Minnesota reported measles deaths 1981-2000

Minnesota's immunization law has included the conscientious objection since

Three Hmong babies died 1990.  They were the only deaths after 1980.  They
were too young to be vaccinated; 9 months, 11 months and 14 months old.
(bottle fed babies)

The MMR vaccine at that time was not given before 15 months of age.

The 14 month old did receive the MMR vaccine at home, on her birthday.  She
developed a rash and fever 10 days after the shot, and died 4 days later.
No one in her family or apartment complex developed measles.

The family did file under the Federal Vaccine Compensation Program.  It took
five years but the death was not compensated.


Minnesota, 1991, a 17 month old died after his MMR vaccine.  The Federal
Government compensated the family for a  MMR  vaccine death.