JULY 1998

Approximately 15000 people belonging to 15 associations will be represented in a Paris court in a hearing against the people responsible for the Hepatitis B vaccine. Only a part of this text is yet translated into English (more will follow) and it is only people living in French territory who can file similar pleas. Please contact the webmaster if you can offer help with this or other translations.

A plea has been accepted for hearing by the Chief of Examining Magistrates in Paris from 17 associations and 10 individuals. Anyone who is in a position to file a similar plea can help this case by adding to the numbers. In filing such a plea, you (or you on behalf of your children) must state that you live in France; that you have been vaccinated following misleading information (on the value of the vaccine, on its associated risks, on the legal obligation to accept it), and/or that you have suffered from a reaction to the vaccine; or that (not having accepted the vaccine) you have been subjected to pressure to accept it using misinformation or exaggerated publicized material. etc.
If you need more details please contact the president of the LNPLV : Jean-Marie Mora

The plea appears below. The French National League for Liberty in Vaccination, together with Christian COTTEN of the European Network for Life Politics, the instigator of this action, join with other associations which today represent more than 15000 people.

The act of filing your plea will entitle you to a hearing from the P.J. who welcomes your input, and that of all others in the same situation.

Our legal representatives are Maîtres POGAM and LOCATELLI who are already involved with the issue of HIV-contaminated blood.