Kissinger & Vaccinations -Bush Decisions Linked To "Mark of the Beast" Numerology

By Dr. Len Horowitz 12-2-2
SANDPOINT, ID -- Recent decisions by President Bush to sequester vaccination injury files and appoint Henry Kissinger to lead a 9-11 inquiry may seem unrelated. In fact, they have much in common according to an award winning author who decrypted a centuries old alphanumeric code currently used by British and American intelligence agencies. Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard-trained researcher, discovered a foreboding fact while analyzing the code-the words "Kissinger" and "Vaccination" both decipher to "666," the infamous "mark of the beast."

President Bush and alleged war criminal Henry Kissinger


The name "Kissinger" codes for "666." (Rev. 13:18)

In a prophetically titled book, released three months before 9-11, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 1-888-508-4787), Dr. Horowitz explained that several of the largest multi-national corporations, and Anglo-American intelligence agencies (i.e., MI6 and U.S. Special Services) often use letters such as "S," as Hitler did with his "SS," to signify the number "6." The researcher determined this designation reflects an alphanumeric code where multiples of six are assigned to each letter in the English alphabet from A to Z (e.g., A=6, B=12, C=18, . . . S=114, . . .Z=156). When these numbers are added, the words "Kissinger" and "Vaccination" both decipher to "666"-the biblical "mark of the beast."

Many argue this association reflects mere chance, but Dr. Horowitz, who has been studying these codes and associations since 1998, and Kissinger's links to the vaccine industry since 1993, says serendipity cannot logically account for this shared infamous identity.

"The likelihood that these related numerological identities reflect a simple "coincidence" is close to impossible given Kissinger's political history and financial ties to vaccination industrialists," says Dr. Horowitz.

His evidence becomes more convincing while reflecting on Kissinger's political career. Many historians have likened Kissinger to a "war criminal." As Nelson Rockefeller's protg, Kissinger began his early service to the "old money global elite" by recruiting Nazi scientists and "SS" officials to America through a secret Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC) project that evolved into the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) infamous "Project Paperclip." Throughout World War II, the Rockefellers partnered with German industrialists as arranged by their lawyers and business managers-John Foster and Allen Dulles. These men clearly directed American intelligence agencies to serve the financial interests of the Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company that partnered with Germany's leading industrial organization-I.G. Farben. At the close of WWII, the I.G. Farben building in Frankfort, protected from allied bombings from the highest levels of military command, became CIA headquarters. Rockefeller then dispatched another lawyer and banking official, John J. McCloy, to disperse their German assets to form the modern day petrochemical/pharmaceutical combine known as the Bayer corporation (maker of CIPRO for anthrax), the Hoechst company (owner of Aventis and the smallpox vaccine) and BASF, the global chemical giant. The Merck pharmaceutical company also received a major share of Hitler's "flight capital," according to historians such as CBS News war correspondent Paul Manning.

In Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (Lyle Stuart, Inc, 1981), Manning also traced Hitler's money trail to German steel industrialist Fritz Thyssen. Thyssen, according to official U.S. war crimes investigator and attorney John Loftus, principally laundered his fortunes through American banks under the direction of Prescott Bush, the current president's grandfather. The Union Bank and Harriman/Brown Bank, the two principle money laundering institutions, were largely directed by the elder Bush.

"It should also be noted," Dr. Horowitz said, "that beginning in the 1920s, Prescott Bush joined banking, energy, and medical industrialist John D. Rockefeller, and the British Royal Family, in financing the earliest racial hygiene experiments." These genocidal efforts predated Hitler's. The early eugenicists sought to sterilize mostly Black populations deemed genetically inferior. At the same time, and for most of the twentieth century, they promoted sterilizing mentally retarded children for the same reason.

Allied banking industrialists are known to have funded Hitler's rise to power. As the war was ending, Manning wrote, these investments and the Nazi "flight capital," were redirected to actualize what Hitler termed a rising "Fourth Reich" based on the previous "vision of a thousand-year Third Reich . . . [and] world empire. This was outlined with clarity in a document called Neuordnung, or "New Order," that was accompanied by a letter of transmittal to the Ministry of Economics. It declared that a new order for the [petro]chemical [pharmaceutical] industry of the world should supplement Hitler's New [World] Order"-a phrase also used by President George H.W. Bush during his 1991 State of the Union Address.

More recently, Kissinger's alleged war criminality has been the subject of numerous articles, some even appearing in mainstream periodicals such as Harper's. According to his biographers, besides helping many of Hitler's leading scientists and "SS" officials to escape Nuremberg trials, Kissinger has been implicated in several other genocides including ones in Cambodia and Chili. This is best reconciled, Dr. Horowitz says, "because Kissinger's closest business associates are linked to the old money cryptocracy that has historically funded warring factions, terrorist organizations, and now directs the military 'defense' establishment running America's 'War on Terrorism.'"

Additional evidence is offered by the decrypted code. Using the alphanumerics of the multiples of six, wherein S=114, this number is reduced to a single digit as practiced in numerology and ancient Pythagorean mathematics to yield "6." (i.e., S=114=1+1+4=6.)

Thus, the Gestapo's "SS," as well as "Her Majesty's 'Secret Service,'" Britain's "MI6," and the American military's "Special Services," all code for "66" as in "Phillips 66" and "Route 66-America's highway." Historic accounts link all of these to Rockefeller and/or Royal Family involvements.


Lending further credence to Dr. Horowitz's global conspiracy theory, historians reveal that Nelson Rockefeller appointed his protg, Kissinger, to become the nuclear weapons "special studies" director at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1955, resulting in the deployment of "tactical and strategic nuclear weapons" around the world that heavily spirited the Cold War's rush to arms and today's continuing nuclear threats. The CFR has been largely influenced through Rockefeller involvements from its inception according to numerous authors and MI6 insiders. The council's higher direction has been reported to come from the British/German war-making oligarchy working through their "Committee of 300" on which George H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller are prominent members. David Rockefeller has chaired the CFR since the 1950s.

The rush to develop weapons of mass destruction, including biologicals and chemicals, was also instituted through Rockefeller and Kissinger directed federal policies according to the author of Kissinger (Simon & Schuster, 1992), Walter Isaacson. In 1955, while impacting NATO policy advances through the CFR, Kissinger advanced the defense theory that later became known as "flexible response." This called for the "flexible" use of a spectrum of weapons of mass destruction, primarily nuclear. Later, in 1969, as National Security Advisor under Richard Nixon, Kissinger, on behalf of his benefactors' business interests, demanded the U.S. Navy's Admiral Zumwalt reevaluate America's biological weapons capabilities. From this, Kissinger selected the option to develop "synthetic biological agents" for germ warfare. Their illegal development then proceeded under the guise of "military defense," "preventive vaccinations," and "cancer research," according to Dr. Horowitz., who drew his evidence from the Congressional Record.

In his national bestseller Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Press, 1998), Dr. Horowitz documented Kissinger's oversight of the CIA's top secret biological weapons program called "MK:NAOMI." While professing a moratorium on the development of such weapons, urging President Nixon to sign the Geneva Accord outlawing such practices, Kissinger, through his chain of command, directed members of the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council to advise U.S. Army officials to develop immune suppressive "synthetic biological agents" descriptively and functionally identical to HIV/AIDS and the Ebola virus.

How did HIV and Ebola viruses break out of their military-medical labs? Dr. Horowitz posits the following controversial, yet well-documented theory. Through the Merck pharmaceutical company, a major U.S. biological weapons contractor whose president, George W. Merck, directed America's entire biological weapons industry, contaminated chimpanzees were used during the early 1970s to develop the earliest experimental hepatitis B vaccines given to gay men in New York City and Blacks in central Africa. This, according to Dr. Horowitz's published scientific papers, was the precise vaccination that triggered the AIDS pandemic.

No doubt Merck's chief advisor, Dr. Kissinger, would have approved of this AIDS outcome given his enthusiasm for his National Special Security Memorandum 200, ordered just before these vaccinations began, that called for massive Third World depopulation especially targeting Black Africans.

Given this knowledge, and the rapidly advancing science in this field that proves the accuracy of Dr. Horowitz's theory of HIV/AIDS origination, the vaccination liability indemnity clause in President Bush's recently passed Homeland Security Bill, and subsequent Bush administration efforts to close mercury-toxicity vaccine-injury case files leaving autistic victims and their families in the lurch, provides multiple benefits to the Rockefeller/Kissinger-linked drug companies, especially to Merck. Dr. Horowitz sees these moves as a precaution against accumulating scientific evidence linking modern cancer and autoimmune epidemics, as well as AIDS, to contaminations in Merck's vaccines, including their cancer virus tainted polio and hepatitis B vaccines.

Moreover, Dr. Horowitz has documented similar manipulations in the fields of genetics and cancer research, both heavily controlled by these same political powers and global energy industrialists. Government contracts reprinted in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, prove the Atomic Energy Commission became heavily involved in the National Cancer Institute's Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) which Dr. Horowitz claims is largely responsible for the emergence of HIV and AIDS. His official testimony, which heavily implicates Merck, was "whitewashed" recently during a U.S. General Accounting Office investigation into this matter ordered by Congressman James Traficant. The Ohio democrat was subsequently imprisoned on racketeering charges. His indictment, he insists, stemmed from conspirators at the highest levels of government and industry. (See: U.S. GAO Commits Scientific Fraud In AIDS Inquiry at: It is clear from the contracts that the U.S. Navy's Biological Research Laboratory also played an important role in the SVCP developing new types of airborne cancer viruses and other infectious agents.




In his latest book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, Dr. Horowitz draws additional attention to the "666 logo" used by the U.S. Department of Energy managed Nuclear Engineering and Environmental Laboratory in his home state of Idaho. This is where Navy and nuclear submarine personnel go to train. The three backwards upside-down Ss, supposedly energy symbols, match those of a weathervane adorning Dr. Horowitz's neighbor's lakefront estate situated at the center of the U.S. Navy's "Cutthroat" unmanned nuclear submarine testing area on lake Pend Orielle near Sandpoint.


The neighbor, Klaus Groenke, a wealthy German industrialist on the Board of Trustees of the German-American Academy in Berlin, which was co-founded and chaired by Henry Kissinger, watches his three inverted lightning bolts, or backwards upside-down Ss, pivot in the wind to overlap forming two Nazi swastikas.

According to the earliest Pythagorean mystery school alphanumeric code upon which more modern intelligence agency codes are based, according to Dr. Horowitz, the Nazi swastika, like the letter "X," also codes for the number "6" (or sometimes "9" upside down). Thus, the adjacent swastikas on Mr. Groenke's estate code for "66," much like the double "XX" in the Rockefeller-directed EXXON corporation, and the "66" code depicted by the twelve stars in the "Global Integration Services" logo of the Battelle Memorial Institute-the CIA contractor whose scientists manufactured the silica-cut hyperweaponized Ames strain of electromagnetized anthrax that was mailed in October, 2001, to create the public fright and impetus for the U.S. Government to stockpile nearly a billion dollars in "preventive vaccines" for anthrax and smallpox as well as other costly prescription drugs like Bayer's CIPRO. (For Dr. Horowitz's complete anthrax mailings special report link to: )



Given all of the incriminating evidence linking President Bush's "War on Terrorism" to global industrialists like the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, the Mercks of Europe, and the British oligarchy, Dr. Horowitz concludes it is not likely an accident that the names "Merck" and "Bush" both decipher to "300" using the same code. This is consistent with the "Committee of 300" and its powerful influence over global politics and governmental policies. It is, likewise, no "coincidence" that Kissinger, the only modern day political leader whose name deciphers to "666," with his "special services" record at the CFR, became a top advisor to the Merck pharmaceutical company-the world's leading vaccine maker-with the word 'vaccination' also resolving to "666."

"Now that we have some of their secret codes," Dr. Horowitz concludes, "it is possible to perform statistical analyses, the scientific method of determining correlation (coefficients) for testing associations-in this case co-conspirators in a global conspiracy. When this is done, the outcome proves a genocidal theory beyond our worst nightmares."



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