intern looked at her chart and said she believed so. But when the doctor entered, she emphatically stated the Gardasil injection had been in the other arm. She and the intern then left the room for a 'conference.'

While they were out, Savanna got teary-eyed and confessed to her mother that it felt like bugs were crawling under her skin. She was frightened, and rightfully so. Mom had no idea what to tell her.

Savanna never received a second injection of Gardasil.

Over the next few weeks, she became worse. This young girl who loved going to school, would feel sick enough to text her mom from the bedroom to say she couldn't make it to classes, up to twice a week. The symptoms hit hard, fast, and without warning.

This young fan of horror movies, became too scared to watch them any more because they reminded her of the 'bugs' crawling under her skin.

Summer arrived and she started passing out. Up until then, everyone thought she was going to be all right. Now, they were not so sure.

Since then, Savanna's list of symptoms has expanded to include vision problems, twitching, numbness, memory loss, trouble concentrating, confusion, brain fog (can't find the right words), trouble breathing, sleep paralysis (can't move upon first waking), hair loss, etc...

Savanna may not be able to always find the right words any more, but her mother can. She spends almost every waking moment trying to warn people. Her mission is to make sure no one else has to watch their child go through the traumatic, life-changing events her daughter has.

Written by:  Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner

Alexis, New Mexico:  Up until 2007, the only thing Alexis and her family had to worry about was that she had been diagnosed with type I diabetes a year before. Even with that, Alexis was a very happy, shy, well adjusted 13 year old young lady. She worked very hard in school and made the honor roll. She spent her spare time educating her classmates about type I diabetes.

Alexis was scheduled to visit her grandparents in Germany, but her parents were reluctant because of the diabetes. Her doctors assured her parents that Alexis was handling everything so responsibly that it should be perfectly safe for her to go. Everything looked good for Alexis.

Alexis had two of the three recommended Gardasil shots before she went to Germany to visit her grandparents. While she was in Europe, most everything went well. Her grandparents said she acted a little out of character, but nothing they thought serious.

After returning, her mother started noticing odd behavior. Alexis didn't suffer from jet lag after her trip like they all had after their last trip to Germany. She had always been a very sensitive child, but she didn't cry when their 12 year old dog died. Little changes that sometimes only a mother notices began to show up.

As time went on, her behavior became more bizarre. She was getting in trouble in school. Alexis was not able to concentrate or retain anything she learned. She went to every kind of doctor imaginable, but all tests came back "normal.'

Her personality changed 100%--Alexis was no longer herself. She would go into fits of rage, screaming and calling names. She swore she hated her family. She wanted to be taken to an orphanage and be adopted by another family.  Sound and movement bothered her. She said people's faces made her sick to her stomach, even faces on the television. Doctors and school officials said she was just "testing her boundaries." Her mother knew something was seriously wrong.

Soon, she was not sleeping at all. She would spend her night time hours sitting up writing notes about things that never made sense. She became obsessed with food, eating anything she could get her hands on while the family slept. One day she stuck her tongue out and her mom noticed it looked almost like she had bitten off a chunk of it.

More visits to the doctor with no abnormal test results. Not knowing what else to test for, someone suggests a psychologist, thinking she may be having trouble accepting the diabetes. No one in the family thought that was the problem, but they agreed to try. After only two visits, the psychologist decided she was traumatized while on her trip to Europe. Alexis was put on antipsychotic drugs. They only made the problems worse. She began to vomit up everything she ate, and then couldn't wait to eat more.

January 2008, she received her third shot of Gardasil. Then the nightmare really began. Things got much worse. She was still not sleeping at all, vomiting up everything, binge eating, not to mention acting like a complete stranger to her family and friends.

Two weeks after the third shot, she was admitted to the hospital for a complete battery of tests. Still no diagnosis. No one knew what was wrong with this once healthy, happy girl. Not knowing what else to do, the doctors referred her to a Behavioral Unit.

While there, she was not allowed to be around any of the other children. She could only be in her room, or walk up and down a short hall. The staff had to be constantly instructed on how to handle her diabetic medication. She was given a bucket to vomit in. If she vomited, she was allowed no additional food. On the fourth day there, two nurses witnessed her eating the vomit from her bucket. After the fifth day, they said she was 'stable' and sent her home.

Alexis finally ended up in a Children's Psychiatric Hospital. Nothing they gave her made her sleep; nothing they gave her could stop the vomiting. Finally, one morning when mom was visiting Alexis had an unusual episode that mom witnessed. She told the staff and an EEG was done. They discovered she was in fact having seizures that were all concentrated in her frontal lobe, the part of her brain that controls personality. All of this time, she had been having seizures and no one had noticed.

The next six months were spent going back and forth between two hospitals. Each ran every test they could possibly think of; tissue and fluid samples were sent all over the country. Everything came back normal. It was finally determined that Alexis had been exposed to a virus and her system created antibodies to attack the virus. These antibodies were now attacking her.

She had not been sick and had not shown any symptoms of a viral infection--not even a runny nose. The only virus she had been exposed to was in the Gardasil shots.

They also determined she had suffered brain damage from the seizures. This once proud honors student now tests at about a 4th grade level. To this day, she is unable to attend school. Her seizure activity remains almost constant, day and night.

Every day, new symptoms seem to pop up. She has numbness in her arms and legs, headaches, horrible pain, no bladder control, constipation, vision problems, memory loss, brain fog, chronic fatigue, leg cramps dizzyness, and on, and on, and on.......

This beautiful little girl who showed so much promise may never be the same again. Her family is at the end of its rope. They know there is no explanation other than Gardasil.

This family is living a nightmare they desperately wish they could wake up from---unfortunately, it is real--very real.

Written by:  Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner



Brittney, Ohio:  Brittney has been suffering for almost three years; she wishes to dedicate her story to those who have been injured, or passed away, around the world after receiving HPV vaccinations.

Brittney was born a warm, caring people person. As a child, she would try to help other children, rushing to their aid when they cried, or passing out hugs when they were lonely. She was full of life, vibrant and entertaining from the day she could talk.

She loved school so much, she completed her junior and senior year of high school in a single year with an excellent grade point average to boot. She loved drama and music, actively participating in both. She was affectionately called the "hostess of the classroom," because she was always baking or cooking for her friends and classmates.

When she got to college, she added physical activities to her list of things to do. She began lifting weights, running wind sprints and doing cardio workouts. By the time she was 21, she was hiking up to seven miles at a time, swimming regularly and keeping up with a multitude of social activities with her friends.

In June 2007, at 21 years of age, Brittney was told by her family doctor that she needed to take the Gardasil vaccine to protect her against picking up an HPV infection via accident at the college lab. The doctor assured her there were no complications with this vaccine, so she gave in for fear the doctor may be right.

For the next six weeks, Brittney began to have sporadic health problems. She experienced fainting, hammering leg pain that would come and go, and most frightening -- seizures. She had never experienced seizures, nor was there any family history of seizures.

Despite these odd incidents, Brittney refused to slow down even a little. Pushing on, she remained quite active physically and mentally.

At least until August, when she got her second injection of Gardasil. Ten days later, her life changed forever. Pressure in her head and jaw started building, followed by excruciating leg pain, muscle weakness, rubbery sensations and burning prickles in her limbs and head. Finally, she lost the ability to walk.

She was taken to several specialists, an ER visit, and admitted to a well-known research hospital. All kinds of tests were run with no conclusion other than ruling out conversion disorder. Neither she, her parents, nor her doctors knew what was happening to her.

Luckily, a friend sent Brittney some information about other girls who had taken Gardasil and were suffering similar mysterious symptoms. Because of her nausea, blurred vision and dizziness, Brittney could not read, much less sit at a computer. So, her mother began to research the effects of this new vaccine. A couple of weeks later, mom had enough information about Gardasil to convince Brittney not to get the third injection.

Brittney was later informed by one of her physicians, that had she received the third injection she probably would not have survived.

Brittney has seen over 40 specialists in various fields. Some dismiss her symptoms as conversion disorder as soon as they hear Gardasil may be involved. Some medical facilities have husstled her out the door as soon as they hear an HPV vaccine could be to blame.

However, at least  five different physicians have diagnosed the following disorders: peripheral neurological disorder, abnormal pupillary function and dilation, peripheral neuropathy in both legs, decreased endocrine activity and function, idiopathic epilepsy, liver function suppression, GI tract disorders, chronic Guillain-Barre-like symptoms, and hormone problems. All five attributed her problems to the Gardasil injections she received. At least once, she was told with time and treatment all of the damage could be reversed.

Today, it's almost three years later and Brittney is seeing some improvement. Many times, those improvements are marred by setbacks. She is for the moment, content to take life one day at a time. Both she and her family are hopeful that one day Britt will get an opportunity to live a long and ordinary life. Brittney has been suffering for almost three years; she wishes to dedicate her story to those who have been injured, or passed away, around the world after receiving HPV vaccinations.

Brittney was born a warm, caring people person. As a child, she would try to help other children, rushing to their aid when they cried, or passing out hugs when they were lonely. She was full of life, vibrant and entertaining from the day she could talk.

She loved school so much, she completed her junior and senior year of high school in a single year with an excellent grade point average to boot. She loved drama and music, actively participating in both. She was affectionately called the "hostess of the classroom," because she was always baking or cooking for her friends and classmates.

When she got to college, she added physical activities to her list of things to do. She began lifting weights, running wind sprints and doing cardio workouts. By the time she was 21, she was hiking up to seven miles at a time, swimming regularly and keeping up with a multitude of social activities with her friends.

In June 2007, at 21 years of age, Brittney was told by her family doctor that she needed to take the Gardasil vaccine to protect her against picking up an HPV infection via accident at the college lab. The doctor assured her there were no complications with this vaccine, so she gave in for fear the doctor may be right.

For the next six weeks, Brittney began to have sporadic health problems. She experienced fainting, hammering leg pain that would come and go, and most frightening -- seizures. She had never experienced seizures, nor was there any family history of seizures.

Despite these odd incidents, Brittney refused to slow down even a little. Pushing on, she remained quite active physically and mentally.

At least until August, when she got her second injection of Gardasil. Ten days later, her life changed forever. Pressure in her head and jaw started building, followed by excruciating leg pain, muscle weakness, rubbery sensations and burning prickles in her limbs and head. Finally, she lost the ability to walk.

She was taken to several specialists, an ER visit, and admitted to a well-known research hospital. All kinds of tests were run with no conclusion other than ruling out conversion disorder. Neither she, her parents, nor her doctors knew what was happening to her.

Luckily, a friend sent Brittney some information about other girls who had taken Gardasil and were suffering similar mysterious symptoms. Because of her nausea, blurred vision and dizziness, Brittney could not read, much less sit at a computer. So, her mother began to research the effects of this new vaccine. A couple of weeks later, mom had enough information about Gardasil to convince Brittney not to get the third injection.

Brittney was later informed by one of her physicians, that had she received the third injection she probably would not have survived.

Brittney has seen over 40 specialists in various fields. Some dismiss her symptoms as conversion disorder as soon as they hear Gardasil may be involved. Some medical facilities have husstled her out the door as soon as they hear an HPV vaccine could be to blame.

However, at least  five different physicians have diagnosed the following disorders: peripheral neurological disorder, abnormal pupillary function and dilation, peripheral neuropathy in both legs, decreased endocrine activity and function, idiopathic epilepsy, liver function suppression, GI tract disorders, chronic Guillain-Barre-like symptoms, and hormone problems. All five attributed her problems to the Gardasil injections she received. At least once, she was told with time and treatment all of the damage could be reversed.

Today, it's almost three years later and Brittney is seeing some improvement. Many times, those improvements are marred by setbacks. She is for the moment, content to take life one day at a time. Both she and her family are hopeful that one day Britt will get an opportunity to live a long and ordinary life.

Written by:  Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner

Zeda, Indiana:  Two years ago, Zeda was a straight A student who totally enjoyed school. In addition to maintaining a nearly perfect academic record, she was actively involved in cheerleading and loved it.

She adored being outdoors, just hanging out with her friends. When she wasn't with her friends, she was out with her two younger brothers and sister. If she wanted to chill out indoors, you could find her watching lifetime movies with mom. Family and friends were a huge part of her life.

Like many young girls, Zeda was never seen without her cell phone in her hands. She was always texting someone, going so  far as to text mom, while in the same room! In short, she was a normal, happy, all-American teenage girl who thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of her life, her family and her friends. Zeda's future was bright, indeed.

Then, on November 5, 2008, Zeda went for a routine physical and was given her first injection of Gardasil. On November 28, she began to complain about feeling weak and having a headache. Since it was just after Thanksgiving, her mother thought she had just overdone the celebration.

The next morning, Zeda had a headache and stayed in bed all day. When she got up that afternoon, she had 2 seizures. Mom rushed her to the emergency room. She knew something was terribly wrong.

Within two short days of her first seizure, Zeda was totally unresponsive. She lost the ability to eat, speak, walk, or communicate in any way. A ventilator was the only way to keep her alive. Zeda spent the next four months of her life in an intensive care unit fighting for her very existence.

During her stay, it was determined that Zeda suffered from encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). All of the typical causes for this condition have been ruled out. Mom has been told by several doctors that the condition could have been caused by the HPV vaccine, but they do not write their suspicions on her charts. Zeda never received a second shot of Gardasil.

Zeda is the oldest of four children. Her single mother is completely dedicated to her recovery. She has turned her living room into a makeshift hospital room. Mom is Zeda's 24 hour a day caregiver. Nurses come in several times a week to check her progress. Zeda breathes through a tracheotomy tube. She is still bedridden and capable of only minimal movement. She is on a feeding tube for nourishment.

Two years after her only HPV vaccine injection, her mother and siblings spend their time hoping and praying for Zeda's condition to improve. They appreciate each good moment Zeda experiences, and do their level best to remain strong through the bad ones. Zeda's family prays she doesn't remain one less healthy teenager, one less sister, one less daughter and one less honor student.

Zeda's mother has done her share of research and firmly believes Gardasil is reason for her daughter's current condition. She believes parents must be made aware of the possible side effects to HPV vaccines before they decide to have their children receive the shots.

Written by Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner

Nikki, Massachusetts:   The typical American teenager, Nikki  attended high school and was active in cheerleading and dance. She loved the social life, weekends with her friends at the mall and going to parties. Nikki had absolutely no health problems.

In her own words, "My life was perfect."

Nikki was 16 when the Gardasil vaccine was first released. She had heard about cervical cancer and thought it was great to have the opportunity to be one of the first to be protected from its effects. She enthusiastically completed the entire series.

Then, her world turned upside-down. Shortly after her third shot, she was taking a nap after cheerleading practice and woke up with a severe muscle cramp in her right calf. That was only the beginning. The muscle spasms got progressively worse until she ended up in the emergency room with pain so severe it did not respond to medication injected directly into the muscle. She went home with a prescription for narcotics.

The muscle spasms turned into paralysis. The paralysis progressively increased until Nikki needed braces to walk. The pain was so severe, that at one point she was being considered for a baclofen pump (a surgically implanted pump that delivers medication directly into the spinal cord).

The procedure was postponed after one of her many doctors diagnosed conversion disorder, medical terminology for 'we can not find a cause, so it must be the patient's psychological response to stress.'

Nikki's paralysis has now progressed to the point that she must wear a catheter and be confined to a wheelchair.

As if that isn't enough, she also experienced gastro-intestinal problems, heart problems severe enough to put her in an intensive care unit, ongoing dystonia, chronic pain, fainting spells, persistant vomiting, and unexplained weight loss.

This once active cheerleader has spent the last two years of her life in and out of emergency rooms and hospitals. They have tested her for everything under the sun and have been unable to come up with any reason for her symptoms. She can no longer participate in any of the activities she used to love.

Nikki asked her story to be told because she never believed her life could change so drastically after a simple vaccination. Her wish is to prevent other girls from going through what she has experienced.

Written by Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner



Ashley, Maine: Ashley was always active, playing on softball leagues or doing some sort of physical activity with her friends. A day didn't go by that she wasn't outside. If the sun was shining, she was there.

Summers were the best, when she could hang out with her mother on the beach, or ride the coastline on their Harley. Those days are gone.

Ashley was 18 when she went to the doctor for a routine physical. The doctor mentioned Gardasil and said it was harmless and side effect free. Cervical cancer runs on both sides of Ashley's family, so she thought it was wonderful that she could be protected from what some of her relatives were going through.

In her own words, this is what happened:

"Shortly after the first vaccine, I started having episodes for 2 to 30 minutes where muscles would just jerk in my body. Muscle spasms happened on top of that and I started getting headaches, but figured it was just due to a virus going around school

The time for the second vaccine came and we got it a month too late, but they said it wasn't going to be a problem. Within 24 hours after the second vaccine, I was hit with extreme vomiting that lasted for 48 hours. After that passed, my stomach still continued to hurt and I got really bad headaches. The twitching and spasms became worse, but the doctors said it was probably anxiety.

In May of 2009, I got into a car accident and was hospitalized for a few days. During this hospitalization, the nurses noticed the jerking that was going on and noticed that I would get sleepy during these episodes. They even happened during sleep. They told me to go to a neurologist, so we made an appointment with the PCP, who also referred us to the neurologist for an EEG. On that day, I got the final vaccine.

Two days later, I had a tonic-clonic seizure. We decided to wait out the neurologist appointment that was later during the week. But, by the next day, i had already had three seizures, then went into a severe tonic-clonic that prompted my parents to call 911. While in the hospital, I started havintg up to 32 of these seizures daily. I was sent home with nothing to go on, no medications, and no information."

Since then, Ashley has had constant headaches, rapid heart rate, chest pain, joint pain, stomach issues, twitching, shaking and seizures sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. She doesn't have much energy. Sometimes the headaches are so severe all she can do is sleep. Other times, she can't sleep.

Her days riding the motorcycle are rare because she can't risk a seizure while riding. She can not swim alone and must be watched constantly for fear of another seizure.

Ashley's message to those considering the Gardasil vaccine is "do as much research as you can. Talk about it with others. Weigh the benefits against the potential side effects before you decide whether or not to take this vaccine."

Written by Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner




Felicia-Maine: Felicia was always the picture of health. She was actively involved in sports, but baseball was her favorite. In fact, her team won the County Championship. That was before Gardasil.

In February of 2009, at the age of 16, Felicia received her first, and only, shot of the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Mom was with her in the room.

As they walked back into the reception area, Felicia said she "wasn't feeling good," and Mom assured her that she would be all right.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Felicia passed out cold before she got the chance to take hold of her mother's arm for support. Felicia had never reacted so violently to any previous vaccination. Her mom, shocked and very frightened, asked the nurses if this had ever happened before. They promptly assured her it had not. During the ride home, they decided Felicia would not take the other two recommended shots.

As it turned out, this was just the beginning of Felicia's nightmare. That night she woke up feeling dizzy and tried to call out to her mom. She was not able to do so. The incident lasted approximately 30 minutes.

A few days later, she again became dizzy, sick to her stomach, experienced numbness in one hand, and had stabbing pains in her stomach and back. She began to experience seizure-like episodes and extreme fatigue. Prior to Gardasil, she regularly slept 6 to 7 hours a night and functioned quite well.

Seven months, several doctor visits and 'normal' test results later, Felicia began to see some improvement. The doctors failed to see any connection between the sudden onset of these symptoms and the vaccine. Their opinion was 'panic attacks,' or anxiety. Mom knew better, nothing had ever phased her daughter.

Currently, Felicia's dizziness isn't so bad, the stomach and back pain are still there. New symptoms are showing up, though. She now has headaches, acne, and irregular menses. These are all things she had no problem with prior to taking that one shot of Gardasil. 

Felicia's mother is scared, she wakes up every morning wondering what will be next. She doesn't want to see, or hear of another girl that has to suffer the side effects of this vaccine.

Written by Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner


Ashlee, Texas: From the day she first started to walk, Ashlee was one of those rare individuals who accomplished anything she set her mind to.

By the first grade, she had developed a love for helping "special needs" children. She seemed to have an instinct for their needs and the children seemed respond to her even when they would respond to no one else. From first grade through Junior High, being a classroom assistant to these children was her pet project. She attended field trips with them and cheerfully went the extra mile to attend their birthday parties.

Ashlee was an honor student, active in extra-curricular activities such as cheerleading and student council. Her life seemed perfect. Then, at the age of 13, the first crack in her perfect world appeared. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).Her dedication and drive would not let her surrender. She made adjustments and continued on. When the RA went into remission, she resumed her normal activities.

Then, in June 2009, just before her 15th birthday, she went for a routine medical exam. The nurse practitioner suggested the Gardasil vaccine. Her mother remembered hearing the commercials, but had never considered it. She expressed concern regarding possible side effects of the vaccine, because of Ashlee's RA, and was told it was "harmless." 

When mom said, "If there is a side effect to be had, SHE will have it," the nurse practitioner indicated the only possible side effect would be a rash, or reddening, at the injection site. Knowing Ashlee had never experienced an adverse reaction to vaccines in the past and trusting the medical advice--mom agreed, thinking she was doing a wonderful thing for her child--protecting her!

Within 20 to 30 minutes, the nightmare began. Ashlee began feeling nauseated and light-headed. She went to lay down and was not able to get up for the next 4 days. She ran a fever, had terrible body aches, numbness along the left side of her neck and shoulder on the injection site side, extreme dizziness (to the point of blacking out when she tried to stand), headaches, vomiting and diarrhea.

Her mother immediately called the doctor, suspecting the vaccine. She was assurred that it was not possible and told Ashlee 'must have picked up a bug' while in the office.

After 4 days, the fever began to subside and Ashlee felt a little better. The vomiting and headaches continued. Ashlee was scheduled to spend the summer with her father, but during the visit, the symptoms continued. She could not hold down food and was not getting any better. Her mother had to bring her home after only 4 weeks. The vomiting continued to get worse and Ashlee began to experience severe pelvic pain.

After only 8 days at home, Ashlee had to be taken to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and sent home with three prescriptions she was unable to keep down.

Another trip to the hospital, Ashlee was admitted for 5 days with IV antibiotics to try and control the PID. After an endescope, catscan, MRI and HIDA scan, that all came back 'normal,' Ashlee was again sent home. This time with an appointment for a colonoscopy at a later date.

It has been 9 months now, and Ashlee still vomits every day. Sometimes she goes up to 8 days without being able to hold down as much as a saltine cracker. This once vibrant, alive and caring person sleeps all the time and suffers from severe depression because she can no longer do the things she loves. She is currently in counselling because of her thoughts of suicide.

Ashlee only had one of the recommended three Gardasil shots.

Her mothers words: "I am a Gardasil mom. I hate that title. Where I used to worry about my daughter getting a cavity, I now worry if she will live through this at all! No one should have to go through this!!"

Written by Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner


Sami, Florida: Sami, an honor student prior to her experience with Gardasil, loves living in Florida where she can take advantage of everything the Sunshine state has to offer.

Theme parks were frequently the highlight of her weekends. She loved to go to Sea World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventures and Bush Gardens where she could ride all the attractions over and over again with her mother. Now, that is no longer an option.

Sami had multiple health problems prior to receiving Gardasil including, type II diabetes, multiple allergies, Blount's disease and polycystic ovary syndrome. Nevertheless, she lead an active, normal life. All of that changed when she was 14 and received her first shot of Gardasil along with a flu vaccine. Within hours, she was vomiting, feverish and had terrible headaches. She was bedridden for three weeks. When the doctor was questioned about the symptoms, Mom was told, "She must have received a bad flu shot." Sami continued on with the Gardasil series.

Her list of adverse reactions continued to grow. Sami experienced amenorrhea (no periods since her first shot (over 2 years ago), peripheral neuropathy in both feet, loss of peripheral vision in her left eye, complicated migraines with neurological auras, severe sleep apnea and paralysis of both legs. At one point, a teacher at her school (also an EMT) found her unconscious, with no pulse, and revived her.

Sami has been taken to multiple medical specialists since taking the Gardasil vaccine. MS, neurological defects, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and brain tumor have all been ruled out as possible causes of her symptoms.

Every day, Samantha's mother wonders if her child will survive to see another dawn. She wonders how a person prepares themself when they feel their child is dying. She wonders if it is even possible to prepare. Her message to parents who are considering the HPV vaccine for their children: "Guard your children against Gardasil."

Written by Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner




Ashley Ryburn (Colorado)

I want to introduce you to Ashley.  She was 15 at the time of her first shot and she is now 16.  Here is what her mother has to say about her daughter.


“I am a single mother and have dedicated my life to providing a safe, fun loving environment for my daughter. She has been a gift in my life. I describe her as having an old soul. People of all ages, race, disabled, even animals connect with her. She has always attracted attention from everyone even complete strangers. Ashley will immediately help anyone in need. From holding open a door, to standing up for a child being picked on. People in our community always tell me what a great job I have done raising her.”


“Ashley has always been involved in extra curricular school activities and has always received top grades. My healthy teenage daughter became a chronically ill young woman. In the last year I have called 911 more times than I can count. She has been hospitalized three times within a year. We have seen many doctors and specialists who have done many tests multiple times all to be within normal limits. Ashley experiences life threatening episodes of seizure like activity, difficulty breathing, major back spasms, paralysis, dehydration, memory loss and tremors and she becomes unresponsive. She has daily illnesses of nausea, exhaustion, vomiting, pain and hair loss. I have provided CPR and life saving skills on a regular basis”. 


“Ashley and I have had conversations in the event she may die. I can only promise her that I will do everything in my power for this not to happen and that we need to focus on healing. I never thought in a million years a vaccine would do this much damage to my beautiful girl. I stay strong for my daughter.  I also cry with her too.  I keep faith in knowing God doesn’t put more on our shoulders than we can handle.  As a mother, I also feel the responsibility to get Ashley’s story out there so we can help other families.”


“Now she is ill - her life is dealing with daily symptoms and hoping for a day without a life threatening episode.”


*Nora Kenny (Illinois)

See letter from Nora’s mom

“Nora has always been a great kid---she's the oldest of our 3---a 16 year brother, Jack and a 15 year-old sister, Sally.  Nora was an honor role student her entire high school career, a 3 sport athlete until her senior year where she only played basketball and softball.  She was named all academic-all conference for each sport she played. She has always made friends easily and enjoys the things that most girls her age do.  She started working as a hostess at a local Red Lobster in the spring of her Junior year and was promoted to waitress last summer.  She attends the University of Illinois at Champaign and plans to major in Kinesiology.”


“I am very proud of Nora and I feel very badly that I agreed to have her receive Gardasil.  She asked me the other day why we didn't know of its potential harm....I had no good answer.”

“Nora is now taking seizure medication.  There is no family history of seizures.” 

“She received her first shot June 16, 2008 and fainted June 21, 2008.  My husband and I were at a friend’s house for dinner.  At about 7:30pm, our youngest daughter called to say something was wrong with our 18 year old daughter Nora, and that the ambulance was taking her to the ER.  She received her second shot August 19, 2008 and had the seizures September 2, 2008.  I got a phone call from a young woman who lives on the same floor in the same dorm as Nora to let me know that Nora had had a seizure.”  



Theresa Bohn  - Age 21 (Marlborough, Massachusetts)

Prior to Gardasil, I had no previous known illnesses or behavioral issues, except for an occasional migraine headache.  I had no complications whatsoever with IUD or menstrual cycle until after I had my first Gardasil shot (Lot 1758U) on April 28, 2008  - IUD removed October 2008.  My second Gardasil vaccination (Lot  0651X) was on January 8, 2009 and I had this along with a tetanus shot.  My symptoms include: 30 lbs unexplained weight loss and my hair falling out in clumps and migraines.  I experienced sudden sharp pains all over my body, which are most intense in my head, abdomen and legs.  Earaches and frequent ear popping with pain and stiffness in elbows, knees, wrists and ankles and a numbness in my face including lips, nose and cheeks;  pressure in sinuses, stiffness and tightening in my neck.  I have had vision problems including double vision, blurred vision, light auras, difficulty focusing and pain/pressure in and around my eyes.   Frequent muscle spasms all over and a weakness/numbness/tingling in arms and pains in legs.  Have experienced weak to no reflexes in my left elbow and right knee and have had chest pains and tightness.  Sharp shooting pains in pelvic area/vaginal areas.  Also my menstrual cycle has been irregular and heaviness with pain in lower back.  Cramps/Charlie horses in legs and feet and also cold hands and feet and also experiencing tremors in my legs.  Severe anxiety issues, causing my heart to race/blood pressure to increase; anger and irritability issues. I am unable to concentrate for any length of time.  The sensation to urinate comes on strong and it feels like I am going to lose control and am left with a feeling of incomplete urination. 

Diagnosis:  An X-ray showed my spine is straightening and CT scan showed my intestine is swollen.  I have received no exact diagnosis as yet.  I am to receive an MRI of my brain and neck (cervical) in August 2009 and shortly afterwards I am scheduled to see a Neurologist.

Gardasil has completely changed my life. Before Gardasil, I never had a pain that I could not explain. For a year now I have been in and out of doctors offices desperately searching for an answer. I am no longer able to perform my job the way I used to.  Before Gardasil, I was enrolled in college with a 4.0 and now I cannot even finish a book I am just trying to enjoy. I feel like I am not giving my son and fiancé the time they deserve from me, because I am too tired, in too much pain, or because I am at the doctor’s office. I just want to be myself again and enjoy every moment of being a mom, but everyday it feels like I am falling further away from the “old me” or the “me before Gardasil.”

(Email address:


Steffanee Richardson (Hallsville, Missouri)


My daughter Steffanee’s illnesses started after she had completed her three Gardasil vaccinations, the first was in 8/2008, the second in 11/2008 and the final vaccination she had on 1/2/2009.  Her serious health problems started on February 2, 2009 and from that moment on things started to deteriorate.  Over a period of time she had four ER visits at the University of Missouri, Columbia and the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota.  Her many symptoms included: headaches, panic attacks, she could not breathe, felt her throat was closing up, brain fog, fatigue, severe joint and muscle pain and spasms, really bad knee pain,  energy level low, non epileptic seizures, twitches, neurological disorder with muscle movements that are uncontrollable, jerking of limbs and entire body. That is to name just a few and today there has been a slight improvement, doing better, but still has twitching/jerking of limbs and knee pain.


Our lives were turned upside down on Feb 2, 2009.  We got a call from her school, our 17 year old daughter was having severe seizures, screaming in pain.


This was the very first time I had ever seen anything like that. It started with muscle spasms in her back.  It was like that for 6 weeks, ambulance rides and in and out of hospitals and ERs.  It was her first visit to the hospital; she was a very healthy girl prior to having the Gardasil vaccinations. I worry about her every day.  Her life has been on hold for about 5 months, she sleeps a lot.  She is very fatigued most of the time. Her personality changed through all this, I'm sure it's because she was in so much pain.  I hope and pray every single day that these seizures will stop, that this Gardasil vaccine will get out of her system and let her have her life back.  She went through a depression when she was in and out of the hospital, missing school & cheerleading.  She was VERY active prior to February 2, 2009.


I have to have my cell phone with me every minute of the day, afraid that she will need me or that one of her friends is trying to get in touch with me, because she is having a seizure. Adolescents are supposed to be carefree and worry about nothing. Gardasil changed that for a lot of girls.  The emotional stress alone has been very hard on our family.  The financial part has added more stress.  I believe they have run every test available on her, all results......normal.  That in itself is not normal with all the serious health problems that Steffanee has.


They say stress adds to the Gardasil Girls problems.  How can they not be stressed, worrying that they will become ill at school and their parents would then have to be sent for?


(Email address:




*Cassie Summers (Missouri) - See letter from Cassie’s mom

“Our nightmare started December 2007 without us even knowing it and willingly my fun loving active daughter pulled up her sleeve and received the first of three Gardasil vaccines. Cassie, 14 at the time, is known for her genuine love of life and her heart warming smile, she was very active in church and youth group belonging to FCA at school as well as playing volleyball and running track. That was until Gardasil stole her life away from her”.


“Since receiving her third Gardasil vaccine she has been hospitalized 4 times and had in my opinion a unnecessary surgery, she has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, gastrointestinal disorders, had pneumonia three times, and is also suffering from a variety of symptoms including extreme nausea and vomiting resulting in having a central line placed and being put on TPN and Lipids (IV nutrition), fatigue, dizziness, headaches, hypersensitive to light and sound, blurred vision, lactation, seizure like activity, tingling and numbness in legs and severe pain in her abdomen. 


"My once fun loving, active daughter is now debilitated with illness and pain, however she refuses to allow Gardasil to take away her loving spirit and warming smile.”


“Through all of this she has taught me so much about never giving up and never losing faith in God, even at times when I was so afraid to take my eyes off her in fear she would not take another breathe”, she would say, "I know God has a plan, I know there is a reason for my sickness." 


  We could all learn a lot from these girls I know I have and I am so proud of Cassie.”



*Holly Kysar (New Mexico)


Holly received her first shot in May of 2007 and her second in July of 2007.  She started to experience side effects immediately but the doctor did not think it was an issue when it came time for her second shot.  Here is a list of the side effects Holly experienced right after the second shot.  Fainting, dizziness, nausea, weakness, body aches.  Her first known seizure was in November of 2007 with what Holly states is brain fog.  As of today she still has seizures that are being controlled with medication and she still complains of brain fog and finds it difficult to concentrate and retain information. Holly’s symptoms at time of writing continue and include seizures, fatigue, irritability, depression, muscle and joint pain, headaches, painful menstrual cramps, hair loss and rash.



Laurel Brishel Prichard (Albuquerque, New Mexico)  


My daughter was perfectly healthy until she received the first Gardasil vaccination at 18 years of age on March 23, 2008.  Within 24 hours of the vaccine she began complaining of a terrible backache which lasted about a week.  Then she started having fatigue, stomach aches, vision problems and overall body aches.  She had her first seizure within a week after these symptoms. 


She got the second shot on May 6, 2008 and the symptoms worsened and so did the full grand-mal, tonic-clonic seizures.  She also started having migraines, tremors and bruising.  The seizures increased to daily, sometimes more.  We spent the summer of 2008 calling ambulances and in the hospital (UNMH, Lovelace) where they said the seizures were non-epileptic.  She also had several UTIs which she'd never had in her life.  In July, she had a cluster of seizures (4) and almost died on my living room floor when she stopped breathing and turned blue.  By the Fall of 2008 the seizures started spreading out further. 


We did not get the 3rd Gardasil shot as I had made the connection between her illness and the vaccine.  As time passed, the symptoms seemed to be resolving one by one.  In December 2008 she had a new symptom, bleeding gums which lasted until July 2009 and now this appears to have been resolved.  Her last seizure was January of 2009 until this past weekend, August 15, 2009 when she had 3 seizures.  She still suffers from the seizures and a severe tremor that has never gone away or lessened. 


She has fought hard for her life and to get her health back.  She's stayed in College, though her grades fell from the Dean's List prior to the vaccine.   My daughter was perfectly healthy until she received this unnecessary vaccine.  I know the vaccine made her ill and I want to know how to make her well again. 


Stop this vaccine before any other girls are injured.  She lost her independence and had to move home, her job, her grades, her health, her freedom and I have spent the last 18 months with many sleepless nights, spent tons of money on medical bills, endured horrid treatment by medical professionals because they didn't have answers and my business has suffered too as she could not be left alone because of the drop seizures.   


Please investigate this vaccine and help our girls and prevent other girls and mothers from enduring this nightmare.


Email address:


Bridget Boyce (Cary, North Carolina)


My 17 year old daughter Bridget was a happy and healthy young woman prior to vaccination of Gardasil.  She received her first vaccination of Gardasil (Lot 0961F) on 23rd January 2007 together with Hep A and Menactra.  She received a single dose of Gardasil (Lot 0384U) on 4th April 2007 and her final vaccination ( Lot 0524U) took place on 25th July 2007 which she had along with a Hep A shot.  She was first diagnosed with pneumonia in July 2007 which resulted in an ER visit to Wake Med Hospital in Cary, NC.  Her symptoms included hair loss, chronic sinus infections, migraines, weight gain, dizziness and brain fog (complaints of dyslexia) and severe PMS symptoms.  By November 2007, she was experiencing changes in her menstrual cycle.  In December 2008, Bridget had to be admitted to ER, Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH with diarrhea and vomiting, and this re-occurred again in August 2009 and she had to go back to the ER at the Miami Valley Hospital to be treated.


Since finding out about Gardasil in January of 2009, the lives of our family have been turned upside down.  Let me begin by saying that when my daughter first had pneumonia in the summer of 2007, I thought she was going to die.  It was so severe that she was on oxygen at the ER and at home. I had to continuously pound on her back to help break up the mucous.  Several months later, I knew something was terribly wrong when my previously healthy 19-year old was continuously ill with migraines, sinus infections, and menstrual changes (she was starting menopause at age 19 – getting a heavy period every two weeks).  After hours upon hours of research, I realized that Gardasil was the culprit.  I read horror stories about sudden death and seizures in other girls that had the Gardasil vaccine.  Unfortunately, my daughter was a nine-hour drive from me.  I was afraid that she could die at any minute.  I felt completely distraught and at fault for making my daughter ill since I recommended she have the vaccine.  Thank God I found other families with children suffering as my pediatrician told me I was overlooking the benefit to the majority.  I was able to get much-needed support of other parents whose daughters had experienced worse side effects than Bridget.  I still do not know if she will completely recover or ever be able to have children.  I am grateful that my daughter is now doing so much better after getting help from Dr. Mark Flannery.


This vaccine has robbed my daughter of her best years in college.  She has struggled to get good grades over the past two years.  She would often call me in tears because the fatigue was so overwhelming.  She was constantly concerned she would lose her college scholarship.  I had to let her know it was OK to get a C or even a D if she could just get through to the end of the school year.   I am optimistic about her future but deathly afraid of the unknown issues from this vaccine.


(Email address:



Lauren Brooke Mathis (North Wilkesboro, North Carolina)


Because of Gardasil, my beautiful 13 year old daughter missed almost her entire eighth grade year.  She became severely depressed because she could not attend school or be with her friends like a normal child.  Because of Gardasil, she was “One Less” in all aspects of her life. 


She went from being an Academically Gifted student to one who struggled to complete her 8th grade year of school.  She was placed on a modified school plan by her principal who fully backed her because she was an excellent student who had been in the North Carolina Academically Gifted Program since 2nd grade.  Her life became an endless round of hospital and doctor visits with little resolution to the severe pain that she was experiencing.  She was even sent for surgery on her gall bladder at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where a skilled surgeon recognized the symptoms were more than gall bladder dysfunction and thankfully did not operate.  We have spent the past year researching this horrible vaccine and the side effects and treating her with vitamins and medicine.  My daughter is currently being treated by Duke University’s Children’s Hospital and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Brenner’s Children’s Hospital and the bills are now in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Thankfully, I am a manager for Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse in their Corporate Office and have a good insurance policy which has helped cover the costs associated with the effects of Gardasil. 

Lauren’s dates of vaccinations were 2/4/08 (Lot #1448U);  4/16/08 (Lot #1757U);  8/18/08 ( Lot #0067X).


With her second Gardasil vaccination, Lauren also received Varicella 165U and Menactra U2559AA.

Symptoms over this past year and a half have included: enlarged liver, gall bladder attacks, severe nausea, chest pain, severe abdominal pain, severe headaches, brain freezes, stomach ulcer, sensitivity to light.


The horrible realization is that VAERS is not accurate.  Prior to Gardasil, I did not know what VAERS was.  When my daughter became ill, I found out about VAERS by research performed on the internet.  My daughter’s doctors did not even know what it was and they did not file a report until I filed one myself and told them they were obligated by law to file a report.  How can the #’s be accurate if doctors don’t file the reports?  I even had to explain what VAERS is.  Shouldn’t VAERS and the adverse side effects of vaccines be taught in medical school or shouldn’t the doctors receive periodic newsletters from the CDC explaining VAERS and its importance?


The CDC and FDA are not doing their jobs.  If they were, after tens of thousands of people died from Merck’s VIOXX, how was Gardasil so quickly pushed into the marketplace?  Someone with the proper authority needs to research this and get a full understanding as to how this could happen when Merck had already been proven to be at fault for so many deaths. 


Who is protecting the American citizens and our precious children?  How many girls will have to die before someone takes this seriously?  I beg of you to please ensure that this is investigated and that some changes are made to the VAERS reporting system which includes doctors being held responsible for reporting all adverse reactions following vaccinations.  They should not simply brush reports of adverse reactions aside and just referring to them as “she just has a virus.”  A virus would not last for one year, and the doctors do not understand the side effects of the vaccines that they are giving.  It should be mandatory that the doctors fully understand vaccines and their side effects and that they inform the parents UPFRONT of what could happen.


I pray that you consider my comments seriously and recognize that there are many issues which require to be investigated. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 336-838-7578 or email me at RDMATHIS2@CHARTER.NET.



Crissey D Meeks (Raleigh, North Carolina)


My name is Crissey Meeks amd I am 27 years old and I know there are a lot of teenagers dealing with a lot of unexplained symptoms after receiving the Gardasil shot.  I just want to share my experience with them and the world.  People, doctors, parents, and politicians need to be aware of the toxins they are pumping into innocent victims on a daily basis.  Before ever receiving the Gardasil shot I was perfectly normal, I was a young, vibrant, and full of energy woman.  I mean I loved my life and I lived it to the full.  I was your typical over the age of 21 young woman and I was very social, going out and just highly active.


It all started with an abnormal pap smear.  My gynaecologist was to perform a colposcopy and I had the procedure done.  When I came back to the doctor for the results she stated that it would be very beneficial for me to receive the HPV Vaccine.  You know she told me all the things that it would be helpful for me to hear.  How it will prevent cervical cancer, how it was free, and it was basically a win, win situation.  I read the pamphlet and then I made the worst decision of my life.


On 5/11/07 I received the 1st shot of the series.  As soon as it went into my arm I felt a burning sensation going through my arm & my body.  I left the doctor’s office after this and went back to work.  My right arm was so sore, but I figured it was normal to have the pain and swelling.  Little to my knowledge did I realize that my life would change after that.  My right side was extremely sore for over a week.  I had this kind of knot in my arm at the injection site.


Still I just brushed it off as a normal reaction to the vaccination.


6/08/07 I started feeling a little funny.  I couldn’t really explain it.  I felt pain in my stomach, achy all over; I just kept on doing what I was doing.  My brother was leaving for India so I was trying to plan a farewell get together at my house on the 9th.  So I was pretty much running around trying to get things together.  Saturday morning I was up to get started with all the preparations.  I felt horrible and it hurt so bad just to stand upright.  My belly hurt so much and I hadn’t eaten anything since that Friday morning. I just did not have an appetite.  Family & friends started coming. I mean we had food galore. I never touched anything.  My sister noticed I wasn’t eating and I just said I wasn’t hungry.  I was tired and in so much pain.  The next morning I felt worse, but it was Sunday and my usual routine is to go to church.  I remember this like it was yesterday.  I had on my red sleeveless summer dress and I headed for church.  I mean my car was a 5 speed & it about killed me to drive.  I drove slouched over because by then everything hurt.  My head, eyes, arms, legs, abdomen, it felt like I was falling apart.  I sat in church in agony and I couldn’t even get up to put my offering in the basket.  I left church and went to my mother’s house as we always gather at her house after church.  She made my favorite roast and lemon cake, but I never said a word to anyone, I just sat in the chair in pure pain.  I really do not let people know when I feel bad as I do not want anyone feeling sorry for me.  I stayed at her house for about 30 minutes and then I simply got up walked outside and left.  I didn’t say good bye, I was leaving, nothing.  I just didn’t want to be around anyone.  Once I made it home I just cried.  I could not even take off my dress.  I finally called my mom around 10p.m. and told her how bad I felt.  She said to call my brother so he could take me to the ER.  But going there is a last resort for me as you have to drag me to the hospital.  I just lay on the couch and cried.


The next morning I tried getting it together to go to work. I still felt the same way but I pushed myself to go.  I sat at my desk slouched over, dizzy, feeling like crap. I think I stayed 30 minutes.  I called my family practice physician, they told me to come in that day.  I arrived at the surgery and they really did not know what was wrong with me.  I was thinking that they would at least make me feel a little better but unfortunately no.  They drew blood and put me out of work for the week.  I get my results back and they say I need to go and see a specialist (Rheumatologist) and so I did that.  They do the exact same thing as before, run tests and draw blood.  So I stay out of work for another week.  Once they got the results back they tell me I have Lupus.  So I accept their diagnosis as I figured that had to be my problem.  He said the condition was controllable.


7/19/07 I go back to my gynaecologist to get the next shot. Still oblivious that this was the reason I was sick in the first place.  I have the same symptoms after the fact, but by now I am having these trembles. I have never had this before in my life.  In certain periods of time my arm or my legs just start to shake.  I still just brushed it off, even although it was not normal for me to do this.  I still have the joint and muscle pain, headaches, sensitivity to sunlight, but I am still trying to live my life.  I am not active at all and I don’t want to do anything and I am complaining about everything. My whole attitude has changed.  It seems I am angry all the time, forgetting the simplest things.


10/18/07 I go and get my last shot. The gynaecologist was on vacation but her nurse rendered my shot.  Now I received my Gardasil in one arm and my Depo shot in the other. I thought it was crazy to get both of these shots at the same time.  But I am the patient.  I did not know that I was not supposed to receive more than one vaccination at a time.  So now I have both arms in pain.  But still I never put two and two together.  Now it’s December 2008. and I am still going through the same thing, only I started getting worse.  I figured it was a part of my Lupus so I went to my physician again for advice as I was just in pain everyday.  Medicine wasn’t working and I was taking a hot bath everyday.  Everything I did made me feel tired and I have an attitude that is off the hook.  My back hurts, my neck hurts, I also have trembles, tingling, headaches, and dizzy spells.  But I went to the doctor and they ran tests and took x-rays.  When she got my blood work back she said everything was normal other than my WBC was low.  My chest x-ray showed something so I ended up having to get a CT scan and this did not identify any problem.  I went back to the doctor and I have had a muscle enzyme test, in which it was highly elevated showing I have inflammation in my muscles.  My WBC went back to normal but my iron levels have decreased.  So now I am on iron pills.  I have been tested for everything under the sun.  When I started the vaccine my menstrual cycle changed and I have not had my period in over a year.  Since September 2008, my cycle has been going crazy.  I have anger issues that I really cannot control sometimes.  It’s just like I am a whole different person than the person I was before 5/11/07.  I have bursts of anger towards everyone.  No one is excluded from my rage.  At one point in time I thought I was just crazy.  I just want to go back to the old Crissey and I push myself everyday.  Sometimes I feel like I am alone in this.  I know something is wrong with me, but when you cannot even get the doctors to admit that it is from this vaccine then where do you go?  What do you do?  I once was happy about my life, even when things weren’t all that great.  Now it’s like I am in this depression that I cannot get out of.  The worry, the stress, it’s just too much sometimes.


02/19/09 – Today I am still going to the doctor on a regular basis for everything.  I go to several doctors now.  I get diagnosed with this and with that.  Take pills for this and that.  Before the shots I was healthy, I did not have any medical issues and I was very active. Now it’s like I am just a whole different person.  I was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I have ulcers in my stomach & intestines.  I go through memory lapses when I forget things.  My food does not digest so I go long periods without having a bowel movement.  I have had ultrasounds, MRI’s, you name it.  I push myself and keep going because I have a 9 year old daughter that I want to see get older.  When I look at her it keeps me going.


(Email address:



*Brittney Fiste (Ohio)


I want to introduce you to another young woman and her name is Brittney.  She has been suffering from the side effects of Gardasil.  I had the privilege to meet Brittney in September 2008.  She was lying on the couch covered up with a blanket and she needs to wear dark glasses because light hurts her eyes terribly. What I saw was a very upbeat young woman with a twinkle in her eyes when she took off her dark glasses briefly for me.  I also witnessed one of her seizures.  She has gotten so used to them that she knows when one is coming most of the time.  Brittney is suffering with constant pain, seizures, nausea, weakness and dizziness and needs a wheelchair to get around.  This young woman is a warrior in my opinion. She is doing the best she can to not let this get her down.  She fights everyday and night, 24/7.  Her wish is for doctors to stop giving the vaccine so others do not become like her.


Brittney received her first shot in June of 2007 and her second in August of 2007.


This is what her mother wrote to me about Brittney's side effects.  This is but one paragraph from a very long letter.


“The adverse reactions began slowly, a fainting spell within 24 hours for no reason, then an odd occurrence a few days later  - she was on a date and suddenly couldn't move or speak though her eyes remained open and she could hear.  A floating sensation came over her, then slowly she began to lose consciousness.  This lasted about five to eight minutes. Her date thought she had died.  After she came to, she thought the whole episode was somehow related to her fibromyalgia in a new way.  Nothing like it had ever happened before to her.  One week later, Britt was with a group of friends at an amusement park when her legs suddenly gave out, hammering pain ran up and down her thighs and calves.  This lasted about 15 minutes, and it ended as abruptly as it came on.  None of this made any sense when taken as isolated incidents  - but I kept track of all of them since they made me very concerned.   The leg pain would come and go the rest of the summer, but in a much less intense manner.”


You can read Brittney's dad's letter to me here to see what a father goes through when their child is suffering. 


UPDATE: Brittney is finally able to use crutches and a walker to get around.  Family is hoping that the wheelchair will eventually be a thing of the past when she is able to get braces.



Brooke McFarland (Cincinnati, Ohio)


My daughter had her Gardasil shots on 22nd January 2009( Lot #0650X) and 11th June 2009 (Lot #0558X).  Her first experience with an ER visit was on 16th July 2009 when we had to take her to Mercy Mt. Airy, Cincinnati and this was followed by a visit to our family doctor the following day.  He sent Brooke to see a series of heart doctors firstly at Christ Hospital, Cincinnati and then to a third doctor for a second opinion.  As stated below, she has been diagnosed with this heart condition.


Brooke is a 21 year old College student who was active, athletic and full of energy before receiving the Gardasil vaccinations.  She was happy go lucky with her whole life ahead of her until she started fainting for no reason. We have had many tests carried out, including CAT scans , blood work, EEG, EKG, HEART MONITOR you name it and she has had it. The doctors say that she has Neurocardiogenic Syncope which is a problem with the brain not communicating with the heart.  The doctors are talking about her needing a pacemaker.  She has passed out in the tub, driveway, hallway, bathroom floor and it is frightening to find her like that. We are just hoping she will not get hurt or worse from the fall.


She is supposed to start back to College in September but we are not sure what will happen as she cannot drive for fear of passing out.   Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help this cause. Our lives are on HOLD and we are HOLDING our breath.  We need someone to listen to us as our daughters are getting badly damaged from this vaccine.


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*Danielle Nicosia (Pennsylvania)


“This story is about my daughter Danielle and the effects Gardasil has had on her.”


“My daughter Danielle is 23 years old. October of 2007 she received the 2nd Gardasil vaccine and shortly after became very ill. She experiences migraines, saying her brain hurts, passing out (syncope), numbness in hands and feet, tingling, limbs contracting, hands like claws, seizures, rolling eyes, foaming from mouth, confusion, heart palpitations. She has been hospitalized 9 times since January of 2008, 3 hospitals, 4 neurologists, she has had EEG's, TEE, lumbar puncture, MRI, MRA, CT, CTA, everything is normal. She also now goes into a regression. Sometimes unable to walk, speak, see, hear. She passes out every day since last year. She is on medical leave from college, no quality of life whatsoever. “


“Danielle has developed hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, vitamin D deficient, her liver enzymes are shot, her adrenal glands are off as well as her hormones. She gained 40 lbs from all the meds she was put on and the seizure medication has affected her brain”.  “Needless to say, we are devastated and heartbroken. Danielle was just a few credits shy of graduation and her life is on hold. So this has been a battle for over a year now. Her gynecologist is no longer giving out the vaccine.”  “Where do we go from here?  We have to fight to get this off the market.”


“With love from me a mother who is truly desperate, please,  please can you help.......”


Victoria Ventimiglia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


My daughter, Victoria, has been ill since February 2008.  She had her first Gardasil vaccination November 2007.   Her second vaccination was in the beginning of February 2008.  Immediately after this, Victoria experienced severe diarrhea and was nauseous for about eight weeks.  Initially doctors thought she had a virus but on March 31, 2008, she had her first seizure. My daughter has been treated by many neurologists, all of whom have not related her seizures to Gardasil.  My daughter has had CT scans, MRI's, MRA's, EEG's, blood work and was hospitalized at an epilepsy center in the video EEG Monitoring Unit for two separate weeks in May 2008 and September 2008. She was put on many different seizure medications. After the normal EEG results, she has been taken off all medications.


My daughter has been seen by several neurologists, a psychiatrist, psychologist, several neuropsychologists, an immunologist, several infectious disease doctors, and also treated at a Wellness Center for a period of time.  Doctors at this Center believe that Victoria may have Lyme disease that was dormant but which was triggered by the Gardasil vaccine but this has not been confirmed by any other medical doctors.  My daughter currently experiences the following symptoms: non-epileptic seizures, migraines, fainting, tremors, twitches, numbness, intermittent leg paralysis and facial paralysis, tingling, staring or blank episodes, eye pain, joint pain, neck pain, back pain, memory loss, confusion, brain fog, regression, mood swings and chronic fatigue.  These symptoms are experienced by many other girls who have had the Gardasil vaccination.  She continues to have bouts of nausea and diarrhea.  She has not been in school since April 2008.  My daughter can never be left home alone.  She can't go to school, go out with her friends or work or has little "normalcy" in her life. She has very few good days and always says she doesn't feel well.  Our security at home has had to be increased as Victoria gets confused after a seizure, or when she has memory loss, and can leave the house without our knowledge and “goes missing”.  She also has to be supervised while showering in case she should take a bad turn.


Each day, I cry and wonder if Victoria will be the next one to die from adverse reactions to Gardasil.


Thank you for your time and attention.


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*Mikaela Tindell (Tennessee)


This girl's name is Mikaela and she was 10 years old when she received her first Gardasil shot.  Before the shot she was a healthy and active young girl.  Mikaela received her first shot in July of 2007 and in two weeks had a rash on her face, neck and chest and facial swelling.  She received the next doses in September of 2007 and January of 2008.


Presently Mikaela is suffering from fatigue, nausea, stomach pain, migraine headaches and has been diagnosed with PCOS.  Her periods stopped shortly after the vaccine.  This young girl struggles every day with fatigue and pain but still maintains a B average in school even though she misses a lot of school days.


This girl's mother, as at original date of writing this piece, was the moderator of a group called Let's Talk About Gardasil.





Ainsley Bailey (Plano, Texas)


My 17 year old daughter, with prompting from her new adolescent pediatrician, received the first Gardasil vaccine on 4/23/09.  She was told the side effects were: pain and redness at the injection site and possible fainting so she would need to stay in the office for 15 minutes following the injection.


The next day, 4/24/09 she began having symptoms of dizziness, nausea and abdominal pain. On the 5th day of symptoms, we called the pediatrician and she said that it could not be due to the Gardasil because it was too long past the injection and she felt it was viral.  So we waited. The longer the vaccine was in her system, the sicker she became.  We called the doctor again in June because the symptoms had progressed to include: numbness and tingling to feet, joint pain, muscle weakness so severe that she needed me to support her to walk, stabbing pain to her back, headaches, stabbing pain to her feet, skin sensitivity, brain fog, chest pain, shortness of breath, racing pulse, extreme fatigue, visual disturbances and severe pain with movement.  We saw the pediatrician on 6/3/09 and she referred us to Dr. Steven Linder, Neurologist, Medical City Hospital in Plano.  We saw him on 6/8/09 and he diagnosed her extreme foot pain as peripheral neuropathy which was a result of the Gardasil vaccine. She was started on Prednisone to treat the extreme inflammatory process going on in her body and the neuropathy.

She was seen in the ER on 6/16/09 due to severe chest pain, shortness of breath and nerve pain to feet and arms. EKG's, CXR, blood drawn.  After 4 hours in ER, she was given 2 Tylenol and sent home.  They did not know what was causing the problems because test came back normal.

Symptoms continued daily until 7/10 when she had about 10 good days.  The symptoms slowly returned. We sought the help from several different doctors who had little else to offer because they did not know how to deal with Gardasil side effects.  We consulted a chiropractor on 7/30 and treatment was begun.  Once again, Ainsley has had about 10 good days but slowly the symptoms are re-occurring.  Today she is suffering from dizziness, foot pain and extreme fatigue.

This should be her senior year in high school and she is being home schooled due to the unpredictability of her health.  That is what Gardasil has done to my daughter.

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Kelly E McFarland (Leesburg, Virginia)

Kelly was a healthy, athletic girl until she had mononucleosis at the age of 15½ in May of 2006.   By December 2006, she had almost recovered and her pediatrician recommended Gardasil.  Her dates of vaccinations were 12/15/2006 (Lot 0637F); 2/15/2007 (Lot 0186U) and her final vaccination was on 6/2/2007 (Lot 0522U).  My daughter’s illnesses have covered a three year period and she has still not recovered.  Kelly’s symptoms during this period of time have included:  Immediately Urinary tract infections – 5; Upper respiratory trait infection, strep throat 3 times, progressing to joint pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, irregular but very painful periods, memory loss, moodiness, anger, occasional slurred speech, 2 bumps growing under the skin on her face, insomnia, panic attacks, runny nose all the time (had no allergies previously), body temperature issues, gastrointestinal issues and night sweats.  Kelly was diagnosed with Posterial Orthostatic Tachacardia Syndrome (POTS) in April 2009.


Kelly’s days are all the same, she wakes up and is in pain all day long – joint, neck, shins, knees and her body is sensitive to touch.  She cannot take a shower and lift her arm over her head, walking upstairs causes her heart to race and she cannot get to sleep without medication.  Her sleeping pattern has been completely altered and she can sleep two days in a row.  If she is not vomiting or having diarrhea with a stomach upset, then she is constipated.  Her concentration levels are poor and Kelly cannot sit down and read a book, which she always used to enjoy.  She is constantly exhausted and this is just not the young girl I used to have.


Up until May 5, 2006, Kelly was a healthy, active 15½ year old teenager getting A’s and B’s in school and playing volleyball in national tournaments.  Kelly had to give up volleyball because of her chronic illness and in February 2009 had to medically withdraw from college due to medical disability.


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Kristyn Allen (Gig Harbor, Washington State, formerly South Carolina)


My daughter was a happy, healthy 16 year old before Gardasil.  This vaccine was literally pushed on us during a routine doctor visit.  The doctor strongly advised getting this vaccine.  She made it out to be the best thing to do for my daughter.  She said there were NO side effects and this would prevent her from getting a whole list of things including cervical cancer and genital warts.  


Almost immediately after getting the first 2 vaccines, my daughter started having a whole list of problems. Kristyn’s symptoms included back pain, numbness in both legs and left arm, headaches, pressure behind eyes, neck pain, racing heart, chest pains, stomach pains, difficulty breathing, weakness, dizziness, tingling in left arm and both legs, jerking movements in legs and arms.  I took her to several doctors including the emergency room – Mary Black Hospital, Spartanburg, SC.  The hospital ran all sorts of tests including a CT scan.  Everything would come back normal.  I should also add that she was given the Menactra vaccine (U2606AA) at the same time as the Gardasil vaccination (0279X and 0653X).


She continued to have problems.  It was only after having the second vaccine that I found out about the side effects that other girls were having.  I immediately started researching.  


The guilt was overwhelming.  My once happy and healthy 16 year old had become a very sick girl.  She was an A/B student but was now failing her 10th grade year.  She did fail and is now having to re-take the 10th grade.  She still has a list of problems.  

She threw her birth control in the trash because she didn’t want anything in her system.  She was so sick.  Two weeks later, she found out she was pregnant.  Now, not only are we having to deal with the after effects of this horrible vaccine, but now the baby is in danger.


This vaccine has completely changed our lives.  My daughter is scared every day that she will be another 'one less' living.  Merck should be ashamed!!!! Our daughters are NOT guinea pigs for the big pharmaceutical companies!!


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Rachel Long (Walworth, Wisconsin)

Gardasil has adversely affected my life.  I am a teacher and I can’t tell you how many times I have had to run out the door after receiving a phone call from her high school telling me this is one of those times I have to come, only to find her leaning against a locker in the hallway having a seizure.  During her seizures she stops breathing for periods of 30 to 40 seconds, the hard part is wondering if this is going to be the time she doesn’t start breathing again.  It has been a long hard road, with more worries to come, will she ever be able to drive, work or go away to college?  How do I send her away, who will be there to help my darling daughter?


Rachel (the one with the head wrap) and her sister Tori.


Rachel has several symptoms including numbness and tingling in her fingers and toes, fatigue and she has a really hard time falling asleep.  She also suffers from UTI’s, ovarian cysts, she is moody and has trouble getting out of bed and she has seizures.  Rachel has had upwards of 150 seizures following her third shot in June of 2008.  Her other two shots were given in August 2007 and January 2008.  Rachel was a very healthy young girl, aged 14, and full of life before ever having the Gardasil vaccinations.  Now she is a very sick young girl who I desperately worry about.  I know in my heart that she would not be sick today if she had not been vaccinated with Gardasil.  We have had a diagnosis of Neurocardiogenic Syncope and seizures.


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Samantha Hendrix (Port Orange, Florida)


Our lives have been turned upside down after Gardasil.  My daughter had a 3.8 GPA without even trying and she has failed all her classes since having this vaccination. Prior to having the Gardasil shots my daughter had serious health problems and had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes; allergies to pollen, tree, smoke, grass, tobacco, fragrance and dust and dust mites.  She also suffers from Blounts disease and at the age of 12 was diagnosed as having Poly Cystic Ovary syndrome and was put on birth control pills to stop the excessive bleeding.  This is no longer a problem as my daughter has not had a menstrual cycle since receiving her first shot in November 2007 – early menopause perhaps.   My daughter’s health has been in serious decline since she received her Gardasil injections at the age of 14.  Within hours she was vomiting, feverish with a terrible headache.  She could not get out of bed for almost 3 weeks.  I called the doctor regarding her illness and she said she must have received a bad flu shot.  She was vaccinated with Gardasil at the same time as the flu vaccine.  She now passes out with any exertion; a simple walk will put her out.  She suffers from weakness in her both legs.  Soon after the second shot she was crying because her feet were hurting and she was diagnosed later with peripheral neuropathy – right foot on 4/09/08 and left foot on 5/22/08.    She could barely walk and was put in 2 com casts to keep her feet from hurting.  Samantha also is experiencing more then 4 migraines a month now.  She did have continual migraines for almost 3 weeks before they started to taper off.    She faints and loses the ability to use her legs.  This has happened many times then it’s followed by a 3 day migraine.  I attribute these bizarre symptoms and her illness to the Gardasil vaccine.  This is a human experiment on our daughters and they have been injured. 


Everyday when I wake up I am afraid that my daughter will be dead.  I don’t want any other mother to go through what the Gardasil mothers are going through.  She has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and has been put on a CPAP, diabetes2, degenerative disc disease and loss of peripheral vision in her left eye and peripheral neuropathy in both feet.  She is still not any better 2 years later.


Samantha’s symptoms after having the vaccinations are many from paralysis in arm which fortunately was temporary, to fainting once or twice weekly since third vaccination, with slurred speech and loss of feeling in her legs.  Menstrual cycle changes, blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision in one eye and fatigue that is so bad she can hardly move.  To compound all of this, she has aching muscles and is in a lot of pain daily and has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in both feet.  In addition, she has brain fog and from once being the brightest kid on the block, a walking encyclopaedia she has often been called, she has great difficulty in remembering things, in concentrating for any length of time and is not the young academic she once was before Gardasil. 


Something has damaged my daughter and her school records would confirm her scholastic skills before being vaccinated.


Samantha’s last ER visit was on August 25, 2009.  She had lower leg paralysis for more then 3 hours.  This has been an unrelenting symptom since her last vaccine.  I could not tell you how many times we have been to the ER.  It would make you sick.  I did take her to her paediatrician, Dr. Kathleen Santi, Halifax Family Health, I wanted her to see the paralysis in her legs.  She refused to see her.  She told me to take her to the emergency room.   I could not believe that she would not even look at her.  Samantha has been her patient since 2003.  I was very offended by this.   Gardasil did this to my daughter and how many kids have to be injured or killed by this vaccine before some action is taken?


The Gardasil vaccine was not studied for administration with the flu vaccine.  However my daughter received both on the same day.  Samantha as you can see had a medical history of serious illnesses before being vaccinated and now her conditions have increased and she is left with very little quality of life. 


She was sick before now she is seriously sick following the vaccinations.  It could be said that the two vaccines together were too much for her system but other moms’ children have suffered severe illnesses, including seizures and only receiving Gardasil.  The point I am making, Samantha with her medical history should never have been vaccinated with Gardasil.  Perhaps you could take the time to find out if Merck ever carried out any trials with Gardasil on impaired immune responses.  I know that in the case of the sister vaccine, Cervarix, no such research was carried out by GlaxoSmithKline on this important area and young people are becoming ill in the UK as well.  Samantha had many medical complaints prior to vaccination, now she is an invalid, in great pain and lives in fear, as do we all, that she will become paralysed.  This is as a result of her being vaccinated and there has been a certain amount of neglect in this case, as there has been in many of the other cases.  All we ask as moms, please someone listen and do something about this before any more young people are harmed by this terrible vaccine.


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These papers have been respectfully written on behalf of all the families who have been afflicted by the Gardasil vaccine.  We are all indebted to Freda Birrell from Scotland for her tireless work in preparing this material.  Freda in turn is indebted to Rosemary Mathis, NC, Roberta Boyce, NC and to Leslie Botha, Colorado, Women’s Health Educator, Radio Talk Show Host, Internationally Recognized Expert on Women’s Hormone Cycles for all their expert advice, help and comments – a merging of two great countries, Scotland and America for the good of all.


The information marked with an * has been provided by kind courtesy of Cynthia Janak, research journalist and founder and president of the International Coalition of Advocates for the People.