Liability for Vaccine Damage

Nexus vol 14, No 3, April --May 2007

Dear Editor: I am happy to see that this cover-up by our [US] government and the drug companies is finally coming to light. We as parents are made to feel guilty if we do not get these vaccines [for our children], and we are not given the facts.

And isn't it strange that the government has backed out of the vaccine program. It is no longer a law that we give our children vaccines to get them into school. It is now a parent's decision.

My son suffered what seemed to be the results of a stroke. His shots were late and he had already developed a right-handed preference; he was talking and walking. I went into his room early one morning and he did not respond to me. He was drooling out of the right side of his mouth and did not eat his food.

I immediately took him to the hospital and he was given a CAT scan.  He did not know me, and his speech was gone; so was the right-hand preference, and he could not walk. I was in disbelief because he had been to the doctor just that morning and had a good check-up and his vaccinations. I was told he would need brain surgery. But he was recovering on his own better than if they gave him the surgery, so they decided to forget the surgery.

After spending one month in the hospital I was sent home with my son, a completely different child. It took another month for him to start making any noise and he did not know who I was. He did recover somewhat and he is now left-handed. He has had much difficulty in school.

But some children are not so lucky. I was thinking about how young these children are when we give these shots; they have not developed any skills at the time these shots are given, so how are we as parents to know what is lost, or what to look for in a one- or two-month-old infant? How can you know that your child has suffered these reactions when they are so small? And the real danger is that they may recover without our knowing the reaction has occurred. Why is it so important to give these shots when they are so small? Is it a cover-up?

I went to a lawyer in the first few months of this and was told by the doctor to find another. I had been with this pediatrician for the first six years of my daughter's life and liked him very much. I was heartbroken.

This was 30 years ago; my son is now thirty. Why has it taken so long to get this out? Money. Drug companies cannot afford to have the parents of this country find out what is actually happening. They are killing our children for the love of money.

Do your homework and decide for yourself if you really want to put your children at risk and if you want to line the pockets of some drug company executive— at the cost of your child's future and/or life!

Debbie, Iowa, USA