Posted - 11/11/2007 :  19:57:49      
You are not foolish. The fools are people like myself and others in the family, who
1) had a cavalier approach to vaccination,
2) didn't ask questions,
3) believed and placed their trust in a medical profession,
4) allowed the vaccination of a 13 months old toddler with the combined MMR, who then failed to progress. At 7 years old, he has the developmental skills of an 18 months old toddler (on a good day, a 24 months old).

Worst still, when we asked the same doctors for help, we were shunned, passed from one "specialist" to another, who stated that they don't know what caused my relative's regressive autism yet insisted that it had nothing to do with the combined MMR. hmmm.

Now we're living with the consequences of that foolishness, together with that never ending guilty feeling. We have no excuse - the little boy was vaccinated in 2001 when all the news stories about the combined MMR hit the headlines, but we just ignored them. Now THAT'S foolish.