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Military Alteration of Medical Records

I am new to this list and was just shown the door by the Air National Guard. I had several medical complaints and perhaps made a strong vocal issue of the mishandling of those medical issues.
One of the complaints that was not properly addressed was the immediate reaction to the Anthrax vaccine. I never was one to bitch about pain but this was unusual. After the first shot the typical red welt happened but it grew out of proportion to anything I had ever experienced. Hours later I began to feel slightly nauseous and ALL my joints began to ache. Two days later (approx) my back broke out in little oozing blisters.
The medical technicians were asking if anyone had unusual reactions to the shots and I gave a report of the blisters. They took this information and I never saw it later in my med records. I had heard of others having problems with the vaccine, but I thought it was just a gripe.
After a bit of searching I tried to find out the vaccine information from the clinic that first gave me the shots. Iraq was behind me and i thought I would be able to see a manufactuers information packet that comes with every dose of vaccine.
I was met with hostile resistance and began to press the issue. My personal shot record did not have the lot number and my medical records now post the non-squalene lots. All of my shot information was now posted on a fresh sheet of documentation. Although I had the reactions and later did the research and then purchased Gray's book, I was wondering if ANYONE ELSE BELIEVES THAT THEIR MEDICAL RECORDS WERE FALSIFIED??? bRUCE Shocked

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Absolutly I know for a fact mine have been.. I got 3 (different) copys to proove it Laughing

Anyways besides the point.. have you filed with the Vaccine Healthcare Center on your report? VHC VAERS Report?

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I worked as a medic, talked to Mr. Matsumoto, and now a medically retired USAF, with Federal Disability. The Walter Reed Vaccination Medical center reviewed my medical records and confirmed something happened to me in 1999 at MCCONNELL AFB, in Wichita, KS; and only after 2 weeks of receiving LOT 38 and then two 43's, lastly 24 (later on, but had already experienced the awful symptoms.) I'm listed by the WR Vaccination Center as case # 921. After my MEDICAL EVALUATION BOARD, Texas said NOTHING about being case #921. I've submitted my facts to the VA, and awaiting their response. Mr. Matsumoto, I was a medic, gave the shots and experienced them pulling the lot 43 off shelves because as the technicians said "it was a bad batch", and I had received it. Call me, I think I have the closest case to prove them wrong, and they can't deny it. 707-320-9266
William D. Edwards
TSgt USAF, Medically Retired, and pernamently disabled.