Swine flu vaccine 2009   Allergies

N1H1 and acute pollen allergies

Posted by Gary Galligan on June 26, 2010 at 7:30 pm

I received the N1H1 flu vaccine shot in mid December 2009 as part of the normal Canadian vaccination protical. I had no adverse reactions to the vaccine til now, June, 2010, 6 months later. I have developed pollen allergies which I have never had before in my life. I have lived in the same place for the past 6 years and have no health issues. Now I suffer from acute pollen allergies which cause head ache, body aches & pain, inflamed swollen sinuses, caugh & sore throat. I have had these simptoms for aprox. 6 weeks and it is not a cold or the flu. The only change to my (immune) system is the H1N1 vaccine that I received 6 months ago. Corelation, cause, & effect!