Immune System re vaccination

The Great Divide: spanning the chasm between truth and egregious lies

by Shawn Siegel

MAY 25, 2014

The Great Divide

There’s not a mother alive who, once having ALL the available information, would allow anyone to vaccinate her child. A primary function of the bulk of the immune system, virtually always bypassed by injecting vaccines, is precisely to preclude such intrusions into the bloodstream.

Every vaccine is dangerous. Look at any picture of a child – in his or her nose, mouth, throat, the entire digestive tract, the respiratory and urogenital tracts and on the surface of the skin, there is an elegant, highly evolved immune system, designed to greet virtually all toxins and potentially pathogenic organisms – to eliminate them directly (1), or biochemically alter or change them (2), before they gain access to the bloodstream. Food proteins are broken down by the digestive process into their short-chain amino acids before entering the bloodstream, or food allergies and progressively much worse, chronic disorders can result (3). In its wildest imagination, medical science couldn’t hope to duplicate that process, and intramuscular injection of vaccines, which contain all of the above – disease antigens, neurotoxins and food proteins (4), not to mention unknown contaminants – assaults it. To vaccine proponents, it’s as though the biological reality, all that biochemical, metabolic immune busywork that kicks into gear upon natural exposure, to extract everything beneficial and eliminate or mitigate toxic intrusion into the circulatory system, can simply be overlooked, with no consequence. It’s as though there would be no consequence if air were injected directly into the bloodstream, instead of going through the respiratory process, where the oxygen is biologically extracted and passed on to blood cells.

Ironically, the only reason the paradigm continues is because the insult is so egregious. If after a vaccination your arm immediately atrophied, folks would get the point. Instead, many of the most often realized immediate and, in reality, alarming adverse effects are temporary, thus relatively easy to pass off simply as commonplace, and not worrisome, while the bulk of vaccine injury is autoimmune or neurological in nature, and typically well delayed from the fact of the vaccination. That delay is a weapon in the hands of the vaccine industry. It’s difficult for a lay parent, uneducated in the nature of vaccine adversity, to relate a reaction that displays even a few days after a vaccination, let alone a few weeks, to the vaccine itself, especially when, despite reams of information in available medical literature to the contrary, doctors themselves discount the connection. Meanwhile, immunologists tell us that it can take months, and even years, for adjuvant-induced autoimmune diseases to display (5); lupus, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, blood disorders, arthritis, Guillain-Barré, encephalitis; autistic encephalitis (6).

That delay is the Great Divide, the temporal chasm separating the harsh reality of vaccination – the intentionally aberrant stimulation and defiance of such innate, embedded, essential capabilities as the natural mucosal immune system and the cauldron of digestive process – from widespread awareness of its consequences.

Look around, however, and the consequences are obvious, for what we have is herd autoimmunity. The incidence of autoimmune and neurological disorders in the U.S., many of them seriously debilitating, some of them ultimately fatal, dwarfs the incidence of mortality or injury from infectious disease. The aluminum salt adjuvants in vaccines, by the current vaccination schedule administered sixteen times to a child before the age of two (7), have been tied in various studies to both autoimmune and neurological disorders (8)(9). Toxicologist Dr. Victor Vaughn testified to the FTC that aluminum salts are poisonous when injected (10). Adjuvants are used by researchers to study autoimmunity, because when injected into lab animals they trigger rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases (11).

Mercury is still present and accounted for in multi-dose vials of flu vaccine (4), in full, preservative concentration, and most of the shots administered are from those vials – they’re cheaper per shot, thus more likely to be stocked by doctors, and the majority of vaccine recipients simply aren’t aware of the tremendous difference in mercury concentration, single dose versus multi. In TV coverage of a flu shot clinic held at an elementary school last winter, every kid was given a shot from a multi-dose vial. No doubt, the parents were denied any notification or meaningful warning of the mercury content. Mercury is present in trace amounts in several other vaccines, but while the CDC characterizes a trace as a…biologically unpersuasive…amount, there truly are no known lower safety limits for injected toxins. Nor could there be, since every child is individual, with unique genetics, unique metabolism, unique exposure history and diet – there’s absolutely no way to accurately predict what any child’s reaction will be, so the precautionary principle alone precludes injecting it. Moreover, at one point some years ago, a public health advocate website sent four vaccine samples to a lab for analysis; two of the samples were labeled as containing a trace of thimerosal, two as containing none, but mercury was detected in all four samples (12). While there was a significantly lower concentration in the samples ostensibly containing no thimerosal, again: there are no known lower safety limits for injected toxins.

Aluminum and mercury work in synergy – their combined neurotoxicity is many times greater than the sum of their individual threats (13) – and at six months of age there are literally millions of babies given both in essence simultaneously, at a vaccination schedule compliance surveillance session, euphemistically labeled a wellness visit, which includes both the flu shot and several other vaccines. At eighteen months, it’s repeated (7).

In the U.S., mortality from infectious disease was down in the single digits per 100,000 in the general population well before the vaccines were introduced (14). Given good nutrition and healthy living condition, the vast majority of people who develop infectious diseases come out unscathed, recovered to normal health (15). Meanwhile, 1 in 6 kids has a learning disorder, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, asthma, potentially life-threatening allergies, are all skyrocketing when compared with the incidence only a few decades ago. The recent official announcement of the autism rate was 1 in 68, but the database used to calculate that number was from several years ago, already outdated. There’s been no sign of a plateau, and if the current rate of annual increase continues unabated, in only three years 1 in 10 boys will be diagnosed on the autism spectrum(16). Five years later it’ll be 1 in 5 boys, and about 1 in 25 girls. The CDC is well aware of the apparently uncontrollable tide, yet each time the number is updated feigns surprise, or apparent lack of concern, or we see yet another spate of research, such as a recent study linking autism to environmental factors in the womb – but always with careful, deliberate avoidance of any mention of vaccines as even a possible causal factor.

When you consider the possible outcome only two generations down the line, the effect in every way imaginable of the inexorable degradation of the nation’s physical health and mental acuity is beyond description. Tsunami doesn’t even do it justice. If a nation’s very ability to achieve degrades, it ultimately cannot survive. There are undoubtedly many factors, from the psychotropics dripping from us into our water supply, to genetically modified foods that have then had the nutrients processed out of them. But there’s only one direct injury to the natural function of the immune system, and that’s vaccination – intramuscular injection – with its accompanying mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, cell cultures from human fetuses, polysorbate 80, neomycin, MSG, ethanol, food proteins and unknown contaminants. There’s an ingredient in three of the available flu vaccines (4), Triton X-100, the information for which on the manufacturer’s website (17) includes the following hazard statement (18):

H302: Harmful if swallowed / Acute toxicity, oral

This is madness, to routinely inject a substance acutely toxic when ingested, bypassing the very reactions designed to protect the bloodstream from such a threat. Were the toxin ingested, the most immediate immune reaction would likely be elimination, from the stomach or the bowels, possibly through rash, and the like. Other metabolic processes would continue, including at least partial detoxification by the liver, before the substance entered the circulatory system. Vaccination deposits vaccine ingredients directly into the capillary beds of the muscles, from which they’re quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

The now routine vaccination of pregnant women with both the flu and Tdap vaccines is a relatively recent but definitive muddying of the waters. As likely as not that those women are receiving flu shots from multidose vials, which contain 25 mcg of mercury per dose, and the Tdap carries its own toxic load; aluminum, formaldehyde and more. It’s well known that the fetus can be catastrophically affected by maternal toxins passed to the umbilical cord, through the placenta. This was demonstrated fifty years ago by Minamata disease; mercury poisoning from fish heavily contaminated by waste water from a chemical plant in Minamata, Japan. Some infants were born with it – and, in a bizarre twist of fate, the pregnant mothers were less affected, having passed the toxic mercury on to their babies. (19)(20). It’s obfuscatory enough when vaccines are administered within hours of birth, precluding a before and after picture; precluding a memory of the normal child when things go wrong. We are now fostering neurological damage in the unborn, as well.

The immune system functions on a molecular level, but I liken it to an automobile engine: vaccination’s like sifting a handful of detritus into the carburetor, on the wrong side of the fuel filter, and expecting the car to run better as a result – and when later that day or the next morning the engine sputters, or stalls, or dies, your mechanic, who not only advised but insisted on the procedure in the first place, tells you assuredly that there’s no connection; to bring the car back in, for additional repair – for this unexpected, new problem. As a realistic mechanical scenario, it’s obviously preposterous, but as it relates to vaccination, it’s an all too accurate analogy. Where there should be discernment and recognition of the possibility of causative relation between the procedure and its consequences, there is instead that divide, that chasm, that erosion, that space created by the delay in display of vaccine-induced autoimmune and neurological disorders, the constant mainstream of misinformation and the withholding of so much critical information, now littered, like some macabre landfill, with the unwarranted fear of disease, the ceaseless falsity of the myth of vaccine safety and efficacy, and the social coercion of the absurdity that is the idea of herd immunity through vaccination.

About the author: Shawn Siegel has enough common sense to recognize a con game when he sees one, thus was compelled to begin researching after discovering that immediately following the release of the polio vaccine the CDC radically changed the definition of the disease. He now hosts a weekly radio/internet show, The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, on the Logos Radio Network. – See more at:  – See more at:

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