Hepatitis b vaccine reaction

2009 June

I am a 48 year old ex paediatric nurse...ex because i lost my job due to ill health following 3 hepatitis b vaccine boosters. I am now 9 years down the line with what would appear to be progressive autoimmune disease........medical diagnosis...... CFS secondary to hepatitis b vaccine damage. No hope for a cure or even any relief! i'm sure this is a familiar story to you all.
Anyway, along with some fellow sufferers we have been lobbying the goverment. Firstly we have had an Early Day Motion tabled (1646 Payment for workers damaged by vaccines). Could any of you please contact your MP and ask them to sign this EDM? we have had a variety of refusals....among them...from a MP!!! what will this cost the tax payer!!!.
Secondly, we wish to put together a campaign to force/convince (haha) the drug companies who produce vaccines, to pay a small premium (50 pence- 1 has been suggested) into a trust fund. Then if you find you or your child have been damaged by a vaccine, then you will be able to apply to this trust fund for compensation. Money is not a cure.....but it does give your family security while you do the caring.
Please feel free to contact me.....if the goverment/drug company figures of 0.2% of people will have an adverse reaction are true, they don't have much to worry about!

irene http://www.jabs.org.uk/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4232