Friday, June 12, 2009

MMR Causes Autism Another Win In US Federal Court


JULIA WON HER LAWSUIT WITH THE VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION PROGRAM! THE GOVERNMENT CONCEDED! This means that they agreed that the MMR vaccine caused her encephalitis and resultant brain damage (I mean Marvelous Mind - right Howard!!). This is such a huge, huge, huge help for Julia and my family. The government will reimburse all of her past medical expenses (to her, not to us, which I find a little odd, but OK!) and will pay for all future medical expenses that she incurs from her vaccine injury. I will update as I find out more. Her attorney (Ron Homer and/or Kevin Conway) will be flying out here this summer to evaluate her and her needs with a "life planner" to try to determine what her needs will be. This is HUGE! HUGE! The VICP rarely concedes.....almost never......but they did for her! AMAZING!

Another funny thing to go along with this.....I had just the day before changed my ringtone on my phone to "Its the end of the world as we know it....and I feel fine" trying to find a positive ringtone - accepting the loss of the world as i knew it before she got sick, before my divorce, before i lost my house, and moving forward - and being fine with it....AND NOW - ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS I KNOW IT - AND I REALLY FEEL FINE! SHE has HELP!!!!! Our struggle is going to be lessened!!!!


Julia was born a healthy baby on 12-28-05. She was a delight to her family and friends. On January 5th, 2007, one week after her 1st birthday, our family's lives changed forever. Julia (unknowingly to her family) had been seizing in her crib most of the night, was transported to the nearest ER for stabilization, and then airlifted to Miami Children's hospital, where she stayed in PICU and the neurology ward for close to one month. Her diagnosis? Encephalitis (inflammation of her brain) most likely attributed to the MMR-V (measles, mumps, reubella, chicken pox) vaccine she had received nine days previously. When Julia left the hospital, she was functioning at a two month level. She was (and in some respects still is)globally delayed and with significant left sided hemiplegia. It has been over two years since her MMR-V induced encephalitis, and Julia has come a long way, but has a very long way to go. Julia lives with her brother, Jack who is six and so understanding of her. She also lives with her mom, Susan. Her father recently moved out of state following her parent's divorce. Julia and her family are hanging in there and hope you enjoy her blog! Go Julia!