Hilary Butler documenting HIB, then Prevnar now MRSA

New Zealand must cancel the implementation of Prevnar, TODAY

Hilary Butler documenting HIB, then Prevnar now MRSA

Brilliant Hilary! And so tragic!

Started with HIB vaccine and then Prevnar, now we have MRSA
Just what many of us have been saying all along -nature abhors a vacuum.
Suppress one and another will arise.
From: "Hilary Butler" <butler@watchdog.net.nz>

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A couple of weeks ago, Ninetonoon did a programme about how wonderful
Prevnar is, and how lots of countries are using it, and that’s why we
should too.

Well, take your pick. Wednesday’s issue of JAMA details that this time,
the bug might have bit them right back on the backside. Use Prevnar, get a
new MRSA = dead children. This is what the public gets, when they sit back
and trust the medical profession, and when the questions they ask, do not
get answered in any meaningful way. (see letter to Dr Marc Lipsitch – the
answers were unsatisfactory and I’ve not pdf’d them)


In the new study, Fridkin and his colleagues analyzed data collected in
California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, New York,
Oregon and Tennessee, identifying 5,287 cases of invasive MRSA infection
and 988 deaths in 2005. The researchers calculated that MRSA was striking
31.8 out of every 100,000 Americans, which translates to 94,360 cases and
18,650 deaths nationwide. In comparison, complications from the AIDS virus
killed about 12,500 Americans in 2005.

In the second paper, Michael E. Pichichero and Janet R. Casey of the
University of Rochester in New York documented the emergence of an
antibiotic-resistant strain of another bacterium known as Streptococcus
pneumoniae, which causes common ear infections. Although all 11 children
identified in the Rochester area with the microbe so far were successfully
treated, five required an antibiotic approved only for adults, and one
child was left with permanent hearing loss.

The researchers attributed the emergence of the strain to a combination of
the overuse of antibiotics and the introduction of a vaccine that protects
against the infection.

"The use of the vaccine created an ecological vacuum, and that combined
with excessive use of antibiotics to create this new superbug," Pichichero

So will Pete Hodgson let New Zealand parents welcome this new ecological
niche into New Zealand, and act all surprised when in a few years, kiddies
drop dead because they can’t be treated?

You all realise, of course, that this was started by the use of the Hib

I attach for you a pdf containing a letter sent by me to Bill Birch in
1993, and USA’s foremost expert on this topic, Marc Lipsitch in April 2006,
with an extract from the infectious disease journal, and the revelant IAS
waves newsletter giving Bill Birch’s reply.

[I have uploaded to my webpages - address for these letters is
It is a very large PDF file and will download very slow if you are only on

It is with no satisfaction that I send this.

This does nothing other than confirm my long held convictions that what I
said in 1993 was correct, and that while many of us could see it coming,
mere mothers and Dr Tony Morris were considered luddites.

All I can say is God help the children in the future.