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DPT vaccine:

Severe brain damage:
"Does whooping cough vaccine cause brain damage?   NO....some very careful research has been done..and it has shown that there is no proof...those cases reported were due to brain disease."--UK Health Dept 1998-2001 Vaccine Leaflet

"It now transpires that during the Clinical Trials children did in fact suffer severe and irreversible brain damage as a result of the Pertussis Vaccine and accepted as such by Medical Experts appointed by the Department of Health........It is now an established fact that the present figure now stands at over 900 which is an absolute disgrace in a civilised country."--M Wain http://www.whale.to/vaccines/wain.html

Severe brain damage testimonies
Severe brain damage: media stories

No mention of deaths on UK leaflets: http://www.immunisation.org.uk/disease.html

For DPT vaccine VAERS reports of 144 deaths per year (1990-1993)
"In a year-long investigation of the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System (VAERS) operated by the Food and Drug Administration, NVIC/DPT analyzed VAERS computer discs used by the FDA to store data on reports of deaths and injuries following DPT vaccination. A total of 54,072 reports of adverse events following vaccination were listed in a 39-month period from July 1990 to November 1993 with 12,504 reports being associated with DPT vaccine, including 471 deaths."Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research (CAFMR)

Dr Geraghty claims 100 DPT death per year in 1984:
"Dr. Kevin Geraghty, Bay Area Physicians for the Study of Pertussis Vaccines:   "I'm convinced in my heart of hearts that 100 American infants a year are dying and another 250 are brain-damaged from DPT. I would be prepared to clinically defend that to scientists." Geraghty http://www.whale.to/vaccines/fresno.html

MMR Vaccine


MMR vaccine VAERS reports 7 deaths per year (1990-1994):
"From July 1990 thro' April 1994, 5799 ADRs following MMR vaccination were reported to US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS); including 3063 cases requiring emergency medical treatment, 616 hospitalisations, 309 who did not recover, 54 children left disabled and 30 deaths."--- John P Heptonstall