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Posted - 10/11/2007 :  10:29:31
Although I come from a medical family, there was a certain scepticism about vaccines. However, my children still received their baby jabs as I was ignorant about medicine generally. Then something happened which completely altered my perceptions of medicine and the medical profession. Basically my gorgeous seven year old daughter fell over and developed an acute serious infection. The treatment was bungled and she was left with painful and crippling complications for several years. We were never told the truth about what went wrong, so I dusted down my mother's medical texts and worked it out for myself.

I decided to try to gain some compensation for my daughter's suffering and arthritis. What an eye-opener! The hospital covered up the mistake by pretending she had something different. A consultant who we sought a second opinion from colluded with the hospital's "red herring". They even produced a phoney laboratory report to support their false diagnosis.

This was a device to ensure that any kind of redress against the hospital would be unsuccessful. And sure enough, when we contacted a legal firm to try to assess what kind of damages might be reasonable, the medical experts' reports used the phoney diagnosis as a way of covering up the sub-standard treatment. They basically claimed she had something else. The lawyers refused to challenge the experts, even though their obfuscation was blindingly obvious. All the "professionals" were happy to help themselves to the legal aid money granted to help my daughter "access justice".

The corruption has been just staggering. That got me thinking: if the health authorities and medico-legal gang are prepared to go to these lengths to cover up just ONE measly case of medical negligence, what lengths would "they" go to in bigger or more widespread cases? Enter vaccine damaged children. Vaccine damage is a form of medical negligence and the state policy on medical negligence is to cover it up. This is also what has happened with the MRSA scandal. As it is not recorded on death certificates, it is hugely under-reported.

The fact is there is very little accountability within the health service. No accountability means no effective quality control.

Folks, the message is: look after you own health and do your homework very carefully before agreeing to any non-emergency medical care, and that includes vaccines. If your child is unfortunate enough to require emergency medical treatment, as mine was, you need to educate yourself about the condition and treatment so you can ENSURE that the proper procedures are followed.