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4,000 goats die in China after vaccination

Beijing, June 15 (IANS) Over 4,000 goats have died in eastern China after they received goat-pox vaccine, Xinhua reported Wednesday.

The incident took place in Rudong county of Jiangsu province. The goats developed symptoms of tearing and fading appetite two or three days after the vaccination and suffered diarrhoea the following week, officials said.

None of the common medications proved effective in this case, the local administration said in a statement.

Wang Qingyi, director of the veterinary station in Rudong, said factors ranging from the vaccines’ quality, weather changes, feeding management to a new pathogen could be behind the deaths.

The provincial agricultural bureau has dispatched a group of experts to look into the cause of the deaths.

Goat-pox is a highly infectious disease characterized by fever, lacrimation, salivation, nasal discharge and eruptions of nodules in the skin and can have a high fatality rate.