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One Million Wilderness Acres Herbicides Plan

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has proposed to apply massive amounts
of herbicides to public lands in 17 Western states. The BLM claims these
pesticides need to be applied to forests, rangelands and aquatic areas in
order to reduce the risk of fire and slow the spread of invasive weeds.

Under the proposal 932,000 acres would undergo chemical application in 17
western states, including National Monuments and National Conservation
areas. An integral part of this proposal involves aerial spraying of toxic
herbicides, which increases negative impacts on non-targeted vegetation,
wildlife, and people, including recreationists, tourists, and native
peoples. The pesticides that would be used include persistent and mobile
chemicals, including known developmental and reproductive toxins.

Public comments are being accepted until January 9, 2006. Sign the petition
here to support managing vegetation on our public lands with traditional
methods that do not require widespread application of toxic chemicals.

Petition and more information on this issue is available here:

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(source: Organic Consumers Association

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